Friday 11/12 Practice Report-Update2

From the Truman Sports Complex

For the second time in three games, the Chiefs are facing an opponent that’s in the midst of changing its base defense. Like the Buffalo Bills a few weeks ago, the Denver Broncos are moving from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense and doing it on the run.

At any point during Sunday’s game at Invesco Field, the Chiefs could see varying defensive alignments.

“This team you will see the 4-3, the 3-4, then the 3-4 with 4-3 principles and vice-a-versa,” said head coach Todd Haley. “You’ve got to do your study. We’ve had to allot a certain amount of time in our defensive-look team so we are aware.”

It’s the type of thing that forces coaches and players to spend more time watching tape in the days of preparation.

“It causes a little bit of guessing because they are going back and forth between a 3-4 and a 4-3 within the last month,” said offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. “One week they are a 3-4, the next week they are a 4-3. They are interchanging inside of the game. It requires your players to do extra mental preparation; you have to be ready to face multiple fronts.”

Said Haley:

“We were through it a little bit before with Buffalo that was making a change. Teams will change for one reason or another. They had some injuries early that forced them into doing some things that wasn’t their intended plan. In this league, you have to be able to adjust. It’s been part of my thought process the entire year, doing a lot of different things to force our guys to not be in a routine, to be able to adjust and adapt and be ready for anything.”

Haley kept his team inside for Friday’s practice, despite the fact that conditions outside where it was cold and wet were exactly what has been forecast for Sunday in Denver.

“It’s critical for us to make progress every day,” Haley said. “We are going on the road, in the division and we have to be ready for everything. I’m sure Denver’s looking for a fresh start of sorts. Their record is not a direct indicator of how good a team they are. We have to be ready to go, in a great environment and there’s a chance of (bad) weather.”

LG Brian Waters was back working with the No. 1 offensive line as the team went through the position-by-position portion of the workout. Waters had been largely an observer the last two days because of what the team has said is a shoulder injury. He’s listed as quesitonable on the official league injury report.

Also listed as questionable are¬†both WR/RB Dexter McCluster and FS Jon McGraw who were watching their groups go through drills. It looks more and more like McCluster will miss a third game because of his ankle injury. McGraw hit the injury report on Thursday with a knee problem. FS Kendrick Lewis (hamstring) appeared to be taking a regular turn in Friday’s practice, but he was listedas questionable.

For the Broncos, they have declared LB Robert Ayers (foot) and CB Andre Goodman (hip) are out. Both are listed as starters in the Denver defense at outside linebacker and right cornerback.  Listed as questionable are S Darcel McBath (ankle), DL Kevin Vickerson (groin) and LB Wesley Woodyard (hamstring).

17 Responses to “Friday 11/12 Practice Report-Update2”

  • November 12, 2010  - el cid says:

    Aware McCluster is not the biggest guy on the roster (in size only) but how bad is his leg/ankle? If reoccurring/habitual, a major concern. Gosh we need him sunday.

  • November 12, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    Agreed on DMC El Cid. I’m hoping that he recovers soon. He just adds another dimension to our offense that hasn’t been there the last few weeks. It probably wouldn’t be an issue if we had an effective receiver to compliment Bowe and Moeaki.

  • November 12, 2010  - el cid says:

    b. but we do not have that guy. I really do not want to depend on Bowe for anything. Makes a wonderous catch and then loses his mind and could not catch a cold, who wants that. Moeaki may be best of draft but a TE not a deep threat. We just do not have a passing game and it is starting to cost us.

  • November 12, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    I wonder how much that will be an issue for playing Denver. Like you said yesterday(?) we should beat Denver. Maybe not destroy them, but we should beat them… even without much of a passing game.

  • November 12, 2010  - el cid says:

    Gamblers are not sure who will win, smart money is not on KC. Many outside the area feel the Chiefs are pretenders. No need to go into it over and over but other than the kool aid drinkers on this site and Chiefs site, there is not a lot of love out there for the Chiefs, especially after the oakland game.

  • November 12, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    It was a pretty bad game for the Chiefs all around. I can see why the oddsmakers have lost faith in them. I think we’ll turn this around for the Donks, but it won’t be a blow out unless Denver’s passing game shows up big time.

  • November 12, 2010  - el cid says:

    Would feel better about it, except for Haley/management. He says great things about opponents all the time and we have the “we ain’t talking” by management. We have heard the “process”, “win ugly”, and “transition”, all true but indicate the coaches and gm do not think the team they put together in 2010 is any good. To outsiders, it seems that 2010 is just a period of time, winning, while nice, is beside the point because we are reaching for some distant (pretend)future when the superbowls will roll in. Just do not buy into it.

  • November 12, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    I thought that you did buy into the fact that we’re probably not contenders this year. I know I have. To me, any wins this year over 8 is gravy and a playoff run would be amazing. Next year I expect playoffs and in the years after that I’m hoping for a superbowl. The start this year is a bit surprising, but I think the lack of depth is biting us in the ass right now. We’re at least another quality draft away from a complete team, and another couple of years before we’re firing on all cylinders.

