Enrique’s Epics & Fails – Week #16

Same drill as last week, this is not. Instead, it will be more of the circular kind. We’ll begin with the good and we’ll finish up with the best, with the flaws in between. Only because I want to keep the feature interesting to the very end (although you probably know how this will conclude). So, without much further ado…




Back in April, this exchange took place on Draft Day:

Deion Sanders (asking Eric Berry):  “Kansas City – what should they expect?

What was Eric Berry’s response?: “Oh – they should expect everything. Expect a hard worker, a leader. Somebody that’s gonna represent on and off the field. Somebody who wants to win championships. Let’s go to work baby, I’m ready!”

Well, with his first INT return for a TD, Berry surely contributed to the attainment of the AFC Western crown, and that is one reason to be happy. What’s the other one (which by the way, happens to be the most intriguing)? He didn’t say championship, but CHAMPIONSHIPS. Consequently, don’t be surprised if the Chiefs make a long run in the post-season. The Tennessee product has proven that he can set his sights on the right direction, while backing up his talk.



Do you know how you can snap out of a three-game funk in which you only caught 3 passes? Easy…boom goes the dynamite! (In this case, in the form of a big-time play).

Six catches and 153 yards later, there … problem solved.



It was cold on Sunday – and I bet that his line for the game (1 for 2, -2 yards, 1 INT, 16.7 QB rating) made his day an even chillier one. Still, nearly buried because of his brief appearance against the Titans, survived the fact that Brodie Croyle was finally part of a Chief victory IN WHICH HE THREW A PASS, breaking a string of 16 consecutive losses suffered whenever he was instructed to put the ball in the air. And yes, in hindsight, maybe that’s why Todd Haley momentarily inserted him in the ball game to replace Matt Cassel with the contest seemingly in hand. You know, to relieve him of the burden. Therefore, I want to apologize if I sound like Pat Bowlen when he handed the Lombardi Trophy to John Elway, but I just can’t resist: Brodie, this one’s for you.

(PS. I’m just kidding).



The image of Jamaal Charles catching a career-high two TD passes on Sunday was one of the best after-Christmas football gifts that I could receive heading onto playoffs. Why? Because it leads me to believe that if we choose to leave the outcome of a playoff game up to the one-time Longhorn (a scenario that could very well happen by default, anyway), we’ll be in good hands.



You can say that his maturation as a Head Coach is far from finished; that he still lets his emotional side get the best of him; or that he lacks sensibility in electing when to go for it on 4th down. But one thing that can also be said about Todd Haley is that he is a tireless worker, and nothing is more representative of that statement than this piece of information: Kansas City is the fifth working stop in Haley’s NFL career, and thanks to the Division Title obtained on Sunday, the Chiefs became the fifth franchise that Haley has lifted to playoff territory. Hopefully, he’ll conquer in Missouri what he was unable to do in New York, Chicago and Arizona. And by the looks of it, he appears to be on his way to do so.




It’s just two physical teams going at it, wasn’t nobody going to back down. So when you get two teams like that, stuff like that is going to happen.” – K.C. cornerback Brandon Flowers, while discussing the abundance of 15-yard penalties going in the Chiefs’ way. 12/26/10.

Really, Brandon? Is that how it’s going to be every time that the opponents try to mess with the Chiefs’ heads? I don’t know about you, but I’d think twice about going down that road…again. The game against the Titans didn’t pose that much of a threat because you were facing a team that has pretty much quit on his coach, but when you faced a borderline good team (the Raiders) that pulled the same trick on you and your teammates, you got so distracted that a rookie (Jacoby Ford) took you for a ride in the late stages of a contest that you had under control. In fact, I’ll even go as far as to say that such game probably cost you a Pro Bowl invitation. And if you somehow believe that it all eases up from here, think again. From this point forward, the stakes will be raised, and any lack of composure will result in even greater criticism because the championship will be the prize. But hey, be my guest. It’s your call if you wanna fall in those traps. Just prepare for the consequences.



I know that Jamaal Charles had a more than decent game (77 rushing yards, 40 receiving, 2 TD’s), and that holding the Titans’ Chris Johnson to only 58 yards is a feat that should be welcomed anytime. So, football-wise, I was pleased with the developments. But, considering that Charles has the moves and Johnson has the tunes…weren’t you disappointed that those two could not join forces to provide us with an artistic Mash-Up? I know I did.



With his lost fumble in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, Thomas Jones ended his streak of touches without a fumble at 862, and that alone explains why his name is attached to this paragraph. Then again, if it’s any consolation to the Chiefs’ nominee for NFL
Man of The Year, I’ll say this on his behalf: I rather see him lose the mark in the tail end of an already-decided regular season game, and not in the playoffs.


That’s it for the Fails.
And finally, the main event:

As you can imagine, after 38 losses in 48 regular season games (and a devastating playoff loss to the Colts) there isn’t a shortage of words on my part over winning our first division title since ’03. Yet, I will only use the four that I deemed adequate enough to express how I feel about the Chiefs’ return to the divisional pinnacle….

How sweet it is!

3 Responses to “Enrique’s Epics & Fails – Week #16”

  • December 29, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    Good article!

  • December 30, 2010  - Jimbo says:

    Thanks Enrique. I could tell you were struggling to find a true epic fail for that game. Maybe the Chiefs are taking all this playoff business seriously. We can only hope.

    Happy New Year Sir.
    Go Chiefs.

  • December 30, 2010  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    Eric Berry’s INT/TD is awesome. I’m glad I finally got to see it. He’s also very elusive. Check out the 2 Titans taking each other out of the play on the sideline at 0:09 and the 2 OL hugging each other instead of tackling Eric at 0:11.

    Go CHIEFS!

    Happy New Year, Enrique!

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