Notes From The Chiefs – July 18

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A thought or two about a thing or four as St. Joe grows bigger in the windshield . . .

Getting those last swings in

Chiefs quarterback was very talkative on Wednesday and Thursday, largely because he was accessible to the media at the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe.

Smith went off Friday morning in the first round of the event at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, playing with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and Cincinnati TE Tyler Eifert.

On the NFL Network, Smith was asked if new contract terms will be agreed upon any time soon with the Chiefs.

“Who knows?” Smith said. “Certainly, there’s been a lot of continued open conversation between both sides. But come camp for me that’s going to be forgotten about. For me, it’s all about football. And if it gets done, it gets done. But until then, it’s focused on that first game really.”

Other Chiefs related names taking part in the 25th edition of this celebrity tournament are former players Marcus Allen and Trent Green, and former head coach Herm Edwards.

In fact, Herm has the most interesting group, as he will play with former vice-president Dan Quayle and former Notre Dame coach-now ESPN college basketball analyst Digger Phelps.

The defending champion is former NFL quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver. Television coverage on Saturday and Sunday will show up on NBC.

One more from Smith

During his NFL Network interview Smith was asked if the Chiefs have enough offensive weapons to score the necessary points this coming season.

“Absolutely, without question,” said Smith, leaving no gray area in his answer. “I think coaches and personnel guys think the same way. I think they answered that question when they saw that a lot of the guys that we do have and the talent that’s been developed. I think coach Reid is as good as there is at developing young talent. I think a lot of people going to be surprised from a lot of the different people that step up and where it’s coming from.”

Wrapping up with Fitz in the Cities

Dwayne Bowe was one of 30 NFL players taking part in the annual workout session held by Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald each July in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Bowe spent his time up there with the group working out in the morning at the University of Minnesota and then getting after some tape study in the afternoons. Fitzgerald takes care of all the arrangements, setting up hotel rooms, food and working with the university to get access to fields and weight room.

Another Chiefs player taking part has been cornerback Sean Smith. Some of the other NFL players were Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph, New England quarterback Ryan Mallett, Washington wide receiver Andre Roberts, Jacksonville wide receivers Cecil Shorts and Mike Brown, along with Fitzgerald’s teammate in Arizona wide receiver Michael Floyd.

It’s interesting that Smith was taking part in the workouts, especially considering how his off-season ended: arrest for DUI, demotion from starting lineup, illness keeps him out of mini-camp. Working with Fitz and the boys may get him hyped for the start of training camp.

Always thinking about quarterbacks

There’s one thing Chiefs fans have learned over the last 40 years – always pay attention to the quarterbacks coming out of the colleges. Sooner or later the Hunt Family franchise will grab one of those passers with a high draft choice.

Every July, some of the best quarterbacks on the college level spend a few days at the Manning Passing Academy. It’s a football camp for quarterbacks staged by the Manning family, from father Archie Manning, through the three sons Cooper, Peyton and Eli. This year the event was held at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

High schoolers take part in the camp as well, and there were 1,200 signed up for this year’s session at $585 for players that want to stay in the dorm night, $440 for those staying at home or elsewhere.

The big winner among the college QBs was Oregon State University’s Sean Mannion who won the skills challenge, a competition that includes accuracy tests required the quarterback to connect with moving golf carts. Mannion will start his fourth year with the Beavers, after playing in 35 games, where he threw for 10,436 yards, or an average of 298.2 passing yards per game. He’s 6-5, 220 pounds, out of Pleasanton, California. Remember the name, Sean Mannion.

A bad gift that keeps on giving

In a Las Vegas courtroom on Thursday, a state judge demanded proof that former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson had met the terms of a plea deal following his conviction in a domestic violence arrest.

Johnson was arrested in October 2012 at the Bellagio in Vegas, accused of beating and choking his 32-year old girl friend. He was sentenced to probation, 48 hours of community service and six months of counseling after pleading no contest in July 2013 to misdemeanor battery and assault

However, the judge has no documentation of the community service and counseling and he gave Johnson’s lawyer until July 30th to produce proof the Chiefs former No. 1 draft choice completed the requirements of his plea. Attorney Gregory Knapp appeared in court for Johnson on Thursday, and said he’ll provide paperwork showing he completed the court’s requirements.

Obviously, Johnson has a problem. But the bigger problem belongs to our justice system. His Vegas arrest almost two years ago was the fifth time he was taken into custody for abuse of women. Five times, and he’s not spent a day in jail for those acts:

  • First, was 2003 when he was charged with felony assault and misdemeanor domestic battery. He agreed to ender a domestic violence diversion program.
  • Two years later, he was arrested for assault, but the charge was dropped when the victim did not show up in court.
  • In February 2008 he was accused of shoving a woman and was arrested.
  • Later that year in October, he was accused of spitting in the face of a woman in a K.C. nightclub. Johnson ended up pleading guilty to a pair of disturbing the peace charges.
  • The October 2012 charge of choking a woman was No. 5, and to this point, he’s not lived in the Graybar hotel.

What a giant waste of talent. What a giant waste of a life.

4 Responses to “Notes From The Chiefs – July 18”

  • July 18, 2014  - cychief24 says:

    Very sad story. LJ was a beast from ’05 until he broke his foot vs. GB in ’07.

    In between beating women,what does LJ do? Does he have a job? Anyone know?

  • July 19, 2014  - Ernie Barney says:

    job? With his contract, assuming he hasn’t squandered it all his job appears to be keeping lawyers employed.

  • July 19, 2014  - el cid says:

    How many times has all of us just wish/dream what we would do if we had any talent for football? No so many throw the gift of speed, skill, and the rest…. just throw it away.

    Do not wish anyone bad things but to many throw it away on nothing. To many just to not have the social or mental skills to cope with all that comes with being a “elite ” athlete.

  • July 19, 2014  - JB says:

    Just another OJ with a good lawyer and a lower profile. Ladies you won’t like this but if you hang with this rabid animal (Johnson)you deserve what you get. Stupid and starstruck has it’s hazards.

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