Jamaal Charles – Chiefs MVP 2010

The fans have spoken and they did so with an overwhelming vote for RB Jamaal Charles as the most valuable player for the Chiefs in the 2010 season.

Charles led the Chiefs in rushing, was the most productive offensive player in yards produced, was named first-team All Pro and was chosen for the Pro Bowl.

And essentially half of the voters who took part in the polling voted for Charles as the most important player on the Chiefs roster in their 10-7 season that included an AFC West championship. He received 47.5 votes.

Finishing second was OLB Tamba Hali, who dominated the voting among those who did not select Charles. Hali received 29.5 votes.

Others receiving votes were QB Matt Cassel with 10 and ILB Derrick Johnson with two.

Here’s what some of the voters had to say:  


“Take away the running attack and Cassel has a very pedestrian year. Charles has to be player of the year. The other running backs in league history that have averaged 6+ yards per carry for a year are all in the HOF. I’m talking about the likes of Jim Brown. Good year Cassel, great year Charles.”

“I vote for Jamaal Charles. He is amazing! MVP player is not based on how much you improved over last year. It is how important you are this year.”

“I have to go with Jamaal. I think we all had questions in our minds after last season, is he the “real deal” or a “flash in the pan”. He definitely answered those questions and had a super season. I think he was the dominant force in our turn-around.”

“Pound for pound, the best player by far.”

He’s a wizard disguised as a football player.” Tenand6.

“It can only be Jamaal Charles… What a year; what an athlete.”

“No other Chiefs player provoked more opposing team film study and defensive heartburn than Jamaal. The Chiefs most significant impact player.”


“I have to give the love to my man Tamba. Put him down as also the most improved player of the year as well. Remove Tamba Hali from this year’s defense and what would the Chief’s record be then? Rest my case.”
RW in the ATL.

“Both Bowe and Cassel had good seasons but fell short in the biggest game. DJ finally proved his worth as a #1 pick. Jamal almost set an NFL record for yards per carry. But Tamba Hali showed in his second season at linebacker that he is a force. He came up big in the playoff game and all year. He is the MVP.”

“My choice is Tamba Hali. He was a solid performer and a force to be reckoned with at the start of the season, all the way through the season and continued into the playoffs and he was one of the best when compared with others in the league. That’s an MVP.” PAChiefsFan.

“Look, Charles, Cassel and even Bowe had much improved years due to the line having a phenomenal year. Their performance as a unit was stellar with the additions of Wiegmann and Lilja (both vets I might add) plus the good fortune in health. Does anyone really believe that Jamaal could have made that 41-yard run without the great blocking from the line? Now, who was assisting Hali on the play that set up the spectacular run? Answer: no one. Hali beat his man instantaneously – no coverage sack – and created the turnover. It was an individual effort executed by the most improved individual on the squad who is deserved of the highest INDIVIDUAL award from the team.”

“I have to go with Tamba. He remained consistent all year. Bowe was a no show the last 2 games, as was Cassel. They will learn from this, and I believe will be improved next season. Charles had a good season, but Tamba was the most consistent player.” Leonard.


“Matt Cassel made the biggest jump as a player. Several others played at the Pro Bowl-level but Cassel was not all that effective in 2009. Under Weis, he really blossomed into an effective QB for the Chiefs. Charles was good but expected it based on what he did last year. Defense was better as a unit but no one individual was vastly better than expected. No, Cassel made the biggest jump from player to force.”
el cid.

“When considering the season as a whole no one had more impact on the Chiefs earning each of those 10 wins than Cassel.”

“It’s hard to pinpoint the greatest impact on the dramatic improvement we made this year on offense. Charles is a tremendous player and first reaction says most valuable. However, I think I have to agree with El Cid and vote for Cassel. He had a couple sub-par games but so did Manning and Brady and we don’t win ten games if he doesn’t play very consistently at a high level throughout the season. He gets my vote.” johnfromfairfax.

“So many choices: Charles, Bowe, Hali, but I am going to cast my vote for Matt Cassel for one big reason … coming back after surgery less than two weeks later, to play like he did against the Titans, he inspired everyone with that feat of willpower and determination. I believe he became a true leader this season.”


“Well I’m going against the grain as I usually do and my pick is Derrick Johnson. What a turnaround season he had. For me he was MVP of the Chiefs this year.” Dennis.

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