In what was a voting landslide, TE Tony Moeaki’s sterling one-handed catch against the San Francisco 49ers in Game No. 3 is the play of the 2010 Chiefs season.

Just under half of the people who took part in our vote for play of the year went with the score that came in the third quarter of the September 26 meeting at Arrowhead Stadium. QB Matt Cassel and Moeaki combined on an 18-yard touchdown where the rookie tight end made a remarkable one-handed catch after leaving his feet and beating the coverage of San Francisco LB Navorro Bowman.

No other play in the Chiefs 10-7 season came close to the Moeaki touchdown in the voting. The No. 2 play was the Dexter McCluster 94-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Chargers in the regular-season opener.

The bronze medal for play No. 3 was the 75-yard touchdown play against Tennessee, where Cassel handed the ball off to RB Thomas Jones, who then lateraled back to Cassel, who then found Bowe open. It’s the longest TD play of Bowe’s NFL

There were plenty of plays mentioned over the 17 games – it was that type of year for the Chiefs. As poster Mike wrote: “Jamaal Charles’ long run in the San Diego game; a preview of things to come. But, way too many plays stick out. All of Hali’s sacks. All of Bowe’s touchdowns. Cassel’s game against Seattle. Cassel’s game against St. Louis. The more you think about it, the list could go on and on.”

Here are the plays that got the most votes and some of the comments that came from those that posted their vote:


“I stood up as it happened and said, “I don’t believe what I just saw. It was so extraordinary, Moeaki’s catch captured the attention of the entire country. It was replayed for a week and, for me, it came to symbolize the return of greatness of the Kansas City Chiefs: A great draft and evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Clark Hunt made an astute hire when he brought on Scott Pioli. Pioli and Hunt, together, made the right hire with Todd Haley. Hunt rebuilt his father’s franchise from the inside out: An exciting Chiefs team was emerging and it was timed perfectly to coincide with the rebuilding of Arrowhead. Clark Hunt rebuilt his father’s dream. That seemingly impossible one-handed touchdown catch symbolized the rebirth of the Chiefs. The Chiefs were young, talented winners– ownership, GM, Head Coach and players– who came to play. With one hand, Tony Moeaki grabbed the imagination of the NFL and the hearts of every Chiefs fan. That was one hell of a catch.” Tenand6.

“It was symbolic of the collective efforts of the team in a season of elevated achievements.”

“I (and I think all of Arrowhead) thought Cassel was throwing the ball away and when Tony brought it in there was an instant roar around the stadium. I have re-watched that play on my PVR significantly more times than any other play this year.”

“You’d be hard pressed to find a better catch from ANYONE on ANYTEAM this past season.”


“Arrowhead shook like the 90′s during McCluster’s return MNF vs. SD.”

“For me the single most exciting play is Dexter’s punt return against San Diego. It had it all, Monday night, close game, and an electrifying play that proved to be the difference in the game.”

“McCluster punt return against the Chargers. I have not seen the crowd at Arrowhead that rowdy since Tamarick Vanover returned that punt for a td in overtime against the Chargers on Monday night football.”

It’s a tossup: Moeaki’s catch or Dexter’s return on MNF. Both can be seen on Youtube and when I watch only one gives me chills. Dexter’s return. Arrowhead goes crazy.”


“The goal-line stand by the defense on MNF against the Chargers. This defined to me that the defense would be able to rise to the occasion this year.” Merwin.

“Without that MNF end-of-game goal line stand in general, and that fourth down play when they covered Gates with about five guys in particular, we probably don’t win the division or get a playoff game. Something to keep in mind the first game of next season!”
Aloha Ray.


“No doubt the Moeaki catch was amazing, but to me the 80-yard run of Charles to end the game at St. Louis. The blocks and the run at such a crucial time of the game and the season was the biggest play to me.”


“How about Eric Berry’s interception at the end of the Buffalo game. Thats saved our hides big time. Buffalo was rightly winning and should have. Haley iced the kicker in that same game. Saved our hide again. That was the scariest game I saw all year. The football gods were in Arrowhead that day.” Jimbo


“What a momentum changer, coupled with the 41 yard TD score two plays later by Charles. I don’t think the Ravens knew what hit them at that point. Not to say they were arrogant towards the Chiefs, but I have to believe that “Ray-Ray” could not conceive their football team could be hit like that. My hope is that next year it can be followed by the “W”.”


“You want to show the toughness of a team? You want to instill fear in opponents? Got to be Cassel returning in 11 days from his operation and getting belted by DL. Talk about Rocky getting off the canvas. Or the vampire sitting up and pulling the stake out. Pure toughness, that is an image I can buy into.”
el cid.

“Cassel coming back about 10 days after surgery to play, and play tough was simply outstanding. I can’t wait until next season. Please, God … let there be a next season.” Todd.

One Response to “PLAY OF THE SEASON – Moeaki TD Catch”

  • January 19, 2011  - Don says:

    Oh man! I’m getting goose bumps watching both plays. I was there for both and the stadium blew up! after the DMC run and Tony Mo’s catch.We had a kinship bonded the night we suffered through freezing rain to squeeze a W out of our shirts solidified by “the stand”. As if suffering through loss after loss wasn’t enough the football gods unleashed aquarius for more pain on the red clad masses. But we won! We held the intruders at the gate! Sweet bliss. For the first time in a few years there was truth and promise in that favorite chant “we’re gonna kick the hell outta YOU! YOU!YOU! YOU!YOU!YOUUUUUUUU!” (cue Warpaint) Then in late summer we chilled to a new guy working that other guys(that had the same name)position and being new at that. After “the catch” I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t still sleeping in the car and just drempt this up! God! It was a fun year be a fan and make it to the games. I my have to hit a 30 day detox to get the football monkey off of my back.Comme on man….just a little schrimage, i promise I’ll pay ya for it….I’m good for it. Just 2 tickets!

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