Dorsey Puts Sanders Affair ‘In The Rearview Mirror’

The Emmanuel Sanders Affair sparked again Tuesday after smoldering for several days in the free agency atmosphere of the NFL.

Steve Weinberg, the wide receiver’s agent, said through a publicity release that “there was absolutely no handshakes, verbal agreements or signed documents with the Chiefs” last weekend. The team thought they had worked out a contract with Sanders on Saturday, only to see him agree to terms later that night with division-rival Denver.

General Manager John Dorsey spoke with the Kansas City media on Tuesday and indicated the water from the Sanders Affair had flowed under the bridge for him and his team.

“During free agency, anything can happen,” Dorsey said. “I was interested in a player and at the end of the day the player and agent decided to go to Denver . . . we move on and that’s kind of what I’ve done. I’ve put it in the rearview mirror and I’ve moved forward.”

Earlier in the day, Weinberg’s office released a lengthy publicity release detailing its version of what happened last Saturday between Sanders and the Chiefs. The agent denied reaching an agreement and denied taking that deal and shopping it to other teams.

Weinberg also indicated the Chiefs first offered to improve their contract terms, but later reneged on the increase and ultimately he said the team pulled its offer to Sanders.

The release includes this passage:

“Weinberg was dumbfounded. After receiving a series of angry and threatening text messages, Weinberg realized that the Chiefs had obviously misinterpreted what was happening and jumped to unreasonable conclusions . . . reports all seem to criticize Weinberg for not honoring an oral agreement that did not exist; yet it was the Chiefs who actually pulled out of the deal, before Denver ever submitted their formal offer to Sanders.”

And Weinberg is quoted as saying: “There was absolutely no handshakes, verbal agreements or signed documents when Sanders left the Chiefs facility. Emmanuel was on his way to the airport when teams called us. We didn’t shop any deals or reach out to a single team. My fiduciary responsibility is to the players I represent and not to the NFL teams or their gold ole boys’ tactics.”

Dorsey wanted no part in pushing the subject any further down the road.

“As I told you guys a long time ago, when we do negotiations I really don’t talk about the negotiation stuff outside of the building,” Dorsey said. “We have to move forward and build this organization.”

When asked about the Broncos flurry of free agency moves and Denver’s salary cap situation, Dorsey wasn’t biting on that subject either.

“I can’t speak for another team’s players or their cap situation,” he said. “All I know is Clark Hunt gives me every resource possible and that’s all I can ask for.”

6 Responses to “Dorsey Puts Sanders Affair ‘In The Rearview Mirror’”

  • March 19, 2014  - KCDAVEINNJ says:

    “A day late and a dollars short”
    Seems like John Dorsey acted more like a former linebacker then a suit & tie NFL club general manager Saturday night if the Stars article is even half to being true,Sanders Agent Steven Weinberg got a call from the Chiefs as Sanders was being transported back to KCI and Chiefs were rankled he didn’t take the call and failed to leave a voicemail message?
    They wanted to up the ante AFTER his Yukon livery pulled away from the curb? Really how does Sanders leave the complex in the first place? Sounds like more bad clock management only this time it’s off the field as opposed to on it either way the Chiefs lose this game yet again. Maybe there’s another Bobby Sippio on the horizon (oh that’s right we just signed All-CFL WR Weston Dressler) out on the horizon we can masquerade as a legit # 2 to the season ticket holders.
    Oh well to bad we still care in the Chiefs Kingdom where is Joe Horn when we need him most? Somebody needs to call Carl quick LOL

  • March 19, 2014  - johnfromfairfax says:

    KCDave sounds a little more like Denver Dave. You make a few good points but they’re clouded by the vitriol. Look in the mirror. If you look like either end of a horse you’re not a Chiefs fan. Haters gonna be haters.

  • March 19, 2014  - ChuckXX says:

    John; I think what KCDave is just trying to say is the fact that we have lost 5 pretty good players and now signed I believe 3 rather average no name players in the process. It just wears on you a little. I have been a fan for 44 years now. Last Super Bowl appearance was with the Vikes in a 23-7 win. Denver has signed atleast 4 really good players. How many really good players have we signed so far????? Answer=Zero.

  • March 19, 2014  - johnfromfairfax says:

    I hear you Chuck. I know the frustration. I’ve been a loyal Chiefs fan for about a half century and vividly remember our last super bowl. But I think it’s premature and indicates fair weather fandom to condemn them this early. Let’s not forget they took the worse team in football (and your record tells you what you are) last year and turned us into and 11-5 playoff team. We knew we had cap restrictions coming into free agency this year and that we wouldn’t be major players in the first big spending wave but let’s give them a little time.

    We still have the draft and the rest of free agency, including the June releases before the season. I just don’t agree with ripping them for not signing a player whose agent acted unethically, and by the way was called out for it publicly not by the Chiefs but by other teams and league sources. Wait until the season and see what we have. Then attack them for something they actually did and are responsible for and not for personal biases or half informed perceptions.

  • March 19, 2014  - St Paul 1 says:

    I think John is exactly right. Even though it doesn’t feel good to see some good contributors go and see a rival pick up a bunch of big names, the NFL is fluid, and we really don’t know how this will play out in the coming months. Big-name free agents often don’t pan out. Subs who are forced to step up to a starting role sometimes surprise everyone.

    As for this situation, we’re talking about a player who looked like he might be a nice addition, but who also has a troubling history of injuries and is unlikely to be going to a pro-bowl any time soon. Dorsey is right to treat this for what it is – a minor blip that will soon be forgotten.

  • March 19, 2014  - Niblick says:

    Of the seven players we have lost, Demps and Jordan also signed, the two that I feel will be missed the most are Schwartz and Albert. According to the experts he got a contract way larger than the market, based on what other free agent LTs were getting. Good for him, but we couldn’t even come close to what he got. I’m disappointed we didn’t resign Schwartz, but apparently we were not that interested. Hopefully Dressler for McCluster will not be that big of a loss. I think Nico Johnson will be an adequate replacement for Jordan. I think everyone agrees that Walker is just as good as Jackson, better pass rusher and weaker against the run. Right now it looks like we lost more than we gained, but not major losses except Albert.

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