Summer Blockbuster – The Chiefs … The Movie

Every summer its blockbuster time in America’s theaters and Cineplex’s. It’s one of two times a year when the big budget Hollywood productions get a chance to hit the big screen.

Out at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs have been working on a blockbuster for the summer ’11. It’s a cautionary tale of a young man leading a football franchise back to the land of the contenders, and covers all those that he encounters along the way.

THE CHIEFS … THE MOVIE has all the elements of summer blockbusters that will fill venues around the country. There are villains and good guys, special video effects and sound tweaks that make the movie goers seat shake, rattle and roll. There are moments of emotion, but nothing that the entire family couldn’t sit and watch comfortably.

In many ways THE CHIEFS … THE MOVIE harkens back to films from the 1960-70s, with an all-star cast that provides star power in every scene. It’s the same genre of movies like The Dirty Dozen, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, How the West Was Won and even more recent pictures like the Ocean’s 11-12-13 and the Austin Powers trilogy.

Tentatively, the premiere of THE CHIEFS … THE MOVIE is scheduled for August 12 on national television in a pre-season game against Tampa Bay. We can’t provide a clip to view or a lot of details from the super-secret script, but we have gotten a look at the cast and it’s a powerful group.

Main Characters


The major character is a young man, taking over the family business after the passing of the patriarch. There are moments of struggle, times of happiness, but drama lurks around every corner with team and league figures moving in and out of the story, along with flashbacks that explain the back story of the young man’s journey. Veteran action Greg Kinnear was the perfect choice, after his performance as President John F. Kennedy in the controversial TV mini-series The Kennedys. Plus, Kinnear has some experience in football, having portrayed Dick Vermeil in the movie Invincible.


As a major character in this story, the team’s GM is a powerful character who tries mightly to help our protagonist move his business onward and upward. His personality is not that of a movie star, so producers looked to other fields for someone to portray him. They landed on singer-entertainer Billy Joel, who will be making his big screen debut. Like the man he will appear as, Joel is a New York native. On top of his role, he’s written the score for the movie.


As one of the bright young coaching minds in the business, the team’s head coach has a very developed football intellect that works in concert with a fiery personality. The man to play him in the film had to be an actor who could handle all ends of the emotional spectrum. The performer with that range was Ben Affleck. Think of him as Jack Ryan in The Sum Of All Fears, Fred in Dazed and Confused and Chuckie Sullivan in Good Will Hunting.


One of the bright, young characters of the story, the young running back made a name for himself around the league with a breakout performance over the last two seasons. Speed, quickness, explosion are all adjectives used to describe his ability. Producers searched and searched for just the right actor who could match those traits and again, they dipped into the music world and pulled in P. Rogers Nelson, otherwise known as Prince. Some 27 years after his first movie appearance in Purple Rain, Prince handles the physical nature of the role with no problems.


The key role in the movie is that of the young leader that has overcome so many obstacles to reach Pro Bowl status. It’s a character with leadership skills and the ability to provide a helping hand or a kick in the butt. A strong actor was needed and producers settled on Jake Gyllenhaal, one of Hollywood’s top young performers. He was nominated for an Oscar several years ago for his role in Brokeback Mountain and in the same year appeared as the main character Marine sniper Anthony Swofford in Jarhead.


Last year’s rookie sensation made an immediate impact on the Chiefs defense, providing hope for the future on that side of the ball. The man to portray him in the film is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, otherwise known as Common. Think of his performance in Just Wright, where he played a NBA player rehabbing an injury.


Sometimes troubled, always talented, all Bowe needed was a boot on his behind to lift him to a level among the NFL’s best. That’s something head coach Todd Haley provided. The producers reached into the music world again and found Christopher Brian Bridges, otherwise known as the singer-actor Ludacris. He brings just the right type of attitude to the role.


His leadership skills have been very important to the Chiefs over the last two years and while his football playing career is near its end, Vrabel is still a factor around the franchise. English actor Jason Statham had to learn to control his accent, but he brought the physicality and the mental edge to the role that was necessary. Plus, he has the background of an athlete, having once been a member of the British National Diving team.


