Items Of All Sorts … Morning Cup O’Chiefs

If he hasn’t already been to the Chiefs facility, then I’m willing to predict that long-time Indianapolis Colts assistant coach Tom Moore will be making a visit soon. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll hang around for a while.

Apparently, Moore is out with the Colts, where he had coached for the last 13 seasons. He’s no longer listed as part of the organization on the team’s website. There are 19 coaches listed, but Moore is not one of them. Last year, he stepped out of the play calling role with Peyton Manning and instead held the title of Senior Offensive Assistant. That was after 12 seasons as offensive coordinator for the Colts where he nursed Manning from his rookie season to an NFL passing icon.

Several weeks ago, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan talked about some of the things he’s doing with his coaching staff during the lockout. He mentioned that he planned to bring in several football minds to meet with his guys and the first name he mentioned was Moore.

I’m going to be that Ryan wasn’t the first NFL head coach to speak with Moore about coming in and providing his experience and mind to be picked. I’m going to bet that Todd Haley made the first call and Moore has either already been in the building, or will be at some point in the coming weeks or months.

Again, let’s remember the Haley-Moore connection. Back when he was a teenager and was part of the game-day crew for Steelers games at Three Rivers Stadium, Haley was picked up early Sunday morning by Moore, who lived in the neighborhood. In most cases, Dick Haley was traveling back to Pittsburgh from scouting a Saturday college game, so his son caught a ride with Coach Moore, who spent 13 years with the Steelers, including Super Bowl seasons in 1978-79. He was receivers coach, quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for Chuck Noll.

Moore is 72 years old, he’s coached for 47 years and 33 of those have been in the NFL. He worked with Terry Bradshaw and Manning. He’s got multiple Super Bowl rings and experiences with a host of Hall of Famers or headed to the Hall of Fame players, with names like Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Marvin Harrison, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Barry Sanders and others.

Coaches and men like Moore don’t retire. They may gear it back some or talk about it. Maybe their health forces them to the sideline, but they don’t quit. Into his last days, Hall of Fame coach Sid Gillman was grading Chiefs game tapes that were sent to him on a regular basis by former GM Carl Peterson. He was in his 90s evaluating offenses before he passed away in 2003.

Let’s remember former Chiefs offensive line coach and Moore’s coaching companion for over a decade with the Colts was Howard Mudd. He retired and it lasted a year. In fact last spring, Mudd spent a day with the Chiefs during their OTA sessions. Well, Mudd is back as a full-time assistant coach, handling the offensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles.

One guy who will not get his hackles up if Moore walked in the door would be offensive coordinator Bill Muir. His coaching career has lasted just as long as Moore’s and combined they have over 90 years in coaching and over 60 years in the NFL. These two guys have seen and done everything in the game.

Haley is a man who is constantly thinking outside the box. I’m betting that thinking includes time with Tom Moore and that could do nothing but help the Chiefs offense in 2011.


Congratulations to RB Dexter McCluster, who used his off-season to complete work on his degree at the University of Mississippi.

On Saturday, McCluster was one of more than 3,200 that took part in graduation ceremonies in Oxford, Ms., walking with the class of ’11 after wrapping up his last remaining credits. Former CBS-TV anchorman Dan Rather spoke to the 140 graduates of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media.

McCluster took two classes this spring, in broadcast journalism and English 376, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. Here’s the course description for that class:

“Interdisciplinary approach to this era in European history through a study of its literature, religion, economic conditions, artistic and scientific achievements, as well as its politics, geographical exploration, colonization, and slave trade. Required of all Renaissance and Early Modern Studies minors but open to all students.”

McCluster told a Mississippi reporter that he wasn’t allowed to actually attend the English class. “They said I’d be a distraction to the class,” McCluster said. “I meet one-on-one with the teachers in their office, in the computer lab, so we get it done.”

Rather, who now works for HDNet after a long career at CBS, told the graduates that working in their chosen field would test them.

“I ask you to remember that what you do matters, but only if you do it well, and that your calling is not always to be liked, but it is to make a difference,” he said. “I don’t think it is too strong to say that the future of our country … depends on you making a difference starting now.”

8 Responses to “Items Of All Sorts … Morning Cup O’Chiefs”

  • May 16, 2011  - aPauled says:

    …Dan Rather…I’m surprised that anyone would hire him to hand out balloons at a county fair.

    Interesting that Tom Moore would be let go from the Colts while Manning is still playing. I thought that bond would last thru Manning’s career. Seeing Tom Moore listed as OC and Bill Muir back as O-Line Coach would certainly add comfort for Chiefs fans.

  • May 16, 2011  - leo says:

    What a dumbass response. Like ghim or not Rather is a icon in news jounalism. As for Moore, could be a big deal for the Chiefs. Having great coaches will make a difference.

  • May 16, 2011  - el cid says:

    Does Moore run a offense Haley style, we have lost to reputable OC so far? Will he make Cassel into another Manning, not really the same kind of QBs? Will he be hired to tutor Stanzi, what do you do with Cassel and the offense? No Moore is not even a consideration for the Chiefs.

    As for Rather, not a lot to do with football.

  • May 16, 2011  - aPauled says:

    Wow Leo…a real tough guy. Maybe I don’t like “ghim”, his “jounalism”, or consider him “a icon”…brainiac.

  • May 16, 2011  - RickyP says:

    I’m with you, aPauled….Rather was never a “journalist”, just a hack. And “ghim” were not “a icon” in my book.

  • May 16, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    I like you thinking, Bob. This is outside the salary cap and an intangible that might make a difference in a year where the schedule is not our friend. We need every advantage we can get and good/great coaches are a distinct advantage. Very interesting article.

  • May 17, 2011  - Big Al says:

    I can’t believe Ole Miss wouldn’t let Dexter go to class. I taught Western Civ. for KU in the early 90s. I had an NFL player in class–a former Chief then Dallas Cowboy getting a degree from nearby KU–he’s now an NFL head coach. Everyone, including me, was very impressed to have the guy in class, but he was a good student and didn’t distract from the class at all.

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