2013 NFL Draft Player Profile – DE Malliciah Goodman

His high school teammates named him “Handzilla”.

From the time he was in junior high, Malliciah Goodman had big hands, the biggest in his school, maybe even the biggest in his hometown of Florence, South Carolina. When he got to Clemson, that’s when they measured those hands for the first time – 11 inches with the hand extended from the tip of his thumb to the tip of his pinkie finger.

Several years ago ESPN the Magazine did an issue on athletes’ body parts and they used Goodman’s hands.

“They are bigger than most but I’ve never really thought about that much,” Goodman said. “Nobody else in my family has big hands like this. It sometimes draws a lot of attention.”

It’s the type of attention that football coaches like.

“I told him I’d rather he kick me than slap me,” said former Clemson defensive line coach Chris Rumph. “Man he’s got some humongous hands. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Here’s the story of Malliciah Goodman and his giant hands.

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