The Cam Factor … Saturday Cup O’Chiefs

More than any other professional sport, the National Football League has the widest range of body types one could imagine.

There are hundreds of players over 300 pounds and they are on the same field with players that would have trouble breaking 170 pounds. A lot of players are tall, 6-5 and above and they play with and against players that are 5-9 or smaller. In any NFL locker room there can be found a unique collection of bodies.

And, none more than the Carolina Panthers, the visiting team headed to play the Chiefs on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. They have a roster with the 300 pounders, and there are little guys and all those in between.

But the real physical freak on their roster comes at the game’s showcase position – quarterback. …Read More!

4 Keys For A Chiefs Victory Over Carolina


Take the ball away from the Panthers

When the Panthers give up the ball on offense, they tend to lose and that starts with QB Cam Newton; he’s thrown 10 interceptions this year and Carolina did not win any of those five games. The Chiefs have been talking about turnovers all season, but the chatter has been about not giving the ball up on offense where they still lead the league with 32 giveaways. There hasn’t been as much talk about the lack of takeaways; they rank tied for No. 28 with only 11 interceptions and fumbles recovered. They need to take the ball away from Newton and the Panthers. …Read More!

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