REPORT CARD: Chiefs vs. Houston

From Reliant Stadium, Houston

RUSHING OFFENSE: A – It’s hard to argue with a 228-yard afternoon on the ground, with the two primary runners totaling 193 yards between them. Thomas Jones really showed more explosion than he has at any time this season and Jamaal Charles was able to turn nothing into something about a half-dozen times. Despite the fact Houston knew what the Chiefs wanted to do, they were only able to get two minus-runs for a total of four yards lost.

PASSING OFFENSE: C – It’s hard to find fault with the afternoon that QB Matt Cassel had against the Texans. He completed 68.9 percent of his passes, with an average gain per attempt of 6.9 yards. Cassel had three touchdown passes and no interceptions and his passer rating of 122.9 was his second best while wearing a Chiefs uniform. Pass protection was fairly good, even with the game ending on the only sack of Cassel all day. The only negative was the passing game’s inability to get anything done in the last few possessions, when they went three plays and out and allowed Houston’s offense more opportunities, which they took advantage of in picking up the winning points.

RUSH DEFENSE: C – This was the worst run defense the Chiefs have shown for the season, giving up six yards per carry (22 for 132 yards) and three TDs on the ground. They had been limiting foes to no big running plays, but that went out the window against the Texans as they gave up a 38-yard TD run by Derrick Ward and Arian Foster busted one for 21 yards. Houston did not have a negative rushing play.

PASS DEFENSE: D – When the Chiefs defense needed to stop QB Matt Schaub, they couldn’t do it. Pass rush pressure was very inconsistent; there were times when Cassel had all the time he wanted to throw. There were other times when the pass rush flushed him out of the pocket and they did pick up a pair of sacks. They kept a lid on TE Owen Daniels until the fourth quarter and then he became a key figure in the comeback victory.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D – Apparently the coaches saw something on tape that made them believe there was something or someone they could take advantage of in the Houston kickoff return team. Leading 21-7, they tried a mortar kick. All it did was give the Texans decent field position and they scored a TD. Leading 24-14, the Chiefs decided to try another mortar kick, this one got returned and gave Houston field position at the Chiefs 46-yard line. The return game produced nothing important. P Dustin Colquitt had another good day, although he did have two touchbacks that hurt his net average.

COACHING: D – There are not good grades for the coaches when a team loses a game like Sunday. Poor execution was blamed and that always falls on the players. When it happens two weeks in a row, then the coaches have to answer for that as well. Haley gambled twice on the first possession by going for it on fourth down rather than kick a short field goal. They converted both times, including a touchdown on the second one.

8 Responses to “REPORT CARD: Chiefs vs. Houston”

  • October 17, 2010  - Craig says:

    Good Grades Bob.
    This one goes to Haley. Bad decisions again. It a learning process. Cassel looked good. First time the D let us down. We are a team in transition. Let hope we can bounce back this comeing week.

  • October 17, 2010  - Edward says:

    Disagree with Cassel grade. You can’t give Cassel a C because he didn’t get that first down on 3rd and 2 that falls on play-calling. We should have either ran the ball or at least called a play where Cassel had more than one target to throw the ball to. I give Chiefs A in passing. Cassel had the best game of the season even better than 49ers game.

    Coaches deserves a D not because of going for it on 4th down because we converted both. But because Crennel did a poor job double coveraging Johnson and didn’t get any pressure on Schuab. You’ve got to dial up some blitz packages going against this guy. When we got pressure we were successful as a defense. When we sat back in zone coverage Schuab picked us apart. As for Weis he called a good game right up until that 3 and 2. Run the ball in that situation. We ran for over 200 yards why not then. Also if you going throw it allow Cassel to have more than one option on the pass play.

  • October 18, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    Yeah, Cassel and the offense looked good. The D was just plain embarrassed.

    The mortar kick was fine with me, but where was the coverage. I think he juked like he was going out of bounds but the block coverage fell for it and seemed to ignore him. Then the kicker had to ride him a few yards to get him down. Kick was fine, coverage was not.

  • October 18, 2010  - el cid says:

    Wish we could get info on what happened to Hali? He did nothing the entire game. I saw him playing but did Tx skeme against him, or what? Crennel had the defense chasing plays the entire second half, what happened there? We will never know but one stop, one stinkin’ stop, one defense play and we would have had to eat so much crow about Cassel and Bowe we could have save a fortune on food this week.

    Can somebody tell these coaches to quit playing games with the special teams. Two games called “sneaky” plays the team could not/did not execute, why? If Haley starts believing he is some kind of riverboat gambler, this team is in trouble. Riverboat gamblers end up broke not in the playoffs.

  • October 18, 2010  - Scotty says:

    Here’s what I say. Here’s my grade for Officiating D-. I saw a blatant hold on Tamba and the bad pass interference call.

    Also from what I saw on TV it looked like we really could have used Kendrick Lewis out there. The secondary seemed softer out there without him and I wonder if he would have made a difference.

  • October 18, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Here’s what I saw, a D that had a bad game and an O that had a good game and I don’t know what has happened to our special teams. The D has been there for the last 4 games they had a bad one. The O has shown up now for two games and like I said, other than the coverage units, our special teams have not been so special! Cassel showed he can play QB in the NFL & D bowe decided he CAN catch a ball. We have a young physical team that is learning to play the game the right way. When they figure out how to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER then look out, this team will get really tough to beat! On the refs, yes we got the shaft on a couple of calls especially flowers, how can that guy miss it that bad???? you’re in the NFL for cryin out loud! but, the defense still played bad pretty much the whole game, so you really can’t get too pissed on the call, when you couldn’t play defense earlier! Offense played good enough to win the game, this one is on the D!!!

  • October 18, 2010  - Gerardo says:

    That big play at the end to keep the last possesion alive and finish the game was going ok. the texans LBs were chasing McCluster and Cassel. But two things here, Cassel throwing across teh field trying to connect with Moeaki, bad call, it wouldn’t be that bad if the route for Moeaki was towards the center instead of away and deep! Bad play calling there.

  • October 18, 2010  - cychief24 says:

    Tamba was held at the point of attack on Ward’s TD run. I saw him being held on numerous pass plays.
    The call on Flowers was either complete incompetence or a part of a fix.
    Even Dungy said that call was “just awful!” on SNF.

    We got screwed….

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