Yes There Were Some Positives …. Really

 From St. Louis, Missouri

The search for positives from Thursday night’s Chiefs pre-season finale is a difficult one, about a step easier than finding a needle in a haystack.

The No. 1 defense … running game … punter … kicker … and … OK, so we found the needles.

Todd Haley immediately went to those in his post-game comments.

“Defensively, I thought we did an excellent job; we gave up one touchdown,” Haley said. “Early in the game, we were pretty solid and guys looked like they knew what they were doing. Offensively, running the football I thought was something to feel good about.

“The defense was definitely a bright spot. There are some signs that there are some guys that are starting to get it. It looks like we are starting to get a corps of guys that understands what we are asking of them and how we want it done. The trick is going to be the rest, the fringe guys on board.”

As for the Chiefs defense, let’s remember that the Rams offense they faced did not have its starting quarterback in Marc Bulger and its only proven weapon in RB Steven Jackson. The best receiver St. Louis can put on the field is second-year WR Donnie Avery, and he saw limited action.

But again, the search here is for positives. The first defense faced six possessions in the first half; only one produced anything in the way of points, yardage, plays or possession time. That was the Rams offense only TD, as QB Brock Berlin led them on a 15-play, 85-yard drive that used 7 minutes, 29 seconds of the clock.

The No. 1 defense did this with a different look when it came to personnel. The front three was Tyson Jackson, Tank Tyler and Glenn Dorsey. At linebacker it was Mike Vrabel, Corey Mays, Demorrio Williams and Tamba Hali. In the secondary it was rookie Donald Washington and Brandon Carr on the corners with Jon McGraw and Mike Brown at the safety spots.

ILB Derrick Johnson was dressed, but played with the second team. CB Brandon Flowers was home nursing his injured left shoulder. Page and Pollard were also at home, with their unknown problems.

So what will the Chiefs starting defense look like in Baltimore? If Haley liked what he saw so much Thursday night, could that group be his openers on September 13?

“We’ll have to see,” Haley said with a smile.

The problems at quarterback and with the passing game point to an offense that will heavily rely on its running game. So it’s a very good thing that the run game broke out Thursday night, with 170 yards o n 23 carries, a sparkling 7.4 yards per carry. On the pre-season, the Chiefs ran for 499 yards on 105 carries or a 4.8-yard per carry average.

Against the Rams, the performance came without any contribution from Jamaal Charles, who had two carries for minus-two yards.

Overworked punter Dustin Colquitt shanked one of his six punts, but got a nice roll at the end of that one. Overall he averaged 44.2 yards a kick against St. Louis, with a 38.8-yard net. In four pre-season games, including two played indoors, Colquitt averaged 46 yards on 22 kicks, with a 39-yard net average.

And rookie kicker Ryan Succop bounced back from missing two field goals last Saturday, to hitting all three of his attempts against the Rams. That made him seven of nine for the pre-season. That’s 78 percent and his number needs to be higher, but it’s a start. He also continued showing his leg on kickoffs, with his four boots going 2 yards deep, at the goal line, 3 yards deep and at the 5-yard line. The average starting field position for the St. Louis offense on those kickoffs was the 24-yard line.

19 Responses to “Yes There Were Some Positives …. Really”

  • September 4, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    0-16 Chiefs, Todd Haley is no Herm Edwards, Search and Check, Any 22 will do, Brodie Croyle-man crush, did Rin gettest thine goat yet?

    :( Crappy-O

    I have diarrhea.
    I am a douchebag.

  • September 4, 2009  - B in SC says:

    “As for the Chiefs defense, let’s remember that the Rams offense they faced did not have its starting quarterback in Marc Bulger and its only proven weapon in RB Steven Jackson.”

    Which is why I have trouble saying the defense showed improvement. Just not sure.

  • September 4, 2009  - Blake says:

    Anyone else think Colquitt is completely different after his injury?

    He just doesnt have that pop on the ball anymore, and they just dont seem like they are going as far as they use too.

    Hopefully he gets back to his old form.

  • September 4, 2009  - Todd Haley says:

    0-16 Chiefs, I have diarrhea and am a douchebag and also am no Herm Edwards, Search and Check, Any 22 will do, Brodie Croyle-man crush, did I gettest thine goat yet?

