Play of the Game – Santonio Holmes 4-yard TD catch

From MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey


QUARTER – 2nd, 10 minutes, 7 seconds to play in the half.

SCORE – Jets held a 7-3 lead over the Chiefs.

DOWN & DISTANCE – 2nd-and-goal, at the Chiefs 4-yard line.

DEFENSIVE SET – base defense, 3-4-4.

OFFENSIVE SET – basic pro set with 2 backs, 2 wrs that were bunched left and a tight end strong right.

Playing defense in the scoring zone is tough, but the advantage the defenders have is there is much less ground to cover. When the ball is being snapped from the 4-yard line, that leaves the defense with just 14 yards deep to cover.

The Chiefs couldn’t get that done in the second quarter on Sunday against the Jets. Somehow, Santonio Holmes got behind the secondary and snagged a bullet thrown by QB Mark Sanchez along the back line of the end zone.

Holmes got both feet down and that touchdown made the score 14-3 and opened the flood gates that would not stop until the Jets had a commanding 37-10 victory.

But it was at this moment of the game where the Chiefs still had a chance. They didn’t after Holmes scored.

“It was a mistake that we made,” admitted FS Kendrick Lewis on how Holmes got open at the back of the end zone. Lewis did not name names, and it could have been himself, but the two closest defenders to Holmes were Lewis and Reshard Langford, who was filling in at strong safety for the injured Jon McGraw.

“We should not have let him run back there. That score is on us.”

It also helped that Sanchez had plenty of time to throw the ball on that play, as there was no pass rush pressure at all from the Chiefs.

“We got him a couple of times, but not nearly enough,” said LB Derrick Johnson.

The score came in one of five times the Jets got into the red zone. They scored all five times.

“We were five-for-five in the red zone, or the money zone as we call it now,” said Jets head coach Rex Ryan. “Ever since we started calling it the Money Zone we’re No. 1 in the league in that category. Our guys are doing a great job there.”

It was all part of a great first half offensive performance by the Jets.

“Things were clicking and the running game was phenomenal and it set up a lot,” Sanchez said. “We were pretty efficient in our passing games. We got off to a fast start and that’s important. Red likes to see that from the offense and it definitely does give the team a boost.”

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