Report Card – Steelers vs. Chiefs

From Arrowhead Stadium

RUSHING OFFENSE: D – The Chiefs could not get anything going in the running game, as they averaged a paltry 2.6 yards per carry, with no running play that went for more than nine yards. The three running backs had 31 carries for 85 yards. Thomas Jones continued to struggle, and there was nowhere for Jackie Battle to run.

PASSING OFFENSE: F – The performance of Tyler Palko left much to be desired, but he didn’t get much help from his receivers. Palko completed 64 percent of his 28 throws, but they went for less than six yards per attempt. Palko’s three interceptions were killers, especially on a night when his pass protection was pretty good.

RUSHING DEFENSE: B – The Steelers did not get their running game going, as the running backs ran 22 times for 95 yards. Other than allowing a couple of breakout runs (14 and 16 yards), the Chiefs kept the clamps on Rashard Mendenhall, who averaged just 3.4 yards per carry.

PASSING DEFENSE: B – The pass rush got after Ben Roethlisberger, and the Chiefs were also able to pick off one of his passes, as it landed in the hands of CB Travis Daniels. The big weapons in the Pittsburgh aerial attack were kept under wraps as WR Mike Wallace caught just two passes for 17 yards and TE Heath Miller had one catch for 20 yards.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D – The Chiefs gave up nothing on special teams, but they also gained nothing in the kicking game. This team needs as much help as they can find and the special teams remain an overall non-contributor.

COACHING: D – Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel deserves credit for the defense keeping the Steelers offense under wraps with a series of well-timed blitzes and schemes. Otherwise, the staff did not get the job done.

One Response to “Report Card – Steelers vs. Chiefs”

  • November 28, 2011  - ED J says:

    I think we’re being unfair with D. I’d give coaches a B for at least not letting 40 burger get put up on them this season. Seriously everyone expect a blow to Steelers. Haley had team prepared from intensity standpoint they tried be more up tempo pass protection improved thanks to playing extra linemen next to Richardson. Defensivley it speaks for itself. Bob be fare seriously.

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