Practice Report/Update – 12/1

From the Truman Sports Complex

The Chiefs worked in full pads Thursday afternoon in the most important practice of the week for the team in preparation for facing the Bears in Chicago on Sunday.

“There was good, spirited energy, some good work,” Haley said of the practice. “We only have a few of these padded practice days left and we have to take advantage of them. We did that today.”

The quarterback situation remained unchanged on Thursday, as Haley said both quarterbacks did a good job in practice. Tyler Palko remains the starter and Kyle Orton is trying to get caught up with the offense and his new teammates so he could make a contribution if he had to play.

“Tyler’s got to continue to work hard and improve on the things that he did in the game that weren’t quite what he or we wanted,” Haley said. “We have to continue to get the other guys, Ricky (Stanzi) included, ready to go.

“As we’ve seen around the league, Houston in particular, you had better have a couple guys in the hopper ready to go.”

Haley and his team were greeted by a heavy dose of sunshine but very chilly temperatures as they went through their second practice of the week. The cold temperatures and windy conditions are good practice fodder based on the early forecast for Solider Field on the shores of Lake Michigan. The National Weather Service predicts a mostly cloudy afternoon on Sunday with a 40 percent chance of light snow or light rain and high temperature around 40 degrees.

LG Ryan Lilja (head) and ILB Demorrio Williams (groin) were joined on the Chiefs injury/practice report by C Casey Wiegmann (finger). Williams was listed as full practice, while Lilja and Wiegmann were limited in their participation. Missing for a second consecutive day was practice squad RB Shaun Draughn.

From the Bears practice on Thursday their report looked like this:

  • OUT – QB Jay Cutler (thumb).
  • DID NOT PRACTICE – DT Anthony Adams (back).
  • FULL PARTICIPATION - CB Charles Tillman (knee) and CB Zackary Bowman (groin).
  • LIMITED PARTICIPATION - WR Devin Hester (not injury related) and CB D.J. Moore (ankle).

11 Responses to “Practice Report/Update – 12/1”

  • December 1, 2011  - Josh says:

    Nice one, Haley. Leinart actually scored a touchdown with zero interceptions before he was broken. A little late to realize you need depth at the position, no?

  • December 1, 2011  - ED J says:

    Mitch Holthes mentioned Rickey Stanzi fighting an injury and Nick Wright on 610 said it was an ankle. Which explains why we never put him out there as bad as Palko been playing. I knew it had to be something. I can respect coaches decision not to put rookie QB out there against Steelers or Pats if he’s banged up. Hopefully if we don’t win all 5 games he’ll get chance last couple games of the season.

  • December 1, 2011  - Kenneth says:

    Well we don’t know who’s decision it was to have Palko and Stanzi as the backups, was it due to penny pinching ownership (seems likely due to how far the Chiefs like to stay below the cap limit each year). The Chiefs could have spent some money and signed a QB with starting experience to sit behind Cassel but for whatever reason they went the cheap route as usual.

  • December 1, 2011  - Craig says:

    Hey Bob,

    If you are listening? Could the Chiefs trade Orton now for some future draft pick?

  • December 1, 2011  - ED J says:

    No craig trade deadline over with will pick up 3 or 4th round pick if he doesn’t sign back with us next season. As for backup QB situation wasn’t many good Qbs out there and Cassel hasn’t been injury prone so no one expected us to have injury with our starting QB. Look around league 90% of teams have backups as bad or worst than Palko.

  • December 2, 2011  - Rowan says:

    suspect the idea was developing two young guys. Line was doing better last year. Thought we’d have a run game to keep some heat off QB. A calculated risk. And in truth the jury is still out on Palko. May render judgment in Chicago.

  • December 2, 2011  - david says:

    ED J what? 90 % as bad or worse then Palko. Please name the teams. Please tell me the backup QB who cant throw a 40 yard pass beside Palko. Also tell which ones cant throw a 12 yard out pattern without lopping it. Not sure if it was Piolo or Haley who decided to go with Palko as backup but whoever did deserves pink slip. Bad Bad judgement on their part

  • December 2, 2011  - Chuck says:

    Sometimes I think its really too bad that we couldn’t keep both Cassel and Orton. Then if this happened again in the future we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in now.

  • December 2, 2011  - ED J says:

    I mean go see Boller, David Carr, Mark Brunell, etc. I can go on but go look it up yourself. Most teams don’t invest in backup QBs. I’m not saying he’s better than those guys but they’re just as bad. Rowan jury still out what game have you been watching ain’t no jury out on this guy he can’t play in this league you must not been watching the games.

    As for us keeping both Kyle and Cassel not going happen. They’re vitually same player. Orton maybe marginally better but not enough to pay big money to keep him as backup along with paying Cassel remaining contract. Its time organization draft 1st rd QB. I mean with Landry Jones, RG3, and Barkley coming out its time organization upgrade QB position stop taking leftovers from other teams. Tired of Matt Cassel, Elvis Grabac, Steve Bono, etc. Bring Cassel back and having a more talented rookie playing behind him and learning.

    ONly way I would stray away from drafting QB in 1st round is if we can’t get any of those guys or if ransom for getting them to trade up is way too high. I think then we should just stay pat with Stanzi. I think he’s better then rest of QBs left. Possibly as good as top 4 but that’s why when he’s healthy he needs to get couple starts if we lose another game.

  • December 2, 2011  - el cid says:

    Most teams do not invest in two starting type QBs but usually the backup compliments the system and can play for a Qtr, half, or few games without blowing up the entire organization.

    My point is whoever chose Palko, had never seen him play throughout his career. Probably a nice guy, hard worker but does he have anything in common even with Cassel. Left handed, cannot seem to hit receivers quickly enough. Just does not fit the role of backup, maybe the clipboard holder if everyone else is on life support.

    Got no answers, this season has left me gasping for air, What else can go wrong, Hunt miss his flight out of KC after another loss?

    A “real” starting QB would be nice but so would an OL that could pass block or run block, wouldn’t dare ask for both. A DL that could disrupt on a regular basis. On and On, just to many missing parts after three years of the Pioli tyrancy.

  • December 3, 2011  - cychief24 says:

    90% of back up QB’s are worse than Palko?????
    Edj- quit drunk posting, please.

    Again, everyone but you and Haley agree Palko is the worst QB to ever play for the Chiefs.
    Stanzi couldn’t beat out Palko before his little ankle boo-boo. They both suck.

    We have Palko quality players at RT and C. We have no pass rusher besides Tamba and a below avg ILB.

    We are $27.5 under the cap. I hope we keep our 2 solid QB’s (Cassel and Orton) and then address those 4 gaping holes in the off-season.

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