His arrival last year in the Chiefs locker room brought some needed laughter for all involved, on top of the fact that Smith had the best season of his career. Size and personality made finding the right actor a tough chore but producers scored with Cedric Antonio Kyles, otherwise known as Cedric the Entertainer. Think of his performance as Clyde in the movie Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. Competitive and funny, it won’t be much of a stretch for Cedric to be Shaun.

Flashback Scenes


Appearing in the role of Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt, would be Steve Martin. The veteran musician-comedian-actor has played many roles in his long career; most of those involved some sort of comedy. Martin is a merchant of mirth and while Lamar probably never wore a fake arrow through his head while playing the banjo, he would have enjoyed the moment.


The former President/GM/CEO led the franchise for 20 years and along with head coach Marty Schottenheimer turned around one of the league’s moribund operations. Carl is of Nordic descent, but has the swarthy look of those with Mediterranean roots, like long-time character actor Joe Mantegna.


The man who became famous for “you play to win the game” brought an effervescent personality to each and every day he was head coach of the Chiefs. Herm approached his job much the same way that Samuel L. Jackson brings personality to his movie roles, with the possible exception of Jules in Pulp Fiction. Herm Edwards would never fit the character of Jules Winnfield.


As good a coach as Marty has been over his career, he was not able to cradle the Super Bowl trophy. James Cromwell is the Marty Schottenheimer of character actors. Over his career, he was nominated for an Oscar, three Emmy awards and four Screen Actor Guild awards. He did not win any of them. Plus, he graduated from the Hill School, a boarding school in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Class of ’58. That was seven years behind Lamar Hunt, who was part of the Class of ’51.


His five-year stint as head coach was an offensive explosion of record setting performances, all put together with his “my team is my family” coaching style of hugs and kisses. When needed however, Vermeil was able to growl and kick butt. Long-time actor Mark Harmon was the perfect choice, right down to the smile and the salt and pepper hair. Plus, Harmon was a quarterback at UCLA in college, playing in 1972-73 for the Bruins. He missed Vermeil’s arrival, as the coach took the job in 1974.


Passion, sometimes controlled, sometimes not, was what made Gunther such a memorable figure in team history. Sometimes misunderstood and ridiculed, fans and media did not always appreciate his intelligence and his ability to connect with players. Only a few actors were considered for this role and it went to Gary Busey. Although he’s had his problems off the screen, Busey has always provided intense and passionate performances, much like the character he represents. Plus, don’t forget his role in The Bear, a 1984 movie about legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.



The NFL Commissioner has to play many different types of roles in his job running the league, yet he has to remain on an even keel and not break a sweat. Those always seem to be the characters that Kevin Costner has played over his career. I’m thinking of Costner as Jim Garrison in JFK, that Oliver Stone pic that tried to tie together every conspiracy theory in history surrounding the shooting of President John F. Kennedy.


I’m not sure that Anthony Hopkins has ever had a face lift, but I know that the Dallas Cowboys owner has had one. Based on the last time I saw him in person it appears that he’s going to need a touchup real soon. Hopkins is a very good actor, a guy who can play sane and crazy characters, sometimes moving back and forth in the same scene; sounds about right for Jerry.


The Washington Redskins majority owner is not the mover and shaker in the NFL like some observers believe. But without a doubt he is a controversial figure for some of the football moves he’s financed over the years. Rick Moranis seems the perfect man to represent him, especially based on his role in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It matches up well with Snyder’s long running role in Honey, I Shrunk the Redskins.


Trying the find the right actor to portray the legendary Davis was one of our toughest casting calls. It’s not just the age and look it’s the attitude that needs to be portrayed. We settled on veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton, a guy who has portrayed bad guys, good guys, but generally misunderstood guys. Stanton is even older than Davis, as he’ll be 85 in a few weeks; Davis turns 82 on July 4th.

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  • July 2, 2011  - MS says:

    There is officially no NFL news to report on right now. A movie? BTW, Scott Pioli would have to be played by Jason Alexander. No doubt about it.

  • July 2, 2011  - erik says:

    How is a whole movie being played over a preseason game halftime intermission? Head scratcher, huuuuummmmmmm…….

  • July 2, 2011  - CS says:

    Prince as JC? Seriously???
    All the other characters were cast so well but this one has me scratching my head.

  • July 4, 2011  - Gump says:

    James Gandolphiny(sic) would be the perfect Pioli.

  • July 4, 2011  - mt says:


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