No Favre Mania In The Falls … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs

From River Falls, Wisconsin

Some 45 miles away, a football drama was playing out in the Twin Cities.

After so many reports, rumors, exclusives and false starts, Brett Favre landed in Minnesota on Tuesday. He signed a two-year contract, took a physical and then went out to practice for the Vikings at their facility in Eden Prairie.

That’s Favre signing the paperwork on the right, with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf standing to Favre’s left, while other team officials check out the contract. (Photo from the Vikings)

And get this, he is expected to start on Friday night when the Chiefs travel to the Metrodome to face the Vikings in pre-season game No. 2.

So what was the reaction just a few miles away, here in woods of Wisconsin? How about a yawn, a shrug, and a “who gives a bleep” look.

Vikings fans were storming the team’s offices and dialing incessantly for tickets and the Chiefs were just trying to get through another day of training camp work.

“Really? That’s nice,” said OLB Tamba Hali when told Favre was joining the Vikings and had practiced with them on Tuesday. When he was told Favre was likely to start against the Chiefs, Hali said “Really? Huh.” Then he shrugged and walked away.

Others had more to say, but the general attitude was not that of a group of guys wrapped up in the Favre moment. One Minneapolis TV station was broadcasting live the arrival of Favre in a private jet, his pickup by head coach Brad Childress in an SUV and then the drive from the airport in St. Paul to the Vikings offices. The only thing missing was the white Bronco.

The Chiefs were in meetings and missed the whole drama.

“Even though he is almost 40, he wants to play, so let him play,” said SS Bernard Pollard.

Veteran OLB Mike Vrabel said Favre’s routine of missing training camp and then showing up and automatically becoming the team’s starting quarterback wouldn’t fly in the current Chiefs situation.

“It would be a distraction here for someone to show up in the middle of camp,” Vrabel said. “That’s not what we’re looking for here.”

When asked if he agreed with Vrabel’s assessment, Todd Haley put things into a Chiefs perspective.

“I’m just worried about this house; it’s on fire and I’m just trying to keep it from burning down,” the Chiefs head coach said with a smile.

“He’s one of the great players of all time,” Haley added. “We (Arizona) went up there to the Meadowlands last year and he probably had one of his better games in a long time against us. So I don’t have fond memories of Brett Favre.”

Favre threw for six touchdown passes last year against the Arizona Cardinals in a victory for the Jets. He threw three interceptions against the Chiefs last year at the Meadowlands, but then hit the winning TD p ass l ate in the game. Brandon Flowers got his first two NFL interceptions off Favre, including one he ran back 91 yards for a score. He looks forward to another one Friday night.

“Everybody wants to play against a quarterback like Brett Favre,” Flowers said. “Those are games you never forget, when you play against a great quarterback. I hope he plays.”

Vrabel saw Favre twice last season, including a came where the veteran QB hit 26 of 33 passes for 258 yards and two TDs in a Jets victory.

“He always puts his team in a position to win,” Vrabel said. “He’s a competitor and I’m sure that’s what is driving him now. I hope for his sake his body can still match his competitiveness.”

Whether Favre’s body can hold up or not, the Chiefs will get the first chance to see.


Former Chiefs, Vikings, Raiders and Redskins QB Rich Gannon lives in the Twin Cities and he is well versed on the situation with the Vikings and with Favre. Speaking on Sirius NFL Radio on Tuesday, Gannon predicted some trouble ahead for Favre and the Vikings head coach.

Here’s a transcript of what Gannon had to say on the subject:

“Here’s the other thing that no one’s talked about which I know is going to happen; Brett Favre and Brad Childress are going to butt heads. Brad Childress is a stickler for doing it his way. He’s a very detailed guy, doesn’t really want to think outside the box.

“Brett’s going to come in there, he’s going to be hand signaling the receivers, he’s going to be trying to change plays at the line of scrimmage, he’s going to do stuff that they don’t do in that system and he’s going to drive Brad Childress crazy.

