Play of the Game – Palmer To DHB For 53 Yards

From Arrowhead Stadium

QUARTER – Overtime, 14 minutes, 53 seconds to play.

SCORE – Chiefs and Raiders tied at 13-13.

DOWN & DISTANCE – 1st-and-10, at the Oakland 24-yard line.

DEFENSIVE SET – base defense, 3-4-4.

OFFENSIVE SET – base NFL offense, with 2 backs, 1 tight end, 2 wide receivers, lined up in a strong right formation with the backs in an I-formation.

It was the play that Oakland head coach Hue Jackson kept under wraps through four quarters of football.

“Sometimes you save a play in your pocket,” said Jackson. “You save it for just the right time.”

That time came on the first offensive snap of overtime, as the Raiders won the extra time coin flip and took possession after the kick return at their 24-yard line.

All through the second half, the Oakland offense had been banging the ball between the tackles with RB Michael Bush. They had limited success with the run, but the plays were called for a purpose.

“Sometimes it’s not about the yards, it’s about the attempts,” Jackson said. “Sometimes you’ve just got to keep slamming it up in there.”

As they kept running Bush in the second half (15 carries for 48 yards) the Chiefs defense crept closer to the line of scrimmage. The Raiders had them right where they wanted.

“That’s a play we’ve been working on and we obviously were setting it up,” said Palmer. “I wasn’t surprised by the call knowing Coach Jackson and Coach (Al) Saunders and knowing some of the things that we were getting defensively. It was the right time to call it. I wanted it earlier but we saved it for the right time.”

The Raiders offense came out with a basic personnel set with 2 wide receivers, 2 backs and a tight end. The tight end was on the right side, with the running backs in an I-formation. The way the Raiders lined up said another Bush run was coming.

Taking the snap, Palmer dropped back and used a play-action fake to Bush. WR Denarius Moore was coming around the back of the play in a fake end-around and Palmer faked a handoff to him. WR Darius Heyward-Bey had lined up wide on the left side of the play and he jogged into the second level of the defense like it was a running play.

But after Palmer faked the handoff to Moore, Heyward-Bey stepped on the gas, running down the left hash marks, before cutting deep to his left. FS Kendrick Lewis bit on the play action fake and was out of position as Heyward-Bey ran past him.

Palmer put the ball right on the money and the Heyward-Bey made the catch and rolled out of bounds with Lewis still trailing him. The 53-yard completion moved the ball to the Chiefs 23-yard line.

Three plays later Sebastian Janikowski kicked the game winning 36-yard field goal.

“Just a great call at a great time in the game,” said Palmer. “The protection was flawless and the route was great. Just a great call at the right time.”

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