Numbers Game Starts For Chiefs

Now that the labor deal is done, comes the hard part for individual teams as they implement the changes created through the new agreement.

A lot of numbers must be juggled involving the salary cap and roster.

For the Chiefs, the only salary cap presents an issue only in them getting over the minimum cap floor. It’s the roster that will be in the spotlight for Pioli/Haley and their minions.

Here’s the roster math:

  • 90 – the roster size for the start of the pre-season.
  • 47 – total players the Chiefs have under contract.
  • 1 – franchise player tendered in OLB Tamba Hali.
  • 6 – restricted free agents tendered contracts.
  • 1 – exclusive rights free agents tendered a contract.
  • 9 – 2011 draft choices.

Do the math and that means the Chiefs have 64 of those spots that are spoken for at this time.

They must fill 27 spots to reach the 90-player roster limit.

The Chiefs have 14 unrestricted free agents as well.

One Response to “Numbers Game Starts For Chiefs”

  • July 25, 2011  - Gump says:

    I think this might be the perfect time to lock up this young defensive backfield for some years.

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