“He’s got a history in this system. He knows it as well if not better than Brad and they’ve done a lot more – a lot of different things that have been added on over the years – in Green Bay and it’s part of his repertoire. He’s going to do it because that’s what he knows and that’s what he’s comfortable doing. When push comes to shove and he’s out there in a critical situation in a game he’s going to revert to what he knows and what he’s done in the past and it may not be what Brad Childress had thought about or even installed in the game plan.”

This makes it sound like this whole season could be fun!


BILLS – CB Drayton Florence has a sprained knee and will be out two to four weeks.

BROWNS – claimed WR Paul Raymond on waivers; released LB Bo Ruud.

BUCCANEERS – S Tanard Jackson suspended four games by the NFL for violations of the substance-abuse policy.

JETS – waived S Keith Fitzhugh.

LIONS – released WR Bobby Sippio and T Kirk Barton; signed G Terrence Metcalf and WR Dane Looker.

RAIDERS – WR Chaz Schilens broke a bone in his left foot and will miss the next three weeks; signed CB Ricky Manning, Jr.


On August 19, 1967 the Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 48-0 in Portland, Oregon’s Civic Stadium. Noland Smith had a 72-yard punt return TD. QB Pete Beathard threw three touchdown passes, going to WR Otis Taylor for 25 yards, RB Gene Thomas for 47 yards and then 20 yards to WR Gloster Richardson. DB Fletcher Smith returned an interception 36 yards for a TD. Overall the Chiefs had three INTs as DL Buck Buchanan and Gene Trosch also grabbed picks. All three were thrown by QB George Blanda.

On August 19, 1988 the Chiefs and Green Bay Packers played to a 21-21 tie in a pre-season game at County Stadium in Milwaukee. The Packers sent the game into an extra period with a pair of fourth-quarter TDs, including a 78-yard scoring catch by WR Sterling Sharpe. The Chiefs got their scores on a 6-yard TD pass from QB Bill Kenney to TE Jonathan Hayes, a 5-yard pass from QB Steve DeBerg to TE Alfredo Roberts and a 4-yard run by Paul Palmer. WR Stephone Paige had six catches for 76 yards in the game.


Born on August 19, 1951 in Pascagoula, Mississippi was S Clyde Powers. He joined the Chiefs in 1978, after playing four seasons with the New York Giants. Powers appeared in just one game with the Chiefs.

Born on August 19, 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark was K Morten Anderson. He joined the Chiefs in 2002 for two seasons (2002-03), appearing in 30 games. It was one stop on what was a 25-year career in pro football. Andersen also kicked for the Saints, Falcons, Giants, Vikings and Chiefs. In two seasons, he hit 38 of 46 FG attempts, the longest being a 50-yarder.

Born on August 19, 1961 in Garland, Texas was LB Jeff Paine. He was a fifth-round selection in the 1984 NFL Draft out of Texans A&M. Paine spent two seasons with the Chiefs (1984-85), appearing in 12 games.

37 Responses to “No Favre Mania In The Falls … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • August 19, 2009  - Harold C. says:

    Must be a slow news day….we’re talking about Favre again.

  • August 19, 2009  - Josh says:

    Dear Bernard “Bone Crusher” Pollard,

    Remember what you did to Tom Brady in the opening game of last season? You can become KC’s favorite son if you do it to Favre on Friday.



  • August 19, 2009  - Josh says:

    Josh, not only KC’s favorite son, Greenbay’s as well. LOL


  • August 19, 2009  - Harold C. says:

    You’re joshing me again.

  • August 19, 2009  - ED says:

    Vikings will have a losing season despite them now according to the media being a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl oontender. Childress will get fired and Farve will retire again. Hey didn’t we see this movie last year.

  • August 19, 2009  - Scott says:

    “I’m just worried about this house; it’s on fire and I’m just trying to keep it from burning down,” the Chiefs head coach said with a smile.

    That has to be my favorite Haley quote so far. He may have said it “with a smile”…but it’s true. He knows it…and we know it, too.

