Picture For Playoffs – 12/19

There are just two weeks left in the regular season. Right now, in the AFC if the playoffs started today they would feature New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, the New York Jets, Chiefs and Colts.

But the playoffs don’t start today and there remains a scramble for the five remaining spots in the AFC tournament with New England. As they have been for some time, the Chiefs would be the No. 3 seed if everything was wrapped up today.

Here’s the picture for scenarios for the playoffs for the Chiefs.

Chiefs win 2 games:

  • Chiefs are 11-5 and take the division.
  • Best OAK could get to would be 8-8; best SD could get is 10-6.

Chiefs win 1 game:

  • It’s irrelevant which game the Chiefs win. The only difference would be the final standings of OAK and the way SD wins the tiebreaker.
  • If the Chiefs lose just one game SD will take the division by winning out.
  • With two more wins the Chiefs are 10-6.
  • SD must win both games to go 10-6.

In that case:

  • Face-to-face tiebreaker: push.
  • Next tiebreaker: Standings within the division: KC 3-3 (if KC wins over OAK), 2-4 (if they lose to Raiders); SD 3-3 if they beat Denver in the season finale. If Oakland is involved based on winning two games, they would be 6-0 in the division.
  • Next tiebreaker: Standings in common games: KC 7-5, SD 8-4. SD wins.

Chiefs lose 2 games:

  • Chiefs end the season at 9-7.
  • SD may get to 10-6 but will hold the tiebreaker over KC even if they lose one game.
  • By winning remaining games OAK may get to 9-7 as well. In that case OAK wins the face-to-face tiebreaker over both SD and KC.

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  • December 20, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Bob – check your e-mail. There should be an update including the wildcard picture!

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