He’s Unconventional, But He Wins

From Arrowhead Stadium

The question had to be asked: Tim Tebow, why does it seem like you are always part of winning teams?

“I’ve been very blessed to be on some good teams and I’m very blessed to be on another good team,” Tebow said after he led the Denver Broncos to a 17-10 division road victory over the Chiefs on Sunday.

“Those guys make me look a lot better than I really am.”

How can you not be excited about playing for a guy who says things like that? Since he became the Broncos starter, he’s been winning over teammates left and right. It happened first in Miami, then last Sunday in Oakland and again on this Sunday in Kansas City.

The quarterback that the experts say does not have the tools to be a starter in the NFL has now won three of his four starts. Victory No. 3 came against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

If anybody’s expecting an apology from Tebow that he played the entire game and he threw only eight passes and completed just two, well there’s a better chance of h-e-double hockey sticks freezing over than that.

“I’m a football player first before a quarterback,” Tebow said. “Whatever we can do to win games that’s what we need to do. I play this game to win.”

And that he does. It certainly may be unconventional, what with Denver now running parts of a college offense with the read option running game with the rest of their normal NFL-type offense.

But it comes down to the Broncos using the things that Tebow does, and does well. One of those is run. The other is winning.

“I get frustrated just like anyone else,” Tebow said when asked if he’d like to throw the ball more often and with more success. “I get disappointed. I want to score every time I touch the ball. I want to have a great play every time I touch the ball. But I think something that helps me is I’ve known all along is it’s not life and death whatever happens. I’ve always prepared for it. My faith in Christ has helped me with that. But also, you can’t look behind. You have to look ahead.”

The Tebow stat sheet for the game is rather modest. He ran the ball nine times for 43 yards, including a 19-yard run and a 7-yard TD run. He threw the ball just eight times, completed two for 69 yards and a touchdown pass.

While only 112 of the team’s 313 yards had his name on it, there’s no question his influence on the game and the team.

“I think every game is different,” Tebow said. “Every game that I’ve started this year has been a lot different. When you have a team, you can handle whatever the game gives you. If you need to run it, you run it. If you need to throw it, you throw it. Hopefully we’ll be able to throw and do it consistently, but we have something good going right now and hopefully e can stick with it.”

There was nothing surprising about what the Broncos did on offense, even with the read option. In fact, to some of the Chiefs defenders, it all looked very familiar.

“They just took the playbook he had at Florida and put in those plays,” said FS Kendrick Lewis, who played against Tebow when he was with Ole Miss and the quarterback was playing for the Gators. “It was all the stuff he did there. Really, there weren’t any differences. He seemed very comfortable.”

He was. When the decision was made to start him, John Fox and the Denver coaching staff knew they couldn’t run the offense as they did with former starter Kyle Orton. That’s not where Tebow’s game is right now.

Thus the read option and more opportunities for Tebow to do some of the things he did while winning the Heisman Trophy and a national championship at Florida.

It was not something that the Broncos used on every play. In fact, they probably used it less than they thought they would. But they added some new wrinkles, including a few plays in what would be a triple option, where Tebow can run, he can pass, or he can dish it to another one of his teammates.

“They did some good things at the start of the second half in stopping us,” Tebow allowed.

One thing for sure, Tebow has learned all the clichés over the years.

“We have a very resilient team, resilient coaches, and a team with a lot of character. I think that’s all you can ask for, a team that goes out there and cares about each other and cares about what they do and is going to lay everything on the field.”

And win.

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