More From John Dorsey At The NFL Combine

From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

General Manager John Dorsey met the media on Friday afternoon at the NFL Combine and succeeded in replying to questions while providing minimal information. In just one year, Dorsey has already mastered the No. 1 trait for the typical league GM.

He did touch on a couple subjects that provided new information or a different look at the Chiefs players and position groups.

Here’s what Dorsey said about

The rookie season of last year’s No. 1 NFL Draft choice, offensive tackle Eric Fisher: “I think he made great strides as the season went along. You could see a great degree of comfort with him in the second half of the season. I’ve always said that between the first and second year, that’s when those guys make their greatest strides and I expect great things from Eric in his second year.”

Development of wide receiver A.J. Jenkins: I think he has made great strides this year. As the season unfolded, he became comfortable with the offensive scheme and towards the end of the season, he got very comfortable. That’s a credit to the coaching staff. Coach (David) Culley (receivers coach) did a marvelous job. He did some nice things in the playoff game and I expect him to (have) a really nice second season with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

The offensive line play in the 2013 season: “I think that as the season unfolded, they got used to the new scheme. I think they’re the youngest offensive line in the National Football League and they came together, they grouped together and towards the end of the season they were starting to grow. I see this as a very good positive moving forward.

The addition of wide receiver Weston Dressler from the Canadian Football League: “He has shown on his film from the CFL he’s very competitive. What we do as an organization is we try to turn over every stone we possibly can to find players that will (give us) the competitive depth that we’ve always talked about. I think he’s a very unique player. He’ll have a little bit of (punt/kick) return thing in here. He is a player you bring into camp and see how he competes and see how he fits.”

6 Responses to “More From John Dorsey At The NFL Combine”

  • February 21, 2014  - cychief24 says:

    Thanks Bob!

  • February 22, 2014  - Tenand6 says:

    I saw Fisher’s improvement and believe he’ll have a strong second year. Agree that Jenkins appeared to improve, too. I never expected to see anything from him.

    Alex Smith finished the year looking like a franchise quarterback.

    Knile Davis also became a weapon.

    I’m sold on the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball.

    It’s the defense that gives me pause. Maybe it’s talent but we have to get this right. Coaches are everything and if they aren’t elite, there has to be an upgrade. Like college basketball coaches.

    Clark has to succeed here where his father failed. Form a relationship strong enough with the head coach so that Andy Reid makes the move on his own. We should see the same kind of improvement arc of players on defense we saw on offense— assuming John Dorsey’s eye for talent isn’t limited to the offensive side of the ball.

  • February 22, 2014  - jimbo says:

    I’m trying not to read too much into Dorsey’s comments but I am getting a sense that the volume of player personnel we acquired last year is not the norm. Dorsey will have more time to focus on certain positions of weakness unlike last year where the middle and bottom of the roster got a complete overhaul.

    Coaching up, some of last years new players will be key to our immediate success. Dorsey and Reid are mover and shaker kind of guys that will not hesitate replacing the weaker player (even a fan favorite) for a more talented, less expensive and a higher ceiling type guy.

    We have to remember this is a business for them. They are judged by the amount of wins and championships they acquire. Success means job security for all the coaches, players and mgmt. Owners make more money, the franchises get more respect, fan bases surge and the host cities become more vibrant and relevant. Player loyalty to a city or a team is hogwash to these guys. It’s all business. Players agents are constantly scurrying around and rightly so, hyping up their clients talents and selling out to the highest bidder.

    Me, I just complain when we lose and rejoice when we win. I buy Chiefs stuff every year, go to a game from time to time and I pretty much sit around 6 months out of the year. I come to life every September hoping that excitement continues into February. Been doing this for over 40 years. That is what I call Loyalty.
    Go Chiefs.

  • February 22, 2014  - R W says:

    Bold prediction…best BP at #23 in 1st round will be….RB. Live with it. Unless there’s a plummeting WR or DB choice.

  • February 23, 2014  - el cid says:

    I am guessing the BPA will be DE. And the draft will go mostly defense for the Chiefs with a WR somewhere in the mix.

  • February 25, 2014  - Randall Krommenhoek says:

    I have read that we should try to trade our #1 pick for 2 picks as we are short on total picks this year. I agree with the depth this year and think it would be a good idea. Hope to get 2 picks in the top 100 to go with rest of our picks. SF has a bunch this year and maybe can work another deal with them. Just think we need more picks in this draft.

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