    Do you think that the “process”, “transition” and “win ugly” are all part of the coaches coaching? Playing up the underdog thing. They probably like that as a motivational tool.

  • November 12, 2010  - el cid says:

    Agree I believe, the Chiefs wasting 5 wins before half way point of season, never thought that possible. The soft schedule will not be here again soon. Next year the NFC North, they will kick the West’s rear all year.

    After 5 wins, how do you still think of yourselves as underdogs? The team is in a special place due to effort and schedule and they appear to be wasting the opportunity. They may be pretenders in 2010, but win a few more and they become contenders.

    As for lack of depth, absolutely. Add we have not suffered a lot of injuries, yet. The dream of future drafts, well, look at the 09 draft, more of a nightmare. Do not forget every team in the West is drafting to improve with us. I KNOW a couple of year and firing on all cylinders, but there is a chance for THIS year, at least until the oakland and this sundays games.

  • November 12, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    “at least until the oakland and this sundays games.”

    Do you honestly see the game against the Donks going poorly? I think like most of the other games this year, it’s kept close and we come away with it. That’s just a guess though. Won’t find out for sure until Sunday.

  • November 12, 2010  - Edward says:

    El cid you’re getting ahead of yourself. We’re winning this yr enjoy it. Know one outside of myself and a few others that thought this team would be in this position. You’re putting the cart before the horse. Haley is using words like transition this season because that’s what it is. Until we win the division make the playoffs. Then next yr he’ll be saying we’re a good team. No question at of all the organization within the division we’re by far the best run. We’ve 3 time Super Bowl winning Gm. A bright young head coach. 2 Super Bowl winning coordinators. So chill out stop freaking out over coaches speak and enjoy the ride. Chiefs will be a dominant team not only within the divison but in the AFC for years to come.

  • November 12, 2010  - Russell says:

    Proof is in the pudding”… Everyone can guess what that means. Chiefs should win against the sub standard teams Denver twice in 4 weeks, Arizona and Seattle before the Showdown out in SD DEC 12. I predict Cassel will do well, the rest of his career depends on it. 3-1, or even 2-2 and we are still solid contenders. Other wise the first weeks flash in the pan was pretence….
    Also most astute observers see McDaniels in Denver as a flash in the pan, remember he went 6-0 last year to begin. Chiefs are in position to do well.

  • November 13, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    @Edward, perhaps it’s the pessimist in me but I’m still paranoid that this is all a dream. The Chiefs with a winning record after the last few years just seems impossible with the few personell changes that have taken place and yet here we are. I’m trying to enjoy it like you said but at the same time I’m like El Cid, waiting for the carpet to be pulled from underneath me and trying not to get my hopes up too high.

  • November 13, 2010  - Chuck says:

    I don’t know why but I just have this feeling that my favorite Offensive Weapon Dexter McCluster is going to be one of those guys that ends up being hurt alot. Some guys just seem prone to that. He is so small probably not going to have a long career. I know I’ll be taking criticism for this but its just my feeling. The odds are kinda against a 170 pound speed demon staying healthy for all 16 games. Croyle has the same problem.

  • November 13, 2010  - Michael says:

    The thing with McCluster is he probably will get hurt a lot, but most of the time it will be nicks that he can come back from fairly quickly, the same way it was for him in college. He got a lot more work then, though, and way more at runningback. He’s a tough kid, and I think he’ll suprise you with how much he does play. And the other good thing is the Chiefs are using him right; all over the place as a receiver, on kick returns and sometimes at runningback. As long as they don’t try to use him at rb and run him between the tackles all the time, he should have a very productive career, and KC should get 8 to 12 touches a game from him. His upsides are more numerous than the downs.

  • November 13, 2010  - Michael says:

    Sure would be nice to see the Chiefs get well at the expense of the Donks tomorrow. Check them off one by one: big, big game from the running attack, setting up the passing game; Arenas getting the return TD that got called back last week; stout D that adds a few takeaways; Cassel using his legs to get out of trouble, and no INT’s in the red zone. That’s football; it doesn’t change.

    Would like to see: Verran Tucker get another TD catch or two; Battle at rb in short yardage a few times; KC not lining up in the shotgun with an empty backfield in short yardage; more of Berry, the missle, blitzing; more Mike Cox at FB; Chambers making a few plays; Charles in the receiving game; more Studebaker; the donks fumbling a punt from our left-footed kicker; Moeaki with a double-digit catch game.

  • November 14, 2010  - el cid says:

    Edward, got to say we are winning right now, ok but we could have been two games better, potentially. We are not. “Experts” do not consider us much better than Denver. I do not agree but do you think they are just jealous or do they know something, we will see later today.

    I am very intolerant about waiting for the future for some dominant position in the NFL. Just hoping it will happen DOES NOT MEAN IT IS SO. I can see this year a move toward the playoffs was possible and if we do not win sunday…..well let’s just say the Chiefs blew a lot of opportunities.

    Notice some are starting to worry about McCluster. Then the draft from 09 is very special. My point is bad things can happen and if you do not take advantage of what you have today, you may never have it better.

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