Player Profile Part #2 – Jonathan Baldwin

Here’s Part #1 focusing on his family and high school.


  • Height – 6-feet, 4¼ inches.

    It’s interesting that all through his high school and college days he was listed as being 6-5 and then 6-6. In fact, during football seasons at Aliquippa High School he was listed as 6-5, then in basketball he was labeled as 6-6. That 6-4½ is what he was measured at the NFL Combine.

  • Weight – 228 pounds.

    When Baldwin was a youngster, he could not play pee wee football because he weighed too much and was over the weight limit for the league. But he’s never had any reported problems making weight or putting on pounds. The highest weight assigned to him that I found was 235 pounds.

  • Arm – 33½ inches.

    His long arms have been part of his advantage in playing football and basketball over the years. It’s what got everyone’s attention during his breakout season in 2009 when he made so many spectacular catches.

  • Hand – 10¼ inches.

    Those hands are huge, among the biggest that were measured at the NFL Combine back in February. Only two receivers had hands that measured bigger and a number of offensive & defensive linemen.

  • 40-yard dash – 4.49 seconds.
  • 20-yard dash – 2.57 seconds.
  • 10-yard dash – 1.58 seconds.

    Throughout his football career, Baldwin has consistently run the 40 in under 4.5 seconds. During high school and college there were times of 4.39 and even a 4.29 floating around and it’s not hard to believe on any given day he may have been able to hit one of those times. But the most consistent times that shown for him have been between 4.45 and 4.5 seconds.

  • Bench press – 20 repetitions at 225 pounds.

    That’s nothing special here as far as number of reps for a man his size.

  • Vertical jump – 42 inches.

    This number is out of this world. Among all the players at the NFL Combine that vertical jump was better than all but one other player, TE Virgil Green who was measured at 42½ inches. The average vertical jump for an NBA player is right around 28 inches. The best number thrown up in the NFL Combine was Gerald Sensabaugh at 46 inches.

  • Broad jump – 10-feet, 9 inches.

    This is from a standing start and ranked sixth at the NFL Combine.


Baldwin spent three years at the University of Pittsburgh, playing in 38 games with 27 starts. He caught 127 passes for 2,325 yards, an 18.3-yard per catch average. He caught 16 TDs. He ran five times in three years for 68 yards, including a 61-yarder in 2009.


Date  Opponent 







9/2  @ Utah 




9/11  New Hampshire 




9/23  Miami 




10/2  Florida International 




10/9  @ Notre Dame 




10/16  @ Syracuse 





10/23  Rutgers 




10/30  Louisville 




11/11  @ Connecticut 




11/20  @ South Florida 




11/26  West Virginia 




12/04  @ Cincinnati 




1/8/11  Compass Bowl  vs. Kentucky










Notes on ’10 – started all 13 games at flanker … all-Big East Conference first-team … 31 of his catches produced a first down … he gained 10 yards or more on 24 catches and at least 20 yards or more on 12 receptions … he was fourth in conference average yards per catch at 15.58 yards.


Date  Opponent  W/L  Rec.  Yds.  Avg.  TD  LG 
9/5  Youngstown  70  23.3 0 42
9/12  @ Buffalo  44  11.0 0 25
9/19  Navy  111  18.5 0 49
9/26  @ N.C. State  98  49.0 79
10/2  Louisville  105  26.3 71
10/10  Connecticut  104  13.0 26
10/16  @ Rutgers  17  17.0 0 17
10/24  South Florida  144  24.0 40
11/7  Syracuse  5.0 0 5
11/14  Notre Dame  142  28.4 51
11/27  @ West Virginia  127  15.9  
12/5 Cincinnati  113  18.8 40
12/26        Car Care Bowl vs.       North Carolina  31  10.3 0 16
    10-3  57  1,111  19.5 79

Notes on ’09 – All-Big East Conference first-team selection … he started 12 of 13 games at split end … had one running play for 61 yards … he gained at least 10 yards on 41 of his receptions and 21 catches that went for 20 yards or more.


Date  Opponent  W/L  Rec.  Yds.  Avg.  TD  LG 
8/30  Bowling Green  0 0 0 0
9/6  Buffalo  0 0 0 0
9/20  Iowa  0 0 0 0
9/27  @ Syracuse  8.0 0 8
10/2 @ South Florida  59  29.5 52
10/18  @ Navy  101  33.7 60
10/25  Rutgers  81  16.2 0 41
11/1  @ Notre Dame  31  15.5 10 21
11/8  Louisville  80  40.0 0 44
11/22  @ Cincinnati  22  22.0 0 22
11/28  West Virginia  4.0 0 4
12/6  @ Connecticut 18  18.0 0 18
12/31  Sun Bowl vs. Oregon St. 
    9-4 18 404 22.4 0 60

Notes on ’08 – started the final 3 games of the season at split end … he had one game with over 100 receiving yards … he had one carry for four yards.


