Training Camp Practice Report – 8/16

From St. Joseph, Missouri

Tuesday afternoon’s practice ended with a scene that showed itself for the first time in this unusual training camp:

Todd Haley was foaming mad.

It was a session where the Chiefs defense simply dominated the offense, and with each snap that went the way of the defenders, their enthusiasm and banter grew bigger and louder. When OLB Andy Studebaker broke the unwritten rule of hitting the quarterback as he came off the edge on a screaming blitz in the two minute period, the defense celebrated. And, the head coach erupted.

Much of what Haley said could not be heard all the way on the other end of the field. However, there was one word that was loud and clear and was used several times – stupid. In this practices, Haley wants his team to go fast and hard, but to take care of their teammates. The constant refrain from him is for his players to stay off the ground, because a prone body tends to cause injuries to the player on the ground, and other players who trip over him.

There’s no question it was the most intense practice of camp, and there were actual two shoving matches, the closet times in three weeks at Missouri Western State University that teammates came close to exchanging blows. The first incident involved several offensive and defensive linemen. The second had DE Wallace Gilberry and OTs Barry Richardson and Branden Albert going at each other and having to be separated by teammates.

“It’s hot, it’s physical, we’re tired and those type of things happen,” said ILB Derrick Johnson who had another impressive practice session in the middle of the Chiefs defense. “It’s not something that leaves the field. It’s not a problem in the locker room. It’s just guys blowing off steam.”

One noteworthy absence at Tuesday afternoon’s session was newly signed OT Jared Gaither. He was on the field but did not take part in the practice, instead spending his time in the rehab area. When practice was over, he hoped a ride on the golf cart of offensive coordinator Bill Muir. As he was walking on the field, there was a hitch in Gaither’s get along, as it looked like he was favoring leg. As usual in the pre-season, the Chiefs provide no information on injuries of any type.

4 Responses to “Training Camp Practice Report – 8/16”

  • August 16, 2011  - ED says:

    Good to hear these guys getting after it in practice they should be more than ready to put on a good show against the Ravens. As for all they media and Chiefs fans who think Gaither is going to replace Albert not going to happen. Brandon has been very good for us at left tackle and one thing know one is questioning about this kid is his health. I think Gaither will have a hard time replacing Barry. He needs to get in better conditioning before we can talk about this guy starting. As see him as a serviceable backup in 2011.

  • August 16, 2011  - Michael says:

    I think for Gaither it just depends on when he can get in good enough shape to play. With a year off and no offseason work, it’s going to take some time and there’s bound to be some dings along the way. Having said that, once he is in shape and able to practice consistently ( and hopefully play some in the preseason) he will be in position to be a lot more than a serviceable backup. I don’t know what that means for Albert or Richardson, or even the offensive line. Albert and Gaither could play either right or left tackle. I could even see Gaither at left tackle, Albert at left guard, Wiegmann. Lilja back to right guard, and Richardson at right tackle. That would put Asamough back in reserve with Hudson on the inside, but it would give KC quality depth, too. Other than Harris, who seems to be injured a lot, I don’t know who could step in from a reserve spot and cover both guard positions right now. I suppose Greenwood and Butch Lewis could develop quickly, but that’s assuming a lot. Maybe they bring in a veteran guard? It will be interesting to see how it plays out. If the season started tomorrow, or even in a couple weeks, I could see Gaither backing up the tackles, but after that I don’t know.

  • August 17, 2011  - el cid says:

    Are we talking about the Gov. Cup game, Dan? A preseason game meaningless and Haley would be nutz to get one of his starters injured to beat the Rams. Especially if you buy into last Fridays game.

    No I think Haley is doing what he believes is his only recourse. Why else would he be going alone against what the HCs are doing in the rest of the NFL. Just cannot understand it, the Chiefs are not talking. I do not agree but believe in Haley.

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