Officials For Chiefs-Chargers On Thursday Night

The officiating crew for Thursday night’s Chiefs-Chargers game at Qualcomm Stadium is led by referee Alberto Riveron.

Promoted to referee in 2008, Riveron (pictured left) is the first Hispanic referee in NFL history. Riveron was born 52 years ago in Cuba and immigrated to the Florida at the age of 5 with his mother Irene Valdes. He still lives in south Florida where he sells storm panels when he’s not working NFL games.

Riveron had 15 years of college experience in the Conference USA and Big East Conferences before signing on with the NFL in 2004 as a side judge.

The rest of the crew:

Umpire Paul King – came into the NFL in 2009 after working for 30 years on the high school and college levels. King spent 19 years doing college games, 14 years at the Division I level and nine years in the Big East Conference. He also worked eight seasons in the Arena Football League and four in NFL Europe. He’s also a math teacher at Forest Grove Middle School in Worchester, MA. He’s 49 years old.

Head linesman Jim Mello – came to the league in 2004. He spent eight years working high school games before he worked five years on the Division II and III levels. Mello moved up to Division 1-AA and finally Division I games in the Atlantic 10 and Big East Conferences. In 2001, he began working both Arena Football and NFL Europe games. He was selected in 2004 to work the Oklahoma-LSU Sugar Bowl that decided the national championship.

Line judge Julian Mapp – came into the NFL in 2009 as a head linesman and moved this year to the line judge position. He went to college at Grambling University and worked his way up the officiating ranks until he landed in the Southeastern Conference where he worked for a number of years and drew good grades.

Side judge Jimmy DeBell – the 50-year old native of western New York, Bell joined the NFL in 2009, stepping into to work with Riveron’s crew, the spot he holds today. Before the NFL, he worked on the college level in the Ivy League, Atlantic 10, Conference USA and Big East Conferences, as well as in Arena Football and NFL Europe. DeBell is a physical education teacher at Dansville High School in New York.

Field judge Steve Zimmer – he’s been part of the NFL officiating family since 2000, now 13 years. A graduate of Hofstra University, he was the starting quarterback for two years there. After graduating law school, he began officiating high school and college games for almost 20 years before he got the call from the NFL. Zimmer lives in Hauppauge, New York and is an attorney.

Back judge Richard Reels – became part of the NFL in 2002 and has worked as both a back judge and line judge. He grew up in the Chicago area.

2 Responses to “Officials For Chiefs-Chargers On Thursday Night”

  • November 1, 2012  - jimmydee says:

    Bob, I do not envy your job. When we have to resort to a description and accountability of the refs. as a dynamic lead up to a Thursday night, Nationally televised football game between the Chiefs and Bolts, yours is not a job I would want presently. However, as usual, nice job of finding SOMETHING of mild interest to get us ready for tonight.

    Not being sarcastic at all, just honest. You do an outstanding job, but have soooo little positive material with which to work, I just don’t know how you maintain your football sanity. Keep up the good work.

  • November 1, 2012  - ChuckXX says:

    I gotta go along with jimmydee above. When I saw a “detailed report about the refs” I thought must really be a slow news day today. Will be interesting to see how Cassel and Rivers do tonite. Everybody is saying its a “must win” game for the Chargers. That alone should make it interesting.

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