Penalties, Mistakes Stop Chiefs In Visit to Carolina

From Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte

It ended up being an ugly night for the Chiefs in pre-season game No. 2. They lost 28-16 to the Carolina Panthers. The Chiefs chances of winning were destroyed by yellow hankies – 13 penalties walked off against them that cost them 131 yards and over 200 yards in field position.

There was certainly not the type of overall improvement that Andy Reid was looking for from his team. Now 1-1 on the pre-season, they return home to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Minnesota Vikings this coming Saturday.

Here’s our coverage from the Queen City:

10 Responses to “Penalties, Mistakes Stop Chiefs In Visit to Carolina”

  • August 18, 2014  - el cid says:

    I look at this terrible preseason game and say this is just what Dorsey\Andy designed. They let most of the OL walk and have no body to replace them, at least until after mid regular season. DBs do not seem up to speed with new NFL regs, other teams seem to manage it but not the Chiefs. Drafted a LB and CB and they are not on the field with the first stringers yet, even though the first stringers are not playing all that well.

    Like it or lump it, this team is not very good on many levels, they will improve but not until the season has been thrown away. It seems designed to be that way by current management. Made the playoff last year and back to bottom feeder this….by plan.

  • August 18, 2014  - Ernie Barney says:

    I watched the majority of the games so far this w I watched most of the games over the weekend and many other teams have not managed the PI/hands to the face calls well either and penalties clearly dictated the outcome of games. Lots of complaints from officiating by home town media types. The AFC West looked pretty bad except for Denver but clearly the 49ers were caught up in their new Levis. The Raiders looked really energized with Carr at QB but seemed to sleep walk with Schaub at the helm. Chargers looked lost too while being pounded by Seattle, who looked great. I will agree with el cid that this team will improve by later in the year but might be too late by then. Repeat after me: It’s only pre-season. But it could turn into “they are who we thought they were.”

  • August 18, 2014  - R W says:

    El cid makes disturbingly valid points in my view. Dorsey/Reid went all-in for 2013 and got a quick turnaround by spending up to the cap for players and picking over the best of the rest from their #1 position on the waiver wire. No complaints here on that.

    Reality for 2014 is an ugly bitch. There’s skinny cap room, back in the pack waiver position and coming to grips with the Eric Fisher draft day whiff. Also, let’s not forget all the Oline men not re signed, and letting Flowers out the door.

    I could go on but you get the drift. IF this is a stealth rebuild year, then do this: Groom Aaron Murray, don’t spend the mega bux on Alex Smith, trade off guys like Chase Daniel,
    or anyone else of value for 2015 picks, suck it up, admit the obvious, and regroup for a run next year.

    Otherwise? I’m seeing front office BS flowing to explain things going south.

  • August 18, 2014  - el cid says:

    Guys, I may have over-reacted on some issues.

    Mostly in personnel.

    Today, KC Star, Andy said Charles rolled his ankle carrying a box in St Joe. (for me I recall Percy Snow and the moped – but that is just me).

    Andy also said, Fisher was working his way thru his med problems and that was why (my words)- he was so crappy during two preseason games.

    Did not mention DBs, Guard Allen, where the first and second pick were during games, why we are entering the season with one WR, missing first game, and the crew but that is just me.

    We can love the Chiefs and what the current management and coaching have delivered so far but I still say that for whatever reason, this year can go to pot and it is ok, possibly part of the plan.

  • August 18, 2014  - FlintTipFan says:

    Jeesh guys, I can’t remember when I felt really good about a football team after a pre-season game. Not everyone playing, very basic play calling blah blah blah. There is no reason for Jamal to be playing in a pre season game. So Fisher is a project and not a superstar right out of the box (who from his draft is?), that is no reason to scrap the kid (already). Bowe looked good, we have decent running backs behind Jamal, if they can stay healthy we have some exciting TEs to work with, and I was very encouraged by the play of Murray. Some of Sutton’s blitz packages looked promising, otherwise the D has a lot of room for improvement. I can’t believe anyone would complain about Dorsey/Reid already after the Pioli/Haley/Crennel debacle. If you didn’t see this coming last year you are not paying attention!

  • August 18, 2014  - Johnfromwichita says:

    FlintTip, I fully agree with you. But it’s the preseason and we fans can go nuts watching all the bad crap on the field. All we want to see is the good stuff.

    I’ve got a neighbor that has a flag pole which, unless a special day, always flies a Chiefs flag. This morning I went outside and the Chiefs flag was flying upside down. I went over to console him but his wife said he was spending the rest of the day in bed.

    I’m thinking some fans would be better off right now watching golf on TV; we can all use a good nap.

  • August 19, 2014  - el cid says:

    Better to play golf than watch it but I never argue with fans who see things coming.

    Today I heard Petro and Teicher talk and will paraphrase what they said, chose to agree or not.

    1. This is the preseason and what we see means nothing because the Chiefs could not win with what they have shown on the field so far.

    2. GOOD, Kelce and TE. Will be a factor this year
    Charles, the team will go as far as Charles can carry them on his back.

    3. BAD, Parker experiment should end. Coaches like him for some unknown reason.
    Hemingway, coaches like him, not sure why.
    Ford, one trick pony, can rush. Looks like a boy playing with men. Clueless in passing situations.
    Gaines, do not pencil him in to play, maybe next year.
    Fulton, growing pain a rookie having to start.
    Bowe, cannot figure what it takes to get him “mentally” in games, not sure he will be “there” for the 15 games he is elligible to play in.
    Jeff Allen, no idea what is wrong but no one for depth, so he keeps standing around out there.
    Fisher, Teicher – might not last the year at LT, may be an injury prone player. Petro – will give him this year to heal and/or learn but next year he will play lights out or a bust.
    No depth on OL and little anywhere else, as in can play in games. Shows what happens when you let 3 OL walk and have to find replacements.

    MAJOR PROBLEM Poe, no need to double team him. Really bad in goal line stand. Being handled by anyone and everyone. If he is not the same factor of the first half of last year, we are looking at the first pick of the 2015 draft.

    I tried not to inject my opinions just thought it interesting to hear what local media types thought after 2 preseason games. No, I did not see this coming from last years efforts.

  • August 19, 2014  - FlintTipFan says:

    Seriously? you thought the league would hand the Chiefs another pud schedule because they feel sorry for them. Well they should: we draft first with a week rookie class, we have the fewest picks that I can remember with a great rookie class.
    We were not a very good team last year, did we get better? No, we got younger, what does that tell you?
    Does it suck? yeah it sucks, I just prefer to cheer myself up looking at the good rather than the bad.
    GOOD: Pioli is gone!!

  • August 19, 2014  - R W says:

    The preseason is indeed a mixed bag of many things. “What if..?”… to “Why don’t”..
    Onto “Guy is good/guy sucks/coaches suck” ..and so on.

    However the preseason also gives you a distant indication of what’s coming. I see a stealth rebuilding year coming.

  • August 20, 2014  - Johnfromwichita says:

    RW, it is not the stealth rebuilding you worry about. Heck, talk to a middle school and high school coach; every year is a stealth rebuild.

    Problem is when it is not stealth; when panic sets in and wholesale changes happen.

    Rebuild happens every year in every team. I say let Dorsey do his job.

    He will prove his value or not. I hope he does before cid croaks.

    But, like FlintTip says, Pioli is gone!

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