2013 Draft Profile – LB Kiko Alonso

Kiko Alonso’s father was born in Cuba and grew up in Puerto Rico before moving on to the United States and landing in Florida.

As far as Carlos Alonso was concerned, the only sport worth playing was baseball. It’s no coincidence that his oldest son Carlos Jr. went to college on a baseball scholarship and is now working his way through the Philadelphia Phillies farm system as a second baseman who can hit.

Dad expected the same thing from No. 2 son. But Kiko Alonso did not see baseball as his future. Even though he was a major Little League star in Los Gatos, California, he planned to play football only. “My Dad wanted us to play all sports, but I got tired of that and I just wanted to play football,” Kiko Alonso said. “He wasn’t very happy with me.”

Carlos Alonso likely has changed his mind as his son gets ready to continue his football career in the NFL. Not that the transition to one game was an easy one for Kiko Alonso. He almost blew his opportunity to even have an opportunity at a pro career because of his abuse of alcohol. Given a last chance by former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, Alonso responded and has put himself into the second-third-fourth round mix for this year’s NFL Draft.

Kiko Alonso settled on the real American game – football. Here’s his story.

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  • April 13, 2013  - txchief says:

    Love that Lyle Alzado style cast, but the mental lapses and dead drunk booze hound behavior are troublesome.

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