Bye Weekend Thoughts … Friday Cup O’Chiefs

“Everybody has to be together on whatever we’re doing.”

As the Chiefs scattered on Thursday afternoon to enjoy a long weekend away from football, the words of OLB Mike Vrabel should never leave their thoughts.

Everybody has to be together on whatever we’re doing … Vrabel was speaking specifically of the Chiefs defense, but his words are compatible with every player on this team.

Whether they are headed to the bright lights of Vegas, or back to their alma mater, or home to a weekend of Mom’s cooking, the Chiefs need to ponder their season, the calendar and their commitment.

Essentially, it’s put up or shut up time.

Let’s take Larry Johnson out of the equation for the moment, because if what he revealed in his post-game frustration of Tweeter treats speaks for more than him, then the group is small. L.J. is not a leader. He is not a follower. Johnson is always off on his own, sometimes leading, sometimes following, most times just angry.

But there’s no question there are still players on this current roster who haven’t bought in to this team, this coach and his way of doing things. Haley likes to say some guys “get it” and some do. There are others that still haven’t received the message.

Haley’s approach to football and his molding of a team is not revolutionary. In fact, it’s a time-tested and proven method that reaches to the very roots of the game. Yes, he did not play the game. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know about what makes the game tick and he’s shown in his coaching career that he has the ability to make players understand what they need to do to achieve success.

There are always going to be players who don’t get it. There are players on the Steelers team that won the Super Bowl last season that didn’t get it. What happens on good teams is that those who know overwhelm those that don’t know and that group is either converted or marginalized.

Unfortunately, right now the Chiefs are neither good, nor a team. They remain a group of players.

Let’s be honest here – the Chiefs No. 1 problem is not attitude, it is talent. They simply do not have enough talented players. They certainly have enough to be better than 1-6, and they have a talented young core of players especially on defense with guys like Glenn Dorsey, Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. The No. 1 thing that will turn around this franchise is more talented players. Whether they are the so-called right players is a discussion for another time.

There’s another thing we know about sports, and it’s true with teams and individuals and matters not how big or in what shape the ball might be. The team with the most talent does not always win. The team with the most team wears the crown.

Don’t get me wrong here; if everybody on the Chiefs roster comes back fully committed to the cause, they are not going to win a championship or make the playoffs. Teams have to learn to walk, before they can sprint. Right now the ’09 Chiefs are still crawling. Several times they got up on their feet and held a wobbly stance. Once, they even took a step. But so far, they keep falling down.

The next move must come from within the locker room. That’s not to leave Todd Haley and his coaching staff on the outside; they must get better as well. But the only way this team moves forward and makes something out of the rest of this season will be if those with one foot in and one foot out jump in with both feet and commit.

They should ponder this on their bye-week travels: what do they have to lose? The pundit would say nine more games. But really, what does holding back right now do for a player? Haley is not going to be fired; if the organization’s approach changes right now then the Chiefs as a franchise are more screwed up than anyone could imagine.

It’s time for everyone to push their chips to the center of the table. And, they don’t have to go to Vegas to do that.


  • AFC – named Patriots QB Tom Brady offensive player of the month, Steelers LB James Harrison defensive player of the month and Broncos WR Eddie Royal special teams player of the month.
  • NFC – named Packers QB Aaron Rodgers offensive player of the month, Saints S Darren Sharper defensive player of the month and Bears KR Johnny Knox special teams player of the month.
  • BUCCANEERS – signed FB Chris Pressley.
  • RAMS – LB David Vorbora returned to practice after a four-week NFL suspension.
  • SAINTS – placed FB Heath Evans on the injured-reserve list; signed FB Kyle Eckel.
  • SEAHAWKS – promoted RB Louis Rankin from the practice squad.
  • TITANS – named Vince Young starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.


On October 30, 1960, the Dallas Texans beat the Broncos 17-14 in front of 13,102 fans in Denver. More details coming later today.

