Chiefs Move On From A Tragic Weekend

It was just another day after a game around the Chiefs practice facility on Monday. At least that’s how head coach Romeo Crennel approached the day.

There was tape of a victory over Carolina to be dissected, mistakes to be cataloged and presented to the team for correction, and there was preliminary business to discuss about the team’s next opponent, the Cleveland Browns.

The horror of the weekend with the murder-suicide involving linebacker Jovan Belcher certainly wasn’t forgotten. How could it be when Crennel, his coaches and the players had to walk past the spot in the parking lot where Belcher shot himself Saturday morning.

“Time heals all wound and right now we are working on the time thing and focus on our next task,” Crennel told a huge gathering of media Monday afternoon. This came after meeting with his players and trying to once again refocus their attention to football and not their fallen teammate.

“Our focus is now on facing an improving Cleveland Browns team on the road. That’s what our focus is going to be.”

No arrangements had been announced as of Monday afternoon on funeral services for Belcher or his girl friend Kasandra Perkins. Those figure to come up in the coming days and there’s no question Chiefs players and personnel will want to attend and grieve with the families.

“We know we have to deal with the events of the last few days,” Crennel said. “It’s not over and it might not be over for some of us for the rest of our lives.”

Grief counselors and the team’s chaplain are on site this week and available to players, coaches and staff. Crennel said the team’s linebackers were meeting as a group with a counselor on Monday and he hoped to pull his coaching staff together for a similar meeting this week.

Despite witnessing Belcher’s suicide and dealing with the emotions of the weekend, Crennel said he’s moving on in day-to-day fashion.

“The events are over and you cannot undo them,” Crennel said. “All you can do is work towards the future. I’ve got a good mental state. My daughters and my wife say I must be crazy and something should be wrong with me. But I can deal with stress, I can deal with grief.

“I’m dealing with it by trying to be the leader those young men upstairs need. I don’t know that I need to vent. I’ve seen a lot of life. You see things in life, you see things happen and life still goes on and you have to deal with it.”

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