    Pioli and Haley have to put out the fire, clear the debris, lay the foundation, and start building from the ground up. It won’t be an easy process…and it won’t be as fast as some of us might like. How far they are along in the process already is up for debate. But, I think they’ll get the job done in due time.

  • August 19, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    I agree scott. I had a long drawn out comment and it wouldnt post it. so now im tired of typing!

  • August 19, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    I agree Scott Doesn’t sound like rose colored glasses Haley is wearing.Some people just like sour grapes on their cereal it makes them bitter just like they are. I like the way Haley is going about changing this team attitude . To those that question the change we only have too look at the failure rate of our chiefs to see we need change.If you are lost its time……. for a Garman ( Parcell) system…….. to stop going down the same road.

  • August 19, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    oh sure, not it works

  • August 19, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    another 5 year plan??? Wow, imagine that… The Lions release Sippio, I guess he isn’t going to stick in the NFL…

  • August 19, 2009  - True Red and Gold says:

    Day two: arrowhead1978, Please refrain from being a douchebag.

  • August 19, 2009  - Scott says:

    Building a New England/Pittsburg/Indy type team, that’s “in the hunt” year in and year out will take a little time. Patience, Grasshopper.

  • August 19, 2009  - Scott says:

    Listen guys…

    Chiefs fans, TRUE Chiefs fans…are the best NFL fans there are. Period. We’ve seen some good times…and God knows we’ve seen MORE than our fair share of bad times. The last two years being probably the worst ever. We’re at rock bottom. Nowhere to go but up…and that is exactly where we are going. I truly believe that in the next few years we are going to be rewarded for all of our pain and suffering. Someday, we will look back at the 2009 season as the turning point. The point at which our pride began to be restored. The point where we started to become a feared and dominating franchise. The time has come. We’ve waited long enough. The wait is over.

  • August 19, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    Ed , I didn’t see the movie—Read the book—Farve will set a record that will never be touched .

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    The big news of the day: a QB of course – but not a Favre.

    A Mutt & the fact that he has not thrown an INT – yet – as practice has yet to conclude there River Falls … details on the 2-3 he will later Rin’s sportscast (back at 10, see you then.)

    - – - – - – - –

    That exhibition game in 1967 KC vs OAK – Rin was there in Portland, still have the game program & ticket stub. More so, still can see “Supergnat” Noland Smith putting on darn near the greatest kick return performance in one game ever seen.

    Not only did he return a punt for a 72 yard TD, he had another 72 yarder that didn’t go all the way, plus another TD return was called back.

    On the night Smith totaled 225 yards officially, but in fact had over 300 yards sans penalties – on just 5 returns.

    He was and remains without question the greatest return man in Texans/Chiefs franchise history.

    :cool: daddy-o

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    arrowhead1978 said

    “another 5 year plan???”

    - don’t be ridiculous arrowhead1978- were talking about :shock: & roll: here: the greatest football men in all of creation – the guys who placed the ‘sliced’ in bread.

    5 years? Why they’ll hang themselves in effigy if it takes them longer than…oh, 22 days, any (and Rin will do it for/to them if they don’t – daily, via this blog.)

    Yup; they’re all that alright… right. ‘check’

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 19, 2009  - Scott says:

    Cassel throws an INT in practice. So? What’s the big deal? I don’t know why so many seem to think it is. I truly don’t.

    I would certainly HOPE our DB’s are good enough to pick a few from a QB they see EVERY day. Because if not…I’d say there’s something wrong there. Seriously.

  • August 19, 2009  - truthfull T says:

    bob were here for cheif news not vikings/ packer news you gotta be more creative with your writing

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Scottie – Rin’s faithful Shadow nee Lap Dog – how have you been? Oh? I’m sorry to hear that… well keep your chin up – it’s easier for you to see it coming that way…

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 19, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    TR&G dont be such an antagonist, lol… How do you feel about the Dwayne Bowe trade rumors him going to the Jets? Wow, the chiefs could maybe get stuckey in return or a 3rd and a 7th round pick… That would be another block buster trade, wouldn’t it??