On October 30, 1966, the Chiefs beat the Houston Oilers 48-23 in front of 31,676 fans at Municipal Stadium. After playing to a scoreless tie in the first quarter, the Chiefs exploded for 24 points before half-time. QB Len Dawson threw a pair of TD passes to TE Reg Carolan (for 22 and 45 yards.) CB Willie Mitchell added a TD after taking a lateral on an interception by S Johnny Robinson and running 60 yards. In the second half, RB Mike Garrett had a 77-yard TD run, while RB Curtis McClinton caught an eight-yard scoring pass from QB Pete Beathard. In the fourth quarter, Beathard hooked up with WR Otis Taylor for a 77-yard TD. Garrett ran for 102 yards on nine carries, with Taylor catching five passes for 187 yards. Robinson had a pair of interceptions.

On October 30, 1977, the Chiefs lost to the Browns 44-7 at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. Only a late fourth quarter TD kept the Chiefs from being shut out by the Browns. RB John Brockington caught a 22-yard pass from QB Mike Livingston that found the end zone. Cleveland got 153 yards rushing from Greg Pruitt and another 96 yards from Mike Pruitt. Both Pruitts scored TDs. QB Brian Sipe threw a pair of TD passes and a pair of interceptions, as CB Gary Green grabbed both picks for the Chiefs. The next day the Chiefs fired Paul Wiggin as head coach, replacing him on an interim basis with Tom Bettis.

On October 30, 1983, the Chiefs lost to the Broncos 27-24 at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The Chiefs scored a pair of TDs in the fourth quarter to make this game close. The Broncos had a big 17-point second quarter, keyed by a 46-yard TD pass from QB Steve DeBerg to WR Steve Watson. In the game, DeBerg threw for 350 yards, hitting 21 of 42 passes without an interception. The Chiefs defense sacked DeBerg four times. The KC offense produced a one-yard TD run by RB Theotis Brown, a nine-yard run by FB Billy Jackson and an eight-yard scoring pass from QB Bill Kenney to WR Carlos Carson, who finished with seven catches for 96 yards.

On October 30, 1988, the Chiefs lost the Raiders 17-10 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. There were just 36,103 bodies rattling around the giant Coliseum on this Sunday afternoon. The Raiders defense held the Chiefs to 208 offensive yards and only one touchdown, a three-yard run by RB Paul Palmer. From the L.A. offense came touchdown runs by Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen. Jackson went 22 yards for his score, while Allen went in from one-yard. They finished the game with a combined 150 yards. The Chiefs had just 63 passing yards as QBs Bill Kenney and Steve DeBerg threw a combined for 22 passes. FS Deron Cherry intercepted a pass by Raiders QB Steve Beuerlein and LB Angelo Snipes had a sack.

On October 30, 1994, the Chiefs lost 44-10 to the Buffalo Bills at Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. The Bills scored 17 points within 3 minutes, 5 seconds of the second quarter to blow this game open. Buffalo QB Jim Kelly threw four TD passes, a pair to WR Andre Reed and a double to TE Pete Metzelaars. RB Thurman Thomas scored on a two-yard run. The Chiefs only TD was a nine-yard run by RB Marcus Allen. The Chiefs used three quarterbacks, as Joe Montana, Steve Bono and Matt Blundin all threw interceptions in the game. Overall, the Chiefs turned the ball over five times and allowed three sacks. Afterwards, Buffalo DE Bruce Smith said: “Before the game I told the guys this game is rated R, adult language and a lot of violence.”


Born on October 30, 1958 in Henderson, Texas was RB Joe Delaney. He was selected in the second round of the 1981 NFL Draft out of Northwestern Louisiana. Delaney was a rookie sensation in that ’81 season, running for 1,121 yards and earning a spot in the Pro Bowl. He was troubled in his second season by injuries, including a detached retina that required surgery. Delaney ended up playing in 23 games, starting 17 times over those two seasons (1981-82) with 1,501 rushing yards and 299 receiving yards. He scored three touchdowns. Delaney died on June 29, 1983 in Monroe, Louisiana while trying to rescue three kids who were drowning in a construction late.

