Play of the Game – Bowe TD Catch

From Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis

QUARTER – Third.

SCORE – Colts up 24-14.

DOWN & DISTANCE – 1st-and-Goal at the Colts 5-yard line.

OFFENSIVE SET – one RB, two TEs and 2 WRs.

DEFENSE – Colts had 8-men bunched between the tackles, two CBs on the WRs and one safety.

QB Matt Cassel showed his faith in his favorite target, WR Dwayne Bowe. On the 1st-and-goal play, Cassel took a three step drop and quickly released a floating pass towards the right side of the end zone.

That’s where Bowe was battling with CB Jacob Lacey, who came up and got his hands on Bowe around the 2-yard line. By then the pass was already in the air. Lacey was almost backpedaling into Bowe as the ball came to them.

Bowe reached over Lacey and got his right hand on the ball, tipping it up in the air. As Lacey was falling away to the left, Bowe was reaching out to the right and tipped the ball in the air one more time. Then as he was falling to the ground, he reached out one-handed and pulled the ball in, while landing on his back in the end zone.

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