Not Overlooking The Bye Week … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

Todd Haley never lets up on this forgetting about the past and not thinking about the future.

While some of his players may be looking forward to a matchup with the Indianapolis Colts on October 9, the Chiefs head coach doesn’t want his team overlooking the next few days and the time the team will spend during the bye week.

“The critical part of becoming a good team is the ability to focus on the task at hand and not getting caught up in the past and the future,” Haley said on Monday, after he’d looked at the tape of the 21-point victory over San Francisco. “From my standpoint I want us to be focused on this bye week and doing the things we have to do in the areas that we feel like as a coaching staff that we need to improve on.

“There are a bunch of things that we have to get better at. We aren’t there yet. There’s a lot of work to do. This is a great opportunity for us as a staff and a team to work on that.”

Before anybody in the Chiefs locker room starts plotting to face Peyton Manning and the guys with the horseshoes on their helmets, they must get ready to spend the next three days battling the bye week. That means placing a critical eye on the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I’m sure there will be plenty of things for us to work on during the bye,” said LG Brian Waters. “There’s not a thing that we do that is as good as it could be whether it’s on offense, defense or special teams. I think guys will be smart enough to take this time to take care of their bodies.”

It’s something that Waters, and Thomas Jones and Mike Vrabel and those few other grizzled veterans on the roster will speak about this week with the younger guys. While the Chiefs schedule was not yet released late Monday evening, they are expected to practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and more than likely Thursday. They’ll then get a long weekend before coming back to work and finally preparing for the Colts.

That’s going to give plenty of players a chance to hit the road, which always presents all sorts of opportunities for problems and mayhem. It will be another important step in the march to maturation for this team.

After that performance against the Niners, Haley wants to make sure his team stays focused, and that means not on getting out of town this coming weekend or even on the Colts next week, but on the next three days of work.

“Since I’ve been here, that was our best team effort across the board,” Haley said of the victory over San Francisco. “The key is now we get to work in this bye week. I’ve got a set plan on what I want everybody doing, from a staff standpoint and a player standpoint. We continue to think outside the box. This week it’s important we get accomplished what we need to get accomplished.”


“I enjoyed that. It was one of my more favorite parts of the game.”

That’s Haley talking about the start of the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the 49ers. That’s when the Chiefs instituted their Chinese Fire Drill package. Facing 4th-and-1 at mid-field, the Chiefs came out for the first play of the second quarter lined up to punt. But they quickly ran their offense on the field and as they were lining up, the confused Niners called a timeout.

At the end of the timeout, the Chiefs sent the punt team back out and then repeated the process by rushing the offense on the field. They couldn’t get the snap off because the officials wouldn’t allow the ball to be put into play because the television timeout was still going on.

“We’ve done some things through the years to keep people off balance,” said Haley. “We had an opportunity to create some uncertainty on San Francisco’s part. I thought the punt group and the offense did a very good job of executing the plan there.

“Especially since we got the first down. If we didn’t get the first down, you guys wouldn’t think it was so neat.”

Neither would Haley, since he would be blamed.

“That’s true,” Haley said with a smile.


Two weeks in a row an opposing player has cried foul on Chiefs DL Shaun Smith and his wandering hands. According to a pair of rookies, C Alex Mack of the Browns and RT Anthony Davis of the 49ers, Smith likes to grab opposing players in the crotch. Apparently not just grab, but also squeeze.

Haley expressed ignorance of the entire situation on Monday afternoon, which is hard to believe since head coaches know everything that’s going on.

“I these officials are the best of the best as far as sports go,” Haley said. “These guys are really good at what they do and I’m sure that when we do things outside the rules, a penalty flag will be thrown. When that occurs it’s brought to my attention. That’s all I got.”

Players were not available to the media on Monday, so no follow up was available with Smith.


Before he left Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary said that Jimmy Raye would be his offensive coordinator for the rest of the 2010 season.

But on Monday morning, Raye was fired. Singletary says it was entirely his decision and he was not influenced by San Francisco ownership or the front office.

“After I got back here I went home, and I said you know what, I’m just going to go back and look at the film,” Singletary said. “So, I came back here (office) and basically spent the night here looking at film. And just kind of looked at the overall view of where we are, and looking at where we need to go, and felt that I needed to make the change. And so that’s really all it was.

“One thing I want you to understand is if I make a decision, it’s my decision. The thing that I have control over is the 53-man staff, the 53-man roster and the staff, who is on my coaching staff. That is my decision.”


  • BILLS – released QB Trent Edwards.
  • CARDINALS – re-signed WR Onrea Jones; released CB A.J. Jefferson.
  • DOLPHINS – NFL suspended DE Tony McDaniel one game for violations of the league’s personal conduct rules. He was arrested in February for misdemeanor battery.
  • 49ERS – fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye; promoted quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson to position of offensive coordinator.
  • JAGUARS – re-signed S Gerald Alexander and signed LB Eric Alexander; released TE Ernest Wilford and CB Michael Coe.
  • PATRIOTS – released OT Steve Maneri.
  • RAMS – placed WR Dominique Curry on the injured-reserve list (right ACL), ending his season.

5 Responses to “Not Overlooking The Bye Week … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • September 28, 2010  - scott.go says:

    Any updates on Charlie’s condition? Just saw it on Sportcenter.

  • September 28, 2010  - Paul says:

    I think the 49ers just went from still having a shot to win the NFC West, to barely having a shot to get to just 4 wins. Doesn’t Mike Singletary follow his history? Every team that fires a coach on their staff during the regular season, or just before, especially when it’s a head coach or coordinator, the team usually does very poorly. Chiefs fans should know that routine pretty well. Haley fired Galey right before the season, and our offense didn’t start to pick up until the midway point of the season, and that was with one pre-season game left. Immagine how much worse this offense will be three weeks into the season, with a guy who has never called plays in his life. Thank the Lord I’m not a 49ers fan. I know a lot of 49ers fans wanted Jimmy Raye fired, but be careful what you wish for.

    On another note, get well soon Mr. Weis!

  • September 28, 2010  - John says:


    Are you planning on doing the shoots and ladders again this year, ranking the teams from week to week? I enjoyed reading those last year and would think that they would continue to add to the content that is provided. Thanks.


  • September 28, 2010  - el cid says:

    Next few days will be quiet so….. Colt’s Polian said the 18 game season is a fait compli as far are the owners are concerned. Now it has to be agreed to by the players union. Tony Dungy said many free agents will miss playing in the NFL because the preseason will only have 2 games and be shorted by a month. Also there may be a need for addition roster spots, owners say 4 and Dungy said at least 10, injuries a consideration. As for me, why mess with the best Pro operation, all I would want is a rookie salary cap with the extra money being spent on veterans, mandatorily.

  • September 28, 2010  - Matthew says:

    There is video posted on ProFootball Talk. Shaun Smith did grab one of the 49ers in the nether regions. What is up with that?

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