Report Card – Dolphins vs. Chiefs

From Arrowhead Stadium

RUSHING OFFENSE: D – The Chiefs are an offense that’s built around running the football; that did not get done in any manner against Miami. They ran for 116 yards on 34 carries, but let’s take the work by QB Matt Cassel out of the mix, since he wasn’t running as much as he was scrambling for his life. Plus, takeout the minus-3 yards from punter Dustin Colquitt on the botched pooch punt. The running backs had 81 yards on 24 carries, or 3.4 yards per carry. Jackie Battle averaged 2.9 yards on 14 carries. Thomas Jones a pitiful 5 yards on 3 carries. Only Dexter McCluster got anything going with 36 yards on seven carries.

PASSING OFFENSE: D – A lack of pass protection made throwing the ball dangerous for Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. He simply did not have enough time throughout the game to develop any sort of rhythm. Of the 20 completions, 13 went to Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston. No other receiver had more than one catch. The passing game really misses a catcher at tight end. Overall, it was a D performance, with the pass protection getting an F.

RUSHING DEFENSE: D – It’s bad, bad, bad when Reggie Bush can come in and average 7.1 yards per carry, including a 28-yard scoring run where he wasn’t touched by the Chiefs defense. Without the running of QB Matt Moore, it was 20 carries for 104 yards, or 5.2 yards per carry. It wasn’t a big rushing total, but it was very effective.

PASSING DEFENSE: F – This was not one of the NFL’s elite passers throwing against the Chiefs defense on Sunday. Matt Moore came into the game with a career total of 17 TD passes and 21 interceptions. He threw 3 TDs and no interceptions against the Chiefs. Brandon Marshall finished with 106 yards and TE Anthony Fasano had the two TD catches. Mistakes in coverage were visible everywhere.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D – The Chiefs weren’t able to produce any type of edge in the kicking game. Both punters had good days, but neither side got anything going on returns. The botched pooch punt drops the grade for this unit an entire letter grade, from C to D. That type of thing should never happen at this level of football.

COACHING: F – A coaching staff directing a team to a 28-point defeat will never get a passing grade. Todd Haley wanted to take the blame for the way he worked the team in the short week, but that’s just the head coach falling on his sword and trying to take the pressure off his players and coaching staff. The offense game plan left something to be desired, and then it went out the window when they fell behind. Romeo Crennel got nothing done on defense and Steve Hoffman apparently didn’t make sure everyone knew what was going on with a botched pooch punt.

6 Responses to “Report Card – Dolphins vs. Chiefs”

  • November 6, 2011  - Chiefs Crash To Earth Against Dolphins : says:

    [...] REPORT CARD: Failing grades for red and gold. [...]

  • November 7, 2011  - Kenneth says:

    I don’t know if the Chiefs were tired or got stupid and looked past them to the Broncos game but but they looked like they were in slow motion compaired to the Dolphins.

    Ugly Ugly game by our Chiefs.

  • November 7, 2011  - brainsmasher says:

    This was a team effort.

  • November 7, 2011  - el cid says:

    It was bad to watch the Chiefs “play” the game sunday. But when you add what SD did in their losing effort, well let’s just say the 4 wins do not mean as much as the season starting 3 losses. This team may be as bad as they played at the beginning of the year.

  • November 7, 2011  - Flyboy26 says:

    Bob, I have to say that your grades were generous. The whole team, with the exception of special teams, deserved a failing grade, which in my understanding is an “F”. Cassel had as much time as most qb’s. He just was typically unable to operate within the time that he was given. Good quarterbacks can do so. I must add that the play calling was very poor as well, and added to his problems and the teams poor performance. The defense played poorly, but I blame Crennel for a poor scheme more than I do the players. The players were totally unprepared. I think Romeo was asleep during the game. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that the Chief’s coaching staff deliberately blew the game.

  • November 7, 2011  - Roger says:

    You forgot, you had one more failing grade to give out. Hunt and Pioli who are responsible for the talent on the team They spend too much time looking for “Value” (code word for cheap) than someone who can actually help the team. Breaston being the only exception this past year and probably on the insistence of Hailey.

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