Play of the Game – Brady To Gronkowski For TD

From Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts

QUARTER – 2nd Quarter, 4 minutes, 25 seconds in the half.

SCORE – Chiefs held a 3-0 lead.

DOWN & DISTANCE – 2nd-and-7, at the Patriots 48-yard line.

DEFENSIVE SET – The Chiefs base defense of a 3-4-4.

OFFENSIVE SET – 1 back, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end and OT Nate Solder lined up on the right side as a TE. QB Tom Brady was in the shotgun.

On the snap, Brady faked a handoff to RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis who ran to the left. The Chiefs defense had snuck SS Donald Washington up to the line of scrimmage and on the snap, he went on a blitz going after Brady.

As Washington ran towards the quarterback, he ran right past TE Rob Gronkowski who went down field on his route. Either OLB Justin Houston or ILB Derrick Johnson had responsibility in zone coverage to handle Gronkowski.

Washington came within several inches of sacking Brady, but he got bumped off at the last instant by Green-Ellis. Feeling the pressure, Brady stepped up in the pocket and Gronkowski broke free down the middle of the field as Johnson did not get enough depth to provide coverage.

Once they connected at the 35-yard line, Gronkowski ran towards the right pylon. Only FS Kendrick Lewis had a shot at him, but rather than tackle him with his arms, Lewis tried to hit him and knock him out of bounds. He failed, and Gronkowski tip-toed the final three steps for the touchdown.

“We had play-action and they were blitzing off my left side and Rob slipped between them,” Brady said after the game. “I just tried to step up in the pocket and buy a little time. I found Rob and he did the rest.

“He’s tough to bring down. He runs hard. They had a chance to tackle him there about the eight, nine-yard line, but he broke that tackle and walked in. It was a big, big score for our team.”

Johnson took the blame on defense for not getting enough depth on his coverage drop to be a factor in covering Gronkowski or at least being in position to knock the ball down.

“He’s a big guy, but he’s not a quick guy,” said Johnson of the Patriots TE. “He did a great job tonight. He ran his routes and a couple times he was open. You have a small margin of error when you play the Patriots and Tom Brady did a good job when he got his opportunities.”

The 52-yard scoring pass from Brady to Gronkowski along with the PAT kick gave the Patriots their first lead of the game, 7-3. They never trailed after that.

6 Responses to “Play of the Game – Brady To Gronkowski For TD”

  • November 22, 2011  - Chuck says:

    Couldn’t help but notice this guy named Nate Solder. What a beast. He man handled Tamba with ease. We need a guy like that. We also need a Von Miller. It seems sometimes that we are regressing badly. But I do completely understand that with these huge injuries is all we can do is just limp thru the rest of the season. The upcoming Steelers game won’t be any better.

  • November 22, 2011  - James says:

    Allegedly the Chief’s wanted Solder but when the Pat’s took him several picks ahead of KC, that’s when KC moved down with Cleveland. I know it’s water under the bridge but it continues to irritate me to no end when I see Gronkowski having these big games and we have McCluster. What could have been.

  • November 22, 2011  - el cid says:

    Gron. had injury questions from college. Besides I think the relation with the HC in Iowa formed the basis for Moeaki in the next round.

    Why or who the Chiefs pick is not explanable to me. Pioli has stated he specialty is talent evaluation, one big bust in my opinion. Our roster, as a totallity is pretty bad. Although I thought we would get killed against NE and the first half was a pleasant surprise.

  • November 22, 2011  - el cid says:

    First time I really noticed it but Richardson played about as badly as possible. Considering Gaither is on the sidelines, him not playing must speak to him being on the roster injured, finished career, or something really terrible because Richardson has no place playing right now.

  • November 22, 2011  - napahank says:

    I want to comment on your first two posts-post game. I, like all Chiefs fans, want to field a competitive team. Every NFL fan wants their team to excel.

    I for one thought the team played with great heart, smarts and beyond their (injuries to KEY positions) cumulative skill set. I applaud them for their effort.

    I immediately rewatched the game and saw up-tempo and imaginative play calling on both the offense and defense. I saw a first time starting QB on prime time away at New England do outstanding for most all the game. Palko showed command of the offense and amazing courage.

    I saw a team only commit four penalties (yes costly ones) but their was no lack of discipline. If there was a way to be both embarrassed and proud of a team at the same time it was last nights game.

    I wish Chief’s fans, including you, would analyze our current injury situation (4 out of 5 of our best players) out for the year and understand as Colts fans do that injuries is and always will be the key to wins or losses in a league of increasing parity.

  • November 22, 2011  - ED J says:

    Good points napahank. Team did play inspired. Muir looked like he had better feel for the game being on sidelines. Romeo finally wasnt afraid to blitz Qb which helped. Overall team did what it could given circumatances. Bottom line is we just dont have enough talent AT OLINE and Qb to.overcome injuries on offense. Defensively its more of young guys need to develop. I dont think its lack of talent there. Houston and Sheffield will come along nxt yr. I like way Gordon is playing him and Powe could solidify nose tackle. To me improve oline upgrade Qb and this team can run this division for next decade

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