Practice Report/Cassel Update – 9/5

From the Truman Sports Complex

QB Matt Cassel was on the field with his teammates Monday afternoon, dressed and taking part in the first segment of practice.

To say that Cassel was an enthusiastic participant would not be true. When the team ran its opening gassers (back and forth across the field), he finished among the last players finishing. Normally, he’s among the first.

As the team went through stretching, Cassel did some of the movements, but not others. Those that he did, he did in slow motion. Most of the time he sat on the turf and talked with head coach Todd Haley.

Once they moved into position work, Cassel threw some passes, but they were short ones and without a lot of power.

That’s when the window to practice closed as the Chiefs went into regular season rules for the media. It’s 20 minutes and the media sees stretching and a bit of the position drills.

As for the other players, they were all present and accounted for in the early moments. WR Jonathan Baldwin continues to sport a splint on his right wrist and hand and when the receivers started working with the QBs on running routes and catching passes, he left for the rehab area.

Others who have been injured were working with their positions, but that does not mean they were part of the entire practice. That would be G Ryan Lilja, RT Barry Richardson, and TE Jake O’Connell.

All 61 players (53 roster, 8 practice) were on the field.

Number changes for the Chiefs showed up during Monday’s practice: WR Steve Breaston is now #15, changing from #19. TE Anthony Becht is now wearing #88. DL Allen Bailey is now #97 and DL Amon Gordon is #99. S Sabby Piscitelli was wearing #42.

128 Responses to “Practice Report/Cassel Update – 9/5”

  • September 5, 2011  - el cid says:

    Got to be impressed with the Chiefs view of the NFL. No a single player released by 31 other team was good enough to improve the Chiefs roster. is good when you have the 53 + 8 best players in the NFL.

  • September 5, 2011  - bhive01 says:

    Cassel will be nursing those ribs into December. It’d be nice is Baldwin got good enough to catch stuff. Shame about the fisticuffs between him and Jones. Would have been more effective if it had been a black eye. People learn a lesson, not hurt enough to affect the season.

  • September 5, 2011  - Michael Nelson says:

    Thanks for the update.Maybe Cassels ribs are just bruised and not fractured. Glad all 53 were there. Hopefully they will all be healthy soon. Looking forward to win #1.If they didn’t take any free agents, do you think they will make any trades?

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