Friday Labor Update – Extension Goes For A Week

The NFL and its players have agreed to a one-week extension in their labor negotiations.

The new deadline that both parties now face is Friday, March 11. There have been conflicting reports on the time the extension ends. Some media have reported it as 11 p.m. CST, while others have declared 4 p.m. CST as the finish line.

The extension of the extension came down on Friday as federal mediator George Cohen persuaded the NFL to support the extension, while the NFL Players Association executive committee voted Friday afternoon to accept the extension.

One thing that hasn’t changed with the extension is that NFL teams cannot sign players to new contracts, whether they are on their roster or free agents.  During this period, teams can talk about players but signings or renegotiations of current contracts cannot occur.

Right now the plan is for the parties to take the weekend off, and then re-start negotiations on Monday. The league and players are trying to devise a system of splitting up the $9 billion in revenue that the NFL makes each season.

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