From The Mouth of Todd – 7/30

From St. Joseph, Missouri

Less is more – that’s the theme for Todd Haley and his coaching staff as they rolled into Day #3 of training camp at Missouri Western State University.

As the Chiefs coaches continue to deal with the short window for preparation and the new rules coming from the labor agreement, the emphasis on teaching will not expand, but contract.

“You are going to see us over-fundamental,” Haley said. “Technique is going to be very important for our football team, that we are doing things the right way; staying with the do less better, at least in this early part of camp.”

After watching his team get through its first full day of camp work on Friday, the head coach gave an overall thumbs up.

“I was encouraged by how guys looked as a group, all things considered,” Haley said. “Clearly we have a ways to go, but I do feel good about how the day went.

“I wasn’t discouraged. You saw some guys struggling a little bit at the end, but that’s just an indication that you can’t replicate what goes on in an NFL off-season when guys are working by themselves.

“That’s our greatest task right now, getting everybody up to the same strength and conditioning level.”

Saturday’s practice has been moved up 30 minutes and will start at 3 o’clock. The change was not due to weather but rather dinner.

“As practice wound down yesterday, and it wasn’t even a full practice, but getting to dinner became an issue, getting to meetings, treatments, cold tubs, all the things we are asking them to do,” Haley said. “It’s about giving guys time to get everything done. That’s on top of the coaches having time to watch the practice tape before meeting with the players.”

Haley and staff welcomed 10 additional players to meetings on Friday night, but unfortunately they will not be able to help out on the practice field on Saturday. Free agents – unrestricted, restricted, exclusive rights – cannot get on the field until Thursday. They can attend meetings and watch practice; they can even get in the weight room and workout. They just can’t do it with the rest of the team until August 4.

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  • August 1, 2011  - bigdaddyt says:

    All I know is Todd Haley needs to beat Oakland or he has to go

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