Practice Report/Update– 10/7

From the Truman Sports Complex

Todd Haley still would not commit on Friday to first-round draft choice WR Jonathan Baldwin being active for Sunday’s game against the Colts in Indianapolis.

“He has been working very hard, but he hasn’t had a ton of action in a team setting,” Haley said after Friday’s practice. “There are a lot of factors at play, the least of which right now is his health. He’s physically ready to go.”

Baldwin went through his third practice of the week and continued to impress the Chiefs coaches with how he’s handled himself in the offense during practice. In fact, Haley said he thinks that one positive of his time away from playing (three pre-season and four regular season games) actually had an upside for Baldwin because while he couldn’t catch with his broken right thumb, he could run.

“The guy’s had the benefit doing the (mental) work and getting comfortable with his responsibilities,” Haley said. “He essentially got OTAs and mini-camps while the team practiced and that’s priceless time for a young receiver.”

Baldwin, SS Jon McGraw (shin) and WR Terrence Copper (illness) were all listed as probable when the Chiefs turned in their official injury report to the league office Friday afternoon.

Only Copper missed any practice time this week, as he was absent from Wednesday’s session, but worked Thursday and Friday. All 61 available players were taking part in Friday’s workout.

Despite very windy conditions, Haley had his team outside for most of Friday’s practice. Even though the game will be played indoors, where offenses will not have to deal with gusty conditions, Haley prefers if at all possible to practice outside on the grass, rather than inside on artificial turf.

“It’s a harder surface, it’s not anywhere near the same as being on grass from a health and fatigue standpoint,” Haley explained. “I like the indoor to create louder (practices) with our sound – if you put it inside it’s even louder. We had it cranked up pretty good (outside) and it was hard to hear.

“Working inside or outside is just something we determine as we go and what we think is best for the overall team.”

Eventually, the Chiefs did spend the last segment of practice indoors, allowing the offense a chance to throw without dealing with the wind.

As he did the previous two days, Haley seemed to spend extra time with the quarterbacks and receivers and their throwing drills. There’s nothing unusual about that, but three days in a row is a bit above average for the head coach watching one group.

The Colts have always played games with the league’s weekly injury report and they have done so again this week. They list 11 players, with QB Peyon Manning (neck) out and the other 10 players, whether they practiced this week or not, are all listed as questionable: LT Anthony Castonzo (ankle), G Ryan Diem (ankle), DE Dwight Freeney (abdominal), DT Fili Moala (ankle), DT Drake Nevis (back), QB Kerry Collins (Concussion), LB Ernie Sims (knee), TE Brody Eldridge (knee), G Mike Pollak (arm) and G Joe Reitz (ankle).  Castonzo, Diem and Nevis did not practice at all during the week according to the Colts.

2 Responses to “Practice Report/Update– 10/7”

  • October 7, 2011  - ED J says:

    Good article Bob. Two things I pull from this article. One Baldwin will play Sunday but as always Haley isn’t going to tip his hand. But saying he’s physically ready and it was like OTA’s and minicamps that tells me he’s ready to go. Then Haley spending alot of time w/QBs and receivers tell me he’s going give Matt Cassel opportunity to carry this offense. Like I’ve said past few days w/Bowe being best player on offense it only makes sense to air it out and use the pass to setup the run. Hopefully Battle will get at least 15-20 carries Sunday because he’s been running pretty good.

  • October 8, 2011  - rufus says:

    I don’t expect Baldwin to suit up sunday. It’d be awesome if he does though. Dude is rangy.

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