Edition #1 – bobgretz.com Top 100 Players

We are working overtime these days getting our draft coverage ready and in the next few days you will start to see more and more stories related to the 2011 NFL Draft.

Kicking it off is our first edition of the Top 100 players who will be available in April. Earlier we produced a list of 100 names based by position. Now, we’ve put them in order based on what we’ve seen and what we’ve been told by NFL personnel types and scouts.

Don’t misunderstand – this is not a mock draft. I’m not saying with the first choice that the Carolina Panthers will select LSU CB Patrick Peterson. If they did, it would be a top-notch pick for them. But these players are listed in big board order. Every team’s big board will end up different, but after talking with reps for more than a dozen teams and based on what I saw myself at the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine and on tape, this is our first big board.

There will be another one on April 1 and then a third and final top 100 a week before the draft. Those really shouldn’t change much, with players moving a few spots up and down. That’s as long as they don’t fall on their face in Pro Day workouts or in private visits and interviews with the teams.

Peterson tops a Top 10 that’s dominated by underclassmen with eight of the 10 having left school early. Plus, the top of the board is dominated by players out of the Big 12, SEC and ACC.

Here’s the top 100-edition No. 1.

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