There’s Only One Thing Left to Play for – Pride

From MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

“Our main motive right now is to win these next three and finish 8-8 and save some face.”

Those were the words spoken by Chiefs NT Kelly Gregg in the locker room after the Chiefs took a 37-10 beating from the New York Jets. Normally a jolly sort, his face was a mask of seriousness as he talked about what there’s left to play for the 5-8 Chiefs over the last three games.

“The way we started this year was no good, we got to end better,” Gregg said. “Nobody wants to end up with a losing record. We’ve got to win three to be 8-8. That has to be our main goal. Hopefully we can get it started at home.”

Gregg spent a decade playing for the Baltimore Ravens and in those 10 seasons, the team finished with a winning record eight times, made the playoffs five times and won three post-season games. This type of season, where the Chiefs are now 5-8, is something he’s not familiar with and is having a hard time digesting.

“It’s tough,” Gregg said. “The high expectations we had, I know I certainly had joining this team, it seems like we get no breaks, not in the season, not in the game. When it goes bad, it went bad.”

But why did it go bad? That’s the million-dollar question that everyone, including Gregg wants to know.

“This team has too much talent to go out and lose a game like that one today,” Gregg said. “There are too many good coaches, it’s a good organization. RAC (Romeo Crennel) is a great guy to play for; he does an outstanding job of taking apart an offense and putting us in the right positions.

“I think Todd (Haley) does a great job of getting us ready to play every week. He’s very good at knowing when to go to the whip and when to back off. He works us hard, but its good work, smart work, the type that gets you prepared to play.”

So with all those pieces why are the Chiefs 5-8 and dead in the run to the AFC post-season?

“There are a lot of things we have not done when it comes to going out and playing what the coaches have put together,” Gregg said. “I know everybody wants to point to injuries, and they are a factor. But every team has injuries. It’s something you have to overcome in some form every year.

“Man, if I knew how to explain it, I’d probably be able to come up with a way to stop it and I wouldn’t walk out of this locker room feeling as bad as I do.

“I’m sick of it, we are all sick of it. But all we can do is go home, get back to work on Monday and get ready for the next game. We are pros, and that’s what pros do.”

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