Romeo Speaks On Daboll

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel spoke with the media via conference call on Tuesday and talked about his new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

“I find him to be very thorough, he’s worked with the defense, he’s worked with wide receivers, he’s coached the quarterbacks, he’s been a coordinator in this league and he’s worked for several different teams and several different coaches,” Crennel said. “Through the years he’s gained valuable experience.

“I know that a lot of people say he’s another guy from the New England tree, but it’s been awhile since he’s been in New England and I just happen to be from the New England tree also. Sometimes knowing people and knowing what they are about is important.”

Although Daboll and QB Matt Cassel are familiar with each other from time they shared in New England, that wasn’t a factor in his hiring according to Crennel.

“This is more about Brian Daboll than Matt Cassel,” Crennel said.

Crennel said that Daboll will not coach a position along with being a coordinator. That leaves Crennel still trying to fill two offensive line coaching positions and a wide receivers coach, although it sounds like he’s close to closing out that job.

3 Responses to “Romeo Speaks On Daboll”

  • February 7, 2012  - Chuck says:

    My biggest fear with our “beloved Romeo” is that at his age of 65 he may have bit off a very large chew. To be the Head Coach (over seeing the whole kit and kaboodle) plus also being the DC is alot on his plate. Hope he has the energy that its going to require.

  • February 7, 2012  - ED J says:

    Chuck are you watching football. Coughlin 65 Bellichick 60 I’m not worried about Romeo’s age. he still can coach. That’s something to worry about 3-5 yrs down road if he starts having health problem. But most coaches unfortunately start having health issues after their football career instead of during it.

  • February 7, 2012  - Mark Blue says:

    Neither Coughlin nor Bellichick are the every down play caller on either side of the ball. Romeo will be, and it’s a very legit concern. It can work on the offensive side, as McCarthy, Gruden, Payton have shown in winning it all while doing it. It hasn’t been done by a Superbowl champion on the defensive side in 30+ years at least.

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