Chiefs Speak On Lockout – Sort of?

Right around dinner time on Saturday, the Chiefs released a statement with reaction to the events of Friday in Washington, D.C. that led to the lock out of the players by the NFL and the decision by the NFL Players Association to file for decertification.

Only one problem – there was no name associated with the comments. Not team chairman Clark Hunt, not the Hunt Family, not GM Scott Pioli. It’s hard to understand why Hunt, who was part of the negotiations as a member of the league’s labor committee, would not want to put his name on what was released.

The statement read:

“The Kansas City Chiefs still believe the fastest way to a fair agreement is through the mediation process. While we are disappointed that the union walked away from the clubs’ offer to split the difference and meet them in the middle, we remain confident that we can and will reach a deal that is good for the game.

“After a season that began with Monday Night Magic at the grand opening of the New Arrowhead, and culminated in a division championship, we are more focused than ever on improving every area of our team. We know there will be football in the future – and we have already started to plan for the 2011 season. Our football staff is continuing its preparation for the NFL Draft and our business operations staff is using fan feedback to make the Arrowhead experience the best in the NFL.

“We have great respect for our fans and our season ticket holders, and are committed to communicating openly and directly with them as we work to reach a long-term agreement with the players that is fair to everyone who loves this game.”

No new ground was broken with the three paragraph statement that nobody wanted to attach their name to; it was pretty much standard PR spin from a club perspective. The only questionable line were the last words “… that is fair to everyone who loves this game.” Fair, is pretty much in the eye of the beholder and what the Hunts and Chiefs management consider fair isn’t going to be fair for the players or the fans that are going to end up paying the freight no matter the resolution of the disagreement.

The directions the league and the players have taken has had nothing to do with fairness as they were both entrenched in their position – the owners wanted givebacks from the players and prepared all along to lock them out. The players wanted to maintain the status quo and prepared all along to use the decertification angle.

Why wouldn’t Clark Hunt put his name on this statement, and even add some personal insights to what went on behind those closed doors in Washington? I know that’s something Chiefs season ticket holders would love to read.

3 Responses to “Chiefs Speak On Lockout – Sort of?”

  • March 13, 2011  - Butler says:

    100% all Crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • March 13, 2011  - RW says:

    There’s a certain art form to talking a lot and saying nothing. Certain politicians have mastered that art. So have the Chief’s front office.

  • March 14, 2011  - PAChiefsFan says:

    RW. Certain politicians? I thought it was a requirement before they could even get on the ballot.

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