    :( Crappy-O-4 my team is as bad as I

  • September 4, 2009  - Josh says:

    Oh you mean Marc Bulger who is the lowest-ranked starting QB on all fantasy rankings? And Steven Jackson who completely under-performed last year? Yeah, I’m sure they would have made a world of difference. Haha. Riiiiiiiiiight.


  • September 4, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    “STL #1 draft choice OT Jason Smith did completely DOMINATE his man, KC’s #1 choice DE Tyson “Not So Much Action as In(action)” Jackson.”

    I’ll believe that when I see the tape. Your opinion can’t be trusted.

    Anyone who saw the game and isn’t completely biased want to comment on this?

  • September 4, 2009  - Todd Haley says:

    Rin’s correct. You lose ILLChief.

    :( Crappy-O-4 my team is as bad as I

  • September 4, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I’ll lose what?

  • September 4, 2009  - B in SC says:

    Yeah, gotta look at those fantasy rankings. I suspect the depth chart is set by those. Good one. If you don’t think Steven Jackson is a HUGE upgrade over Samko Gado, I can’t really help you.

  • September 4, 2009  - Josh says:

    I didn’t say Jackson wasn’t a huge upgrade, I’m just saying he’s an overrated player who is used up and past his prime. Nor did I say the fantasy rankings have a direct correlation to the depth chart. Bulger, too, is washed up and past his prime. If you can’t figure that out, I can’t really help you either.


  • September 4, 2009  - hahahah says:




    you think 3-4 DE’s put up stats? he was eating up the entire side. they had no rush at him. none. Tank was able to make the play as jackson held his position.

    do you understand the 3-4 at all? he cant be bruce smith, but if you want to go off stats he has 1.5 sacks already,and hes at 50 percent.

    Oh and Rinny, you are really really obvious….just not a chief fan…wonder if other boards have figured that out yet.


  • September 4, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin's Big Deuce says:


  • September 4, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    hah hah heh heh ho ho…try watching it with the light on (turn on the one in your room too.)

    Rin wins, you lose – again – per the usual.

    :lol: & :razz:

  • September 4, 2009  - Hank says:

    I don’t know what game some people watched but I watched the FIRST HALF plays twice each. Here is what I SAW:

    Offense: Brodie was crisp on ALL throws except fade/timing routes with Bowe. Given the amount of time it takes to get that down, I was surprised that Haley put that many types of patterns into play for this game. Ryan’s catches were impressive-too bad he held up LB a little too long and got the flag costing us TD. Run blocking looked good (especially when pulling guard). Only one major pass block breakdown by McWiff (but now he’s gone). Offense not perfect, not great but better than post reporting suggests in MY opinion.

    Defense: Looked like they knew what to do. I liked the aggressiveness and the effectiveness. Pleasantly surprised by McGraw and Morgan safety play. Would like to see what would have been with Flowers in. Defense speed showed itself tonight.

    I was discouraged reading post game materials but was encouraged watching the 1st half video. (I could care less about 2nd half)

  • September 4, 2009  - Scott says:

    Josh, Josh, Josh.

    Steven Jackson “used up”? “Past his prime”? “Overrated”?

    I’d have to disagree 100% on that one.

    He was injured for the better part of the season last year…is why he didn’t put up his usual numbers. But, the guy is a friggin’ beast. He can run, catch, block…pretty much the COMPLETE package at RB. I’d take him ANY day on my team. Hell…I’d trade 5 LJ’s for Steven Jackson. In a heartbeat.

  • September 4, 2009  - mr awsome says:

    yeah seriously jackson is a monster

  • September 5, 2009  - dswartzinator says:

    Good take Hank!

    It has been a long time (many years) since I have seen players actually improve as a result of coaching. – washington and D Morgan are bright spots and I attribute that to coaching.

    People need to remember how porous our defense was the last few years.

    Also have been impressed with Alex Magee .

    I have confidence in Haley to be able to handle all the duties he has taken on.

    BUT, can anyone tell me why we don’t have Savage handling all the kick and punt receiving duties? — anyone but Rin… because Rin, YOU ARE AN IDOIT!

  • September 5, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    :roll: “I can take any 22 guys from of the street and-”

    Chiefsfandumb: “OH SHUT-UP YOU POSEUR!!!!”

    :roll: “…go 0-4.”

    :lol: & :razz: “Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!”

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