1st Down Makes It Happen For Offense

From Arrowhead Stadium

It’s always the most important down to winning on offense – first down.

And the Chiefs offensive performance that helped beat Green Bay on Sunday was built on big success on first down.

“I thought we did a great job of having success on first down,” said QB Kyle Orton. “We ran a bunch of 2nd-and-3, 2nd-and-4 plays. We could throw play action, we could run the ball, we could take shots; we did them all.”

Thus, the success the Chiefs had in putting up 438 yards against the Packers defense. It was their most productive offensive game of the season, topping the 436 yards they gained playing against Indianapolis.

And first down was the key.

“We hit some big plays on first down passes, and that’s always important because it keeps the defense thinking about what might be coming,” said WR Steve Breaston. “That always helps you stay on the field.”

Essentially, the Chiefs averaged 7.7 yards on first down plays, not counting 1st-and-goal plays and kneel downs by Orton at the end of the first half and the game. They were especially effective throwing the ball, as Orton was 7 of 10 on first down for 133 yards. They picked up 74 yards on 17 carries from the running game.

In the first half, on average the offense faced 2nd-and-7, but that dropped to 2nd-and-5 in the second half. That included seven plays on second down for 1,5,10,3,4,4 and 6 yards.

“I’d like to give credit to the offensive coaches because they did a good job of putting a plan together and then calling a good game,” said head coach Romeo Crennel.

But first down was big.

“We did a lot of good things on first down,” said FB Le’Ron McClain. “We were winning on first down and that took the pressure off us. It made second down calls much easier and we got the job done then as well.”

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