Flowers Sucks It Up

From Arrowhead Stadium

There was probably no way that Brandon Flowers should have been on the field Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

Not with his injured right ankle. As much a tough guy as Flowers is, when he went to bed Saturday night at the Chiefs hotel, he didn’t think it was going to happen. With all sorts of machines strapped to his ankle, helping stimulate the sprain and improve the blood flow and all of those modern day tricks of medicine, Flowers didn’t think it was going to happen.

“But I woke up this morning and it didn’t feel too bad,” Flowers said after playing all but two defensive plays in the Chiefs 22-17 victory over the Vikings. “I came out here and they wanted to see me move and I did. I was kind of slow, but I felt like I could go.”

Flowers sprained the ankle at the end of an interception return last Sunday in San Diego. Although Flowers didn’t use these words, others in the locker room have described the injury as a high ankle sprain. Those are feared words in the NFL because those types of sprains tend to take longer to heal than the average ankle sprain. Sometimes they can nag a player for months.

From the start, Flowers wasn’t buying that. At 5-9, 187 pounds, he may be the toughest player on the Chiefs roster. But even he was willing to say he didn’t know how things would go down for this game.

“I can’t say there was never a doubt,” Flowers said. “I felt like I could go this morning. Other times this week I didn’t feel that good. I’m just glad they gave me a chance to go out there and show that I could play.”

Flowers found himself part of the action all day. He made a tackle in run support of Adrian Peterson and when the ball popped loose at the end of the play, Flowers grabbed it. Officials on the field ruled the play a fumble, but a replay challenge from the Vikings showed that Peterson’s knee was down before the fumble.

He knocked down several passes, finished with four tackles and generally played a normal Brandon Flowers game. If the Vikings targeted him because of his injury, it wasn’t apparent in the way they attacked the Chiefs defense.

“I don’t go into a game expecting to be thrown at,” Flowers said. “I knew when I got out there I had to be able to run with those fast guys over there. I had to trust myself out there. I couldn’t think about it they were going to go at me or not.”

Flowers does not view the ankle as being a problem from this point on.

“With the great training staff we’ve got here, that they got me on the field for this game, I’m convinced they’ll have me right for next week and the week after that,” said Flowers.

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