REPORT CARD – Chiefs vs. Raiders

From the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

RUSHING OFFENSE: D – For the first time this season the Chiefs were unable to get the running game going in any consistent fashion against the Raiders. They finished with a season low 104 yards and a meager 3.1-yard per carry average. For a team that relies so much on the run, having just one carry that went for more than 10 yards, and having 10 of 34 carries that produced negative or no yardage, that’s an ugly day.

PASSING OFFENSE: D – Yes, QB Matt Cassel threw a pair of interceptions, but he averaged just 6.2 yards per attempt on the day, while also throwing an interception, his first since September 26 and ending a string of 135 consecutive passes without a pick. There were at least three drops, including a big one by Dwayne Bowe in the fourth quarter that killed the Chiefs attempts to win with the four-minute drill.

RUSH DEFENSE: C – The Raiders had been running the ball quite well this season, but the Chiefs defense allowed 112 yards and gave up only one long run, a 34-yard scamper by RB Darren McFadden. Otherwise, on the 25 other carries they averaged just 3.2 yards. Run defense was probably the best thing the Chiefs did in this game.

PASS DEFENSE: D – When an untested rookie WR has his breakout game against your secondary, that’s not going to make for an afternoon with a passing grade. Jacoby Ford caught six passes for 148 yards, even though he came into the game with just four catches for 37 yards. CB Brandon Flowers got burned for most of those catches and that’s surprising given the type of season the Chiefs corner has had. Nobody else hurt the Chiefs in the passing game, and WR Darrius Heyward-Bey was held to no catches.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D – Give up a kickoff return for a TD and that’s bad. Have a punt return TD of your own wiped out by a penalty, and that’s worse. Finish with five penalties in all in the kicking game and that’s awful. Bad, worse, awful, that was the Chiefs special teams afternoon. They entered the game as the NFL’s best kickoff coverage unit, but they exited with a 94-yard TD return on their record. They had been No. 4 in the league in punt returns, and had one in the end zone from 72 yards with Javier Arenas only to have it wiped out by a penalty. They also had a 41-yard FG nullified by a penalty. There was nothing special here.

COACHING: D – Lose a game like this one when it comes in division and the defeat is because your team beat itself and the coaches don’t get passing grades either. Todd Haley again went for a fourth down, first with a play on offense that was wiped out by a penalty, and then on a fake punt that came up one-yard short. At least he didn’t walk away from a potential field goal on this one.

3 Responses to “REPORT CARD – Chiefs vs. Raiders”

  • November 8, 2010  - Chuck says:

    Bob; I fully agree with all of your grades. When do we get Dexter back???? This team is not a playoff team. I thought we looked very inept yesterday. Couldn’t run the ball worth a darn. Both J. Charles and T. Jones had miserable days. Hope Charles is OK as he did suffer a injury. I thought Bowe looked like his usual self as he dropped a pass that probably would have won us the game. We’re just NOT THERE YET.

  • November 8, 2010  - el cid says:

    Change the D to F and you got my grade. Every phase of the “new” Chiefs were shown to be lacking. It goes back to winning ugly. You win ugly because you cannot win with power because you do not have the horses to carry you. I got caught up into the opportunity that this 2010 Chief’s were something special, a possible once in a lifetime run for the playoffs with kids who did not know they may not all be HOFers. But yesterday convinced me, I was wrong. There will be good games and bad but 2010′s run is over. This team is improved just not real good. Coaches, players, and myself get the blame. Nice folks, just not good NFL types.

  • November 8, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    I would give them an F for not taking care of busniess in the first half! I don’t care that they came back and then let them get it to overtime and then let them win! That game should have been over @ half time! That’s what a good team will do! If we would have pulled that out, I would still be pissed! I guess this is growing pains.

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