State of The Offense … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

The bye week was welcomed by all involved with the Chiefs, not only the players, but Todd Haley and his coaching staff.

It has nothing to do with taking a few days off, because NFL coaches really don’t take time off. They may not be in the office for a couple of days, but the brain does not stop churning no matter that the schedule says there is no game this Sunday.

The week without a game to prepare for was important for the Chiefs coaching staff because of what had happened in the previous six weeks, especially the injuries that knocked RB Jamaal Charles, TE Tony Moeaki and SS Eric Berry off the roster for the rest of the season.

At no point can a coaching staff throw up its hands and quit when big injuries happen that take key personnel off the field. Adjustments must be made, and especially in the case of the Chiefs offensive staff, those changes were coming on the fly, without a lot of time for inspection, analyzing and research. It was more along the lines of “OK, our only pass catching tight end is out, we need to change this now” and “our best running back is gone, then we’ve got to tweet our plan.”

Do that during the season and it’s hard to keep up with the moves. In an average week, the time from late Monday afternoon until Sunday morning is spent preparing for the opponent. The only time really devoted to the coaching staff’s own team is from early Monday morning to later in the afternoon, when the game tape is reviewed and graded.

Coordinator Bill Muir and the offensive staff had a few extra days because Moeaki went down in the final pre-season game, so they had the opportunity for several days to consider options and personnel. That wasn’t the case when Charles went down in the first quarter of the second game, falling on the Detroit sideline and ending his season. They had to get right back on the horse and get ready for the Chargers, and then the Vikings, and the Colts.

“I feel like we know a lot more about our team,” Haley said on Monday, as the players returned and preparations for the visit to Oakland this coming weekend began. “We were able to do a bunch of research internally. We did some very good research projects in some key areas and some interesting things came to light.”

Such as?

That question drew only a smile from Haley – he wasn’t about to let the cat out of the bag on those matters. But more than likely it’s a collection of little things and execution enhancement that the Chiefs coaches will be working on with the offense. There will not be some major change in emphasis or in the way they attack opponents.

The Chiefs offense is built around the running game. It’s important for them in every aspect of where this team is right now that they are able to have success on the ground. It helps the defense, it helps the passing game, and it helps special teams. For a team playing complimentary football, being able to run the ball effectively is a must.

So just where might the Chiefs running game be at this point and where might it be headed?

“The way we played in Indy, that showed us that we were continuing to make progress,” said Haley. “We felt like we were making progress in the run game and maybe just not seeing results (In Indianapolis) we were able to see the results. Jackie Battle was able to get in on the run game and was a great thing for us. We made some adjustments and we were able to see the results.

“The key is we have to continue to be a running game that’s improving. I don’t feel we can take a step backward in that area if we want to get to where we want to be.”

In the next four weeks, the Chiefs will face run defenses that are currently ranked No. 16 (Oakland), No. 17 (San Diego), No. 13 (Miami) and No. 23 (Denver).

And what is the state of the Chiefs passing game after five games and a bye week?

“We are making progress,” Haley said. “We found out a bunch of things about ourselves, and some of the things that have worked well for us. In addition we have a bunch of guys getting more and more comfortable in the system and playing with each other. I think that’s helping us make progress. We need to continue to improve in the passing game also.”

In the next four weeks, the Chiefs will face pass defenses that are currently ranked No. 28 (Oakland), No 2 (San Diego), No. 31 (Miami) and No. 22 (Denver).

6 Responses to “State of The Offense … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • October 18, 2011  - aPauled says:

    Will be interesting seeing the results of the Chiefs research. A common fan’s research indicates run Jackie Battle and use Dex as a change of pace back. In the passing game look to both Bowe and Breaston before checking down to the outlet. Start Studebaker at OLB and use Houston in pass rush/pass coverage. Result…a win over the Raiders!!

  • October 18, 2011  - jim says:

    As a coach in a lesser venue for many years, I have had asst coaches ‘scout’ our teams as though they were preparing to play us. Wow, some of the things you find out about your self as a team; your tendencies, tipping your plays, general mind set of the team, etc. I can only imagine howmuch more indepth that sort of thing is at the Chiefs level. If, in fact, this was a great week to self-evaluate, we should see some things beginning to improve. Maybe not with the immediacy we as fans would like to see, but good changes none the less.

    On another note. IF the deal with Palmer gets done with the Raiders, and with Hue Jackson continuing to do a great job with that group, you can count on the Raiders beng a force for a few years. Palmer can get it done, and Jackson is pulling those guys together. As much as I love to hate them, I gotta respect them for getting better.

  • October 18, 2011  - el cid says:

    I agree except for Studebaker move. We have seen what he can do and we need Houston or someone to play better than Studebaker, a whole lot better.

    Palmer deal hurts. Teams in the AFC West continue to try to get better. Sometime it works and mostly it does not but still they try. It is called trying to win. All the while, the Chiefs can be proud of sitting on their wallet.

  • October 18, 2011  - John says:

    I cannot totally disagree with el cid about sitting on the wallet but I am not totally convinced that Clark is as cheap as many of my friends and family think he is. Going into the season I wasn’t worried about the players; my concern was more in the teams we had to play this year. How could anyone predict three injuries with so much impact? The defense, the passing, the rushing. Last year we were lucky. Not this year. Maybe Clark will understand the importance of depth on the team and spend some more next year. All ready I saying wait until next year? I bleed red but my tears are gold.

  • October 18, 2011  - el cid says:

    John, win lose or draw, the Chiefs will join the spending frenzy in 2013. Then they have to. But I believe Pioli would like another year of drafting for players, then spend the money when the new CBA forces them to. Actually makes sense, then there will be enough Pioli/Haley types on the roster for depth and, hopefully, some starters. Then they can jump into free agency to fill spots needed.

    Oh, yes, Clark is cheap. Nothing wrong with that if you draft smart and win a few playoff games. We were in the playoff last year with 30+ million going into his pocket, must know something!

  • October 18, 2011  - ED J says:

    So el cid you call giving up 2 1st rd picks for Carson Palmer smart LMAO. The guy hasn’t been the same Qb since 2005. Raiders spend and spend last 10yrs have been one of the worst franchises in the league. So please spare me they’re trying if its foolish trying then its still stupid and dumb.. Lastly its not like we aren’t spending any money then we give Tamba big deal. So did Charles. And DJ and Flowers.

    Ask Eagles how spending all that money in free agency is working. Secondly we spent big money for Breaston as well. Will do the same for Carr and Bowe. So bottom line I’d rather spend money on players that have produced on this team then take chance after chance on guys that may get big deal from us and come here and to nothing. Pioli is spending smart and not just spending money on flashy free agents to excite the fans. Fans are the only one who thinks spending free agent money is smart its not. You win in this league by drafting and developing players then resigning those player and using free agency to fill in the gaps. Thats how you build a winner ALah Pittsburg Steelers.

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