NFL Draft Focus – Nose/Defensive Tackles

The Big Boys in the middle – like Auburn’s Nick Fairley (above) – are attracting a lot of attention in this year’s run-up to the 2011 NFL Draft.

With nearly half of the league using the 3-4 defense as a base scheme, more and more defensive tackles are being selected in the draft. The big bruiser inside is the toughest guy to find for just about every NFL team, whether he’s a nose tackle or just one of two defensive tackles playing together.

“I think there are more teams in the NFL looking for 3-4 talent,” said Kevin Colbert, the Pittsburgh Steelers director of football operations. “But there’s some changes going on in the college game, things going on with the spread offense, you’re getting more 3-5-3 kind of defenses which are more similar to what we run, so there’s actually some defenses in college that are changing that supplement some of the extra demand in the NFL.”

There are a lot prospects on the defensive line in this year’s draft pool, with first-round possibilities of maybe 15 defensive tackles and ends going in the first round.

“This is the second year that I think we’ve had a very good defensive line draft,” said Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff. “I think it’s great for the league because for the longest time we had a dearth of d-linemen. We are excited about having some very high producing athletes along the front.”

Here’s what we have for our premium subscribers when it comes to the prospects at NT and DT in this year’s draft:

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