Strengths – A tremendous athlete with top-end speed, quickness, agility and superb jumping ability. Was a heavily recruited basketball player in high school and it showed in his football performances. Because of his long arms and big hands he’s made some of the more remarkable catches in college football over the last three years. Baldwin is unafraid to go up in the air to bring the ball down, especially on the sidelines and in the end zone. If he’s interested and hasn’t checked out of the game, he’s a willing blocker for the most part. Puts in a great deal of time to the game and has the gym rat mentality.

Weaknesses – He can step into the role of receiver diva very quickly, as he pouts when the ball doesn’t come his way. Sometimes seems to be more interested in personal things rather than team. Loses focus at times and can get the drops. Frequently is turning and looking to make yards after the catch before securing the ball. Is not one of the best route runners in the world, as he too often rounds off his routes. Too often he jumps for passes when it’s not necessary.

Analysis – Scouts have a term for players like Baldwin – million dollar body, 10-cent brain. There’s no doubting his physical skills; those can be seen on tape in just about every game that he played. The questions all surround his attitude, focus and motivations. If Todd Haley and the Chiefs coaching staff can find a way to corral those three things, then the Chiefs will be getting a very good receiver, with the potentially to be even better than that.


(Before the Draft) A scout for an NFC team – “Half the people you talk to about him have nothing but bad things to say about his attitude and personality. The other half have nothing but good to say about his attitude and work ethic. Sticking to the tape, he’s too inconsistent, but he has skills that make him unique, so there are going to be a lot of teams willing to work with the guy.”

(After the Draft) Same scout for an NFC team – “I don’t know how much of his day Todd Haley can devout to him (Baldwin), but he’s the perfect personality type to handle this guy. The only way he can be coached is with tough love.”


Former Pitt defensive coordinator-interim head coach Phil Bennett after the ’10 season – “Jonathan needs to go. He’s ready – absolutely ready. The time to go is now, and I’m not sure another year benefits him. I do think he will enter the draft.”

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley at the NFL Combine in late February – “I’ve watched him a little bit, and he’s got some interesting characteristics, to say the least. To compare somebody to Larry (Fitzgerald) after he’s done what he’s done is not fair to until you get a little further along.”

University of Pittsburgh QB Tino Sunseri – “Whenever you have a guy that’s 6-foot-5 and can run and jump, it definitely makes it easier. When we get down to the red zone, you know to look for No. 82 to see where he’s at so he can show off his leaping abilities.”

Pitt receivers coach Bryan Bossard – “He wants to be a great player. The first sign is to understand what you don’t do well and work on improving it. His body control on the deep ball is really unbelievable. His timing, he very rarely misjudges the jump-ball situations. Being able to go in traffic and come down with it, to out jump people, you get on the goal line, and I don’t know what you do as a defensive coordinator. You bring a safety over the top or something, but you’ve got to be scared to have that as a possible threat in a one-on-one because of his size and his timing and ability to out jump people.”

Former Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt – “When he’s on the field, everybody knows it. He’s not hiding from anybody. No secrets.”


“I know it only takes one team, but I just want to be respected by every team and show everyone what I’m capable of and what I can do.”

4 Responses to “Player Profile Part #2 – Jonathan Baldwin”

  • May 1, 2011  - Johnfromfairfax says:

    He should get his chance to do just what he’s asking for with us. I’m looking forward to seeing how this receiving group fares in the red zone. It should be fun to watch and see how teams defend them. The defenses better have multiple backs that can leap. I’m guessing Haley is looking forward to starting work with this group he has now.

  • May 1, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    I truly “HOPE&PRAY” that this young stud works out well for us. A number 1 pick really needs to work out for you. I just HOPE that he’s not another Larry Johnson. Do you guys remember his bad attitude??? The write-ups on him are very mixed. Hope he can keep his head on straight as it sounds like he could be another Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson. If he can stay on the “STRAIGHT & NARROW” he can make a TON OF MONEY over his career. Iam definitely rooting for him!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 2, 2011  - MSB says:

    Nobody was a bigger diva than Bowe before Haley’s tough love approach set him straight. Let’s hope that will work for Baldwin also. The thought of these 2 guys on the field together is unreal!

  • May 3, 2011  - Tim says:

    I think he will compliment Bowe like Alvin Harper did for Michael Irvin during their time together with the cowboys. Cassell just got a lot more balance to his offense, so he must be excited.

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