From The Bottom Up … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

What a difference for GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley as they prepare for this year’s NFL Draft.

In their first season, they had the third pick of the 2009 Draft. In that second season, it was the fifth selection of the 2010 Draft. Now, after the big turnaround on the field, they prepare for the 2011 Draft with pick No. 21.

It’s not just falling into the bottom half of the first round, but the bottom half of the other six rounds as well. That’s part of the NFL plan for parity, drafting in reverse order based on last year’s won-lost record.

But the good teams always find a way to get players, and they do it in the draft and they do it by drafting in the bottom of the rounds. Players like Baltimore RB Ray Rice (above right) and Chicago WR Johnny Knox (below right).

That’s something that Pioli/Haley will have a chance to show in this year’s draft.

In six of the seven rounds, they are in the second half of the order. Only in the fifth round are they out of the bottom slots. That’s due to their deal with Tampa Bay last year for DE Alex Magee and the swap of positions with Detroit based on the grievance filed against the Lions by the NFL over the Jarrad Page situation.

The Chiefs picked up a compensatory choice last week, a selection in the sixth round, overall pick No. 199. That spot in the Draft has become legendary due to the Patriots selection in 2000 of QB Tom Brady in the same position.

While nobody – including those in charge of the Patriots – expected a payback on the 199th player like New England has gotten from Brady. It’s proof that players can be found everywhere.

We’ve taken a look at the Chiefs eight draft picks in 2011 and who was selected in those same spots in the 2000-10 Drafts. They provide us with a bit of a road map to just what type of players and production can be expected from those picks. Plus, we give our opinion on the best three selections (good, better, best) and the one bust. Players highlighted have been to the Pro Bowl.

Chiefs Choice #1/Pick No. 21

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  CIN  Jermaine Gresham  TE   
2009  CLV  Alex Mack Good
2008  ATL  Sam Baker  OT   
2007  JAX  Reggie Nelson   
2006  NE  Laurence Maroney  RB   
2005  JAX  Matt Jones  WR  Bust
2004  NE  Vince Wilfork DT  Best
2003  CLV  Jeff Faine Better
2002  NE  Daniel Graham  TE   
2001  BUF  Nate Clements CB   
2000  KC  Sylvester Morris  WR   

Chiefs Choice #2/Pick No. 55

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  DAL  Sean Lee  LB   
2009  ATL  William Moore   
2008  BAL  Ray Rice  RB  Best
2007  SEA  Josh Wilson  CB Good
2006  CIN  Andrew Whitworth OT  
2005  BUF  Roscoe Parrish  WR   
2004  JAX  Greg Jones  FB   
2003  ATL Bryan Scott  S  
2002  OAK  Doug Jolley  TE   
2001  PHL  Quinton Caver  LB  Bust
2000  MIN Fred Robbins  DT  Better

Chiefs Choice #3/Pick No. 86

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  PHL  Daniel Teo-Hesheim  DE  
2009  MIN  Asher Allen CB   
2008  BAL  Tom Zbikowski  Better
2007  BAL Marshal Yanda  OT Good
2006  NE David Thomas  TE  
2005  BUF  Kevin Everett  TE   
2004  JAX Jorge Cordova  LB  
2003  NO Cie Grant  LB  
2002  TB Marquise Walker  WR Bust
2001  NE  Brock Williams  CB   
2000  SF Jeff Ulbrich  ILB Best

Chiefs Choice #4/Pick No. 118

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results
2010  HOU  Garrett Graham  TE   
2009  NO Stanley Arnoux  LB  
2008  HOU  Xavier Adibi  LB   
2007  CAR Ryne Robinson  WR  
2006  NE Stephen Gostkowski Best
2005  NO Chase Lyman  WR Bust
2004  JAX Anthony Maddox  DT  
2003  CIN Jeremi Johnson  FB   
2002  JAX Chris Luzar  TE  
2001  IND Ryan Diem  OT Better
2000  MIN Tyrone Carter  Good

Chiefs Choice #5/Pick No. 135

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results
2010  ATL Dominque Franks  CB  
2009  TEN Troy Kropog  OT  
2008  GB Josh Sitton  OT Best
2007  SF Joe Cohen  DE  
2006  NO Rob Ninkovich  DE  
2005  IND Matt Giordano S Good
2004  ARZ Antonio Smith  DE Better
2003  SEA Solomon Bates  LB Bust
2002  GB Najeh Davenport  RB  
2001  CIN Victor Leyva OT  
2000  TEN Aric Morris SS  

Chiefs Choice #6/Pick No. 140

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  BUF Ed Wang  OT  
2009  CHI Johnny Knox  WR Best
2008  KC  Brandon Carr  CB  Better
2007 CLV Brandon McDonald  CB Good
2006  SF Parys Haralson  DE  
2005  CHI Airese Currie  WR  
2004  DET Alex Lewis  LB  
2003  NYJ Derek Pagel  S Bust
2002  CHI Bobby Gray  S  
2001  SEA Alex Bannister WR  
2000  NYG Ralph Brown  CB  

Chiefs Choice #7/Pick No. 199

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  MIN  Joe Webb QB   
2009  OAK  Stryker Sulak  DE Bust
2008  NYG Robert Henderson  DE  
2007  MIA Drew Mormino  C  
2006  IND Charlie Johnson  OT Good
2005  KC  Khari Long  DE   
2004  BAL Clarence Moore  WR  
2003  NYG Willie Ponder  WR  
2002  CHI Adrian Peterson  RB Better
2001  TEN Adam Haayer OT  
2000  NE  Tom Brady QB  Best

Chiefs Choice #8/Pick No. 222

Year  Team  Player  Pos  Results 
2010  TEN Marc Mariani WR Better
2009  IND Pat McAfee P Good
2008  CHI Chester Adams G  
2007  BUF Derek Schouman TE  
2006  CLV Justin Hamilton S  
2005  WAS Nehemiah Broughton FB  
2004  MIA Derrick Pope LB  
2003  SEA Josh Brown K Best
2002  JAX Kendall Newson WR Bust
2001  SEA Dennis Norman C  
2000  SD Jason Thomas G  

3 Responses to “From The Bottom Up … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • March 29, 2011  - RW says:

    Interesting charts that prove a team can boom or bust in ANY round with the chances for success being critical in the first round. In other words, if you’re going to reach for a player, because of team needs, it’s best not to do it then.

    It should be noted also that injuries and character issues, real and imagined, cause a player’s stock to fall and therein lies hidden value if the team has done their due diligence on medical exams and/or background checks.

    That all said, the Chiefs need to be better than they’ve been in recent years in picking guys during the 2011 draft. It may well come down to having more faith in the data they’ll be poring over as opposed to their feelings, or buying the steak instead of the sizzle.

  • March 29, 2011  - el cid says:

    Bob, think the unthinkable. If there is no union, can the players play in 2011? With contracts, honored or null and viod? Will the fans stand for “replacement teams”? Will the tv networks pay 8 Billion for replacement games? What happens to the non millionaire players? At what point do we say it is over if the babies cannot divide 8 billion and go hard line?

  • March 29, 2011  - Nate says:

    The Chiefs have 6 picks in the first 140 players taken. I expect them to do very well.

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