Leftovers From Chiefs-Cardinals

From Arrowhead Stadium

The truth can now be told: head coach Todd Haley underwent surgery last Monday, the day after the loss to Denver, to reattach his right quadriceps muscle.

Haley told the Arizona Republic that he ripped the tendon “right off the quad.” The injury went down on Nov. 11, when Haley jumped into a ball catching drill with the defensive backs. He had to dive to make the catch, but he made it and suffered the injury.

He underwent three hours of surgery on Nov. 15. “I didn’t miss a practice and I was proud of that,” Haley told the Phoenix newspaper.


Kickoff for Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Cardinals was still 45 minutes away, but there was already some unfriendly action on the field.

The visitors from Arizona had made their way out of the locker room and were gathering on the field to begin their warm-up period with some stretching. That’s when No. 55, LB Joey Porter started yapping. One of the league’s serial instigators, Porter has started pushing and shoving matches with opponents in the pre-game.

This time he was yelling at Chiefs rookie CB Javier Arenas. It was hard to tell from the stands or high above the playing field whether this was just good-natured back and forth, or if this was a confrontation. Arenas left little doubt that Porter wasn’t asking how his first year in the NFL had gone.

“I couldn’t tell what he was saying at first, he was just yelling,” Arenas said after the Chiefs 31-13 victory over Porter and the Cardinals. “Then he started talking a bunch of smack and I said a few things back.”

Arenas obvious said something back because one of the Chiefs equipment guys had to jump in and he started pushing his player away from Porter.

“He was chasing me out of that end of the field,” said Arenas, who was catching punts right in the area where the Cardinals were going to stretch. “I just told him it wasn’t his field, it was our field.”

In the end, Arenas did most of his talking on the field. He finished as the game’s leading tackler with eight and he had the first sack of his NFL career in the fourth quarter, taking down Arizona QB Derek Anderson for minus-12 yards.

“That was great; they just let me loose and told me to go after the quarterback,” Arenas said. “I love to do that.”

In 52 games during his career at the University of Alabama, Arenas had seven sacks, including five in his senior season, when he also had five interceptions.


“The more you can do.”

It’s a motto that many have live their whole lives by; the idea that being a jack of all trades is the way to survive in this world of specialization.

The more you can do was certainly in play on Sunday. Three different defensive players jumped across the line of scrimmage and played on the offensive side of the ball:

  • Arenas was on the field in a slot position and faked an end-around run in the first half.
  • DT Shaun Smith got several offensive snaps as a blocking fullback.
  • OLB Mike Vrabel had several plays as a tight end in goal line and had one chance for a catch.

“I’m available for whatever the coaches want me to do,” said Arenas. “I hope there’s more of that in the coming games.”

Smith got two plays on the goal line as a fullback for RB Thomas Jones. On the first play, he stumbled in the hole and left more of an indentation on the turf than he did on an Arizona defensive player. On the second play he got into a hole and took out one of the Cardinals, while Jones leapt over the goal line in the hole next door.

“Hopefully they’ll give me the ball next time,” Smith said after the game. “That takes me back to my high school days when I was playing tailback. It’s just fun being out there with the offensive guys.”

What does Smith give the Chiefs offense as a blocking fullback that they don’t get with FB Tim Castille, who was active on Sunday?

“About a 100 pounds,” said Haley. “He was highly motivated which I liked. Overall, Shaun did some good things in the game and he played hard in a lot of different areas. Guys get excited to be down there. Here’s a 330-pound guy that’s got to stay in his stance when backs are being re-positioned. It was a good job by our coaches of finding out ways to win.”


“We have to go and learn how to win on the road. I don’t think it has anything to do with preparation. I think it has more to do with execution. I think the main emphasis for us as we move forward and we go out on the road is to finish games. We’ve had quite a few close ones, but we need to finish it when it gets to the fourth quarter.” QB Matt Cassel.

“Everybody is going to be their own judge. Everybody is going to make their own decisions. Guys have to be their own motivator. You can’t motivate somebody else to play and to not make a mistake.” Cardinals SS Adrian Wilson.

“He works and tries to outwork everybody and he wants to win as much as anybody. He’s seen more and more as one of the great leaders on this team. You couldn’t ask for more from a leader on your team.” Todd Haley on Matt Cassel.

9 Responses to “Leftovers From Chiefs-Cardinals”

  • November 22, 2010  - zbschiefs says:

    Great read! Hopefully the Chiefs can get one on the road!

  • November 22, 2010  - JohnNdallas says:

    Bob, any word on what the boggle was between Muir and Carthon on the sideline Sunday?

  • November 22, 2010  - Petey says:


    How do you feel about Haley sharing info w/ the Arizona Republic that he refused to share with the KC local reporters (about his injury). Haley’s growing on me (I thought he was a bully last year, and I hate bullies), but this seems kind of bush league. I know his injury wasn’t a big deal, but he should take care of the reporters that are there every day.

  • November 22, 2010  - Rick says:

    Make no mistake, Todd Haley is the best thing to happen to the Chiefs since Marty left.

    He’s not a bully, but it is, his way or the highway.

  • November 22, 2010  - Blake says:

    Bob what is the difference between QB Hurries and QB pressures by a defender?

  • November 23, 2010  - rufus says:

    Haley sure has done a good job selling this unknown QB. Cassel is getting better..

  • November 23, 2010  - Tracy says:

    Haley did what? Did a lack of warm up or stretching lead to this injury, or should he be in better physical shape when he tries something like diving for footballs?
    He seems to have toughed it out okay and while his demonstration probably had a positive impact on the players, it is probably something he should ease into in the future.

  • November 23, 2010  - el cid says:

    With 6 wins, we can breath and smile…..Ever heard of the 19th hole in golf? Well, Haley is a golfter or sued to be, that could explain the “freak” injury and not warming out, except for the new era of golf players, Palmer used to walk on the course with a cigarrette in his mouth and maybe Haley is more of that era.

  • November 23, 2010  - cychief24 says:

    If Todd’s injury was anything like mine, then he is a stud. I ruptured my left Quad tendon at the 1st Monday night game and missed 4 weeks after surgery.
    I have several months of rehab ahead.
    I can’t imagine walking around in my leg brace and coaching less than a week after my surgery. In fact I was told not to do anything for 4 weeks by my surgeon.

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