Pre-Season Update – 8/31

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A fast and furious week started Sunday for the Chiefs as the 2011 pre-season roars to a conclusion.

Coming up on Tuesday at 3 p.m. CDT the Chiefs will have to trim their roster to the league limit of 80 players. Right now, they have 89 players on the roster.

And the final game of the exhibition season comes up on Thursday night at Lambeau Field in Green Bay against the Packers.

That gives Todd Haley and his coaching staff just three days to get ready for how they are going to handle Game No. 4. In the past, guys like QB Matt Cassel, RB Jamaal Charles, C Casey Wiegmann and the like would be wearing baseball caps on the sidelines for that fourth game, protecting against injury.

But with the Chiefs offense having so many problems sustaining any sort of production and performance in three games, might Haley consider altering that normal fourth game approach?

“I don’t know,” Haley said. “I’ll wait until we get to the back end of the week to get into any of that. We’ve got three days here – today being a big one – that we’ve got to evaluate exactly where we are. Each guy is a little different. We’ll make those decisions as we get closer to at least Wednesday.”

Haley touched on a few other items of note as he spoke to the media horde on Sunday:


“In the run game, it takes everybody to be successful. It’s not just the running backs. It’s not just the line. It’s the quarterbacks making the right decisions. It’s the receivers blocking downfield, and it’s the runners hitting the hole. The only thing I was disappointed about was that we got to half-time and we had only had six or seven carries. Again, I think the body of work is too small to judge a whole bunch off of just the game.”


“We’re handling him a certain way, first and foremost trying to get him in a position to compete and be part of this team. It’s been a little slow-going, but we kind of understood that going in. From the game, I thought he did some good things and he did some things he needs to do better. He had a penalty (holding) in there which can’t happen. I thought, for the most part, there were encouraging signs.”


“What we came up with was it was more technique than anything else. Again, that’s one of the things that can get sacrificed when you’re short or feel like you’re short on time, even though everyone’s in the same situation. I think that technique work showed up and is definitely a point of emphasis this week for us. I think that’s a good thing in that if we can correct the technique, we feel like you eliminate the problem. And we can’t have those problems that’s for sure.”

5 Responses to “Pre-Season Update – 8/31”

  • August 29, 2011  - Michael says:

    It’s a shame so many of the young college free agents got shorted so much time because of the lockout. Many of them who looked green as grass, completely confused or physically underdeveloped are actually starting to look much beter, but who knows if it will be enough, fast enough.

    I’m talking about the young OL like Mims, Lewis, Ingersoll and Harr; DL Bair and Ayodele; LB Kamara and CB Demond Washington. I still haven’t seen enough of the WRs like Paul and Manno or DB Lewis and Russell.

    It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs have seen enough of any of them to keep any of them around on the active roster or PS. Same goes for some of the returning guys who have shown some good things like Slate, Lawrence, Gales, Tucker and Horne.

    And then there’s the guys who have shown flashes but are now inured like Toribio, Bakhtari, Miller, etc. Are they going to IR, or will they be around and recover by the start of the season?

  • August 29, 2011  - el cid says:

    This may be a wasted year as far as developing the un-developed. But there will be a next year for most either with the Chiefs or another team. My worry is Hunt’s Chiefs will waste the real season to work on future guys, every day guys. I see the real issue of this poor preforming preseason is just what the Chiefs will do over the next 16 games? Does Haley turn this year into some kind of long term training camp? Bigger concern than the offense and defense. Just hear after loss after loss, we are getting stronger as the season progresses.

  • August 29, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    Josh McDaniels pounded the left side of our D line on Friday. I’m hopeful the Chiefs have an answer for that. We got schemed by a brilliant offensive mind and we better have answers ready by opening day. Buffalo will watch that tape.

    Cassel is, of course, key to a successful season. For him to be successful, he has to be upright. It may be that Gaither plays a role there, but where? LT or RT? If the O line keeps Cassel upright and helps Charles find some running room, we can keep the D off the field. If teams are successful running against us the way McDaniels/Rams did, then it will be a long, ugly season unless the offense can stay on the field— which it hasn’t in practice or in pre-season.

  • August 29, 2011  - leo says:

    El Cid, you said it, we were schemed. Consider the fact that the Chiefs did not scheme anything, it was quite obvious that the Rams did. They had to. They are in the worst division in football, and could only muster a losing season last year. It all comes down to approach in the preseason, and Haley wants to evaluate, and has very little time to do so. I bet practice is a whole lot different, and we will se a totally different scheme on sept 11.

  • August 29, 2011  - rickipoo says:

    It isn’t called the silly, err, pre-season for nothing. There are many examples but two that stick out most in my mind are:

    4-0 silly season record for the eventual 0-16 Lions … and

    In back to back years the Colts went 1-8 during silly season but ran up a 29-7 record for games that counted including a SB championship.

    Like I said many examples exist. Did anybody have the Saints penciled in as SB favorite after going 1-3 in silly season? Since 2003, 11 or 12 teams have wrapped up the August schedule 4-0 and only five of them produced a winning record in the fall.

    Its player evaluation first. Keeping cards close to the vest second and maybe even a little skullduggery third.

    Time to panic? Don’t think so.

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