Raiders QBs Of Any Name Fall Flat

From the Coliseum, Oakland, California

The Raiders played a lot of games with their starting quarterback position last week.

In the end, it all seems so silly. Kyle Boller started and was awful. He was replaced by the recently acquired Carson Palmer and he was rusty and awful. Former starter Jason Campbell stood on the sidelines in street clothes with his broken collarbone.

The pitiful Oakland performance could not be blamed on him. Boller threw three interceptions, one that was taken back for a touchdown. Palmer relieved him in the third quarter and threw three of his own interceptions, including one that was taken back for a touchdown.

It was an ugly, ugly day for the Raiders.

“I don’t know if there’s a word to describe it; it was just an awful feeling walking off the field to be beat like that, in the fashion that we were beaten,” said Palmer. “We need to regroup.”

They’ll re-group with Palmer as the starting quarterback. He did not open Sunday’s game, as head coach Hue Jackson went with Boller instead.

“I got a guy that’s coming in here and I know he wanted to be in there,” Jackson said of Palmer. “He was chomping at the bit to get in there. But I had a guy that had been sitting on the couch, you know? This organization has invested a lot in him and I wasn’t just going to put him out there in the beginning and throw him to the wolves. I don’t think that’s fair.”

So Jackson waited until the Chiefs defensive wolves had feasted on Boller who did nothing to continue what has been a steady downward spiral in his career.

“Just extremely frustrated,” Boller said of his performance. “Definitely not my best outing. I feel bad for the team. I feel like I let my teammates down and there’s just not much to say; the play speaks for itself.”

Boller said he sensed all week that he would start.

“I felt comfortable, but the ball just didn’t go my way today,” Boller said. “I didn’t go out there and feel like I had to press because Carson was going to come in. I had to play my game and today just wasn’t my day.”

For both quarterbacks and offensive coordinator Al Saunders, it was as ugly a day as one could imagine. Here’s what the QBs did throwing the ball:

















Boller 14 7 50% 61 4.4 0 3 22.3
Palmer 21 8 38% 116 5.5 0 3 17.3

With the Raiders going on their bye week, Palmer plans to put in long hours with the Raiders getting up to speed so he’s ready to face the Broncos when they return to action.

“I only know three or four protections and that makes it difficult,” said Palmer. “You have to know who’s playing X, who’s playing Y, who’s playing weak side receiver, who’s playing strong side receiver and then start piecing things together with individuals in their roles, slot receiver, tight end or back out of the backfield.

“I have a lot of ground to make up and I will. I’m going to attack it this week. It’s not a bye week for me, that’s for sure.”

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