  • August 19, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    “How do you feel about the Dwayne Bowe trade rumors him going to the Jets?”

    What trade rumors? The rumor is that the Jets are interested in him. There’s no indication that they’ve even talked to the Chiefs.

  • August 19, 2009  - Scott says:

    I’ve been fine, BitterRin. Thanks for your concern.

    Your “poison pen” does nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for my team. And never will. Your’re welcome to keep trying, though. Whatever makes your bitter little world spin.

  • August 19, 2009  - burnsomatic says:

    what is this rumor with bowe and the jets?

  • August 19, 2009  - get real says:

    The Jets need a WR badly (don’t we all) and say Marshal from Den or Bowe. Doubt it has any weight. Haley has spent to much time motivating Bowe to let him go. What could you get for him? A 2nd like Tony, what a waste. NY will not give up a 1st. Besides without a “threat” at WR, defenses will load up against the run and make the QB throw to win games (we really, really do not want that).

  • August 19, 2009  - True Red and Gold says:


    How about we trade you and Rin for a piece of Brett Favre’s used toilet paper? ;)

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Scott said

    “I’ve been fine, Bitter”

    - no, I meant anything new beyond the status quo yours…

    “Rin. Thanks for your concern.”

    - oh, I wasn’t – it just seemed heroic on His part to seem so…

    “Your “poison pen” does nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for my team. And never will. Your’re welcome to keep trying, though. Whatever makes your bitter little world spin.”

    - you’ll have to let go of Rin’s ankle, quit tugging on my cape & stop following me to be taken seriously; if Rin has to make a sudden stop or a sharp turn, you’re gonna break your neck…

    :lol: & :razz:

  • August 19, 2009  - SG says:

    “…say Marshal from Den or Bowe.”

    Spe-cu-la-tion…speculation…it’s speculation. The Hallelujah Chorus for sportswriters who want to write about something other than Favre.

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    “a piece of Brett Favre’s used toilet paper? ;)

    - stop picking on Scottie – his feelings be as soft as Brett’s preferred choice, Charmin…


  • August 19, 2009  - burnsomatic says:

    thanks guys, I found some stuff on it. There is no way we get rid of bowe. I read his salary for the next 3 years, that alone is worth keeping him.

  • August 19, 2009  - burnsomatic says:

    And he is our best wideout

  • August 19, 2009  - Chris_Texas says:

    I too enjoyed the Haley comment and have liked his approach to training camp and personel. Who cares if someone is making more its who is playing the best and works the most and as he says “Gets it” or your gone. Really like this Coach more and more as the days go by.

  • August 19, 2009  - Todd's The Man says:

    Keep up the great work Coach Haley. ALL of KC is behind you and we know that you will lead us back to glory very soon now.

    AND NOW, Clark Hunt has affirmed Todd’s The Man!

  • August 19, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the dialog …….Dog .Its not hard to be civil state your case …….then step a side. As you are surely aware ever one has a Charmin need . I maybe the only one that likes your blog ……… most of the time . Well some of the time anyway .PnS

  • August 19, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Anonymous said (to himself, as he addressed self in a formal way)

    “Self? Welcome to the dialog …….Dog .Its not hard to be civil state your case …….then step a side. As you are surely aware ever one has a Charmin need . I maybe the only one that likes your blog ……… most of the time . Well some of the time anyway .PnS”

    - then he tried saying it with the lights on…


  • August 19, 2009  - Mark says:

    If the Jets are SERIOUS about wanting Bowe, they can START the conversation with C Nick Mangold and a #1. That’s just for starters. Bowe’s going nowhere but the Pro bowl as one of Haley’s soldiers.

  • August 19, 2009  - DoorMatCastle says:

    I wish I could play for the Jets because I’m not good enough to start in Kansas City. Both Brodie and Tyler are so much better than me and show it everyday and in the games. I’m a loser.

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