30 Responses to “Bye Weekend Thoughts … Friday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    There are time’s when you are a safty or a corner and you want to go for an interception you NEED a back up or your going to lose a thochdown for lack of coverage .
    Your blocking on the left side and the blocking center or gard is not picking up someone blitzing , what do you DO ?
    You are in the middle of the Alantic on a boat that is going down , strapped to the rail , that’s called a “SINKING FEELING” . Then it’s to late to “Get it” !
    Fix that sinking boat before you get on it ?

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    From the side line you are proably right on all five question’s and a lot of the same goes on every where on the other 31 team’s .
    I say put Cottam and Pope in the back field every play and hand off to these giant’s or get them to rush the deff. lanes that open or pick up outside blitzing .

    ANSWERS?————that might help

  • October 30, 2009  - Harold C. says:

    Nice Bob…I agree. Being someone with a 1 year old daughter who is just learning to walk I like the analogy you used with the Chiefs still crawling right now and once in a while taking a few steps before falling down again. That describes the situation perfectly. As far as “Getting it” goes….I take that to mean that players that don’t “Get it” are players still playing and doing things in their own way with thier own attitude instead of the attitude and style that the Chiefs coaches are trying to teach. Am I anywhere close?

  • October 30, 2009  - ThunderChief says:

    Judging the tenor of this article, I have two main thoughts:

    1) The race doesn’t always go to the strongest or the swiftest, but that’s the way to bet. This speaks to the overall talent issue and I agree with Bob’s assessment there.

    2) As to the ‘team’ aspect or the ‘all for one, one for all’ bit, the Chiefs really need a vocal leader or two among the roster players, a guy who holds others accountable, gets in their face when needed and leads by example. A Ray Lewis type of guy.

    From what I’ve observed, Vrabel probably comes as close to anyone for this role but he needs more support and help. Still, a long way to go in terms of getting the talent to a level of having the expectation going from hopeful to confident of winning. A work in progress.

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    Well to date few of the Chiefs players get it. I do not know how Haley shows them how to or if they will buy into “get it” anyway. Unfortunately the losing habit seems really ingrained in this team. They do not quit but they expect something bad to happen and to lose. And short of 45 new players, losing just becomes the way of life in KC. Haley’s new mentality has not done much good for the first 7 games.

  • October 30, 2009  - ED says:

    Great points Bob. Bottom line thE Chiefs need more talent among the o-line, wideout position, and a another pass rushing OLB. Until then this want be a playoff team. But we can salvage 5 or 6 more wins out of the season with the talnet that is on the team. That would be a positive step going into next season.

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    Nice thought ED, I feel the Chiefs are in a downward spiral and the bottom is still coming. To win 5-6 games would mean Haley comment “take 22 guys off the street and win 2 ” would be the truth. How many guys were off the streets and now play for the Chiefs? If 2010 is uncapped, figure Snyder and Jerry Jones to go nuts with money to stockpile big players, does anyone here think Clark Hunt will spend like that, no way? Then the Chiefs build thru the draft and just how good did they do in 09? Do you seriously feel Jackson, Magee, and the rest are “building blocks”? Want to be more than 20 players away from being a team and try to fix it totally thru the draft and college free agency? Make a couple of mistakes and waste an entire year.

    I an scared to death that if Pioli/Haley do it their way it may be 2015 just to put a team together.

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    el cid says,
    Haley’s new mentality has not done much good for the first 7 games.

    Your right, it has only been 7 games!! not 3 years.

    I dont understand how people are dogging on this guy already. I like his attitude, hes a fighter. You cant try and get a bad team better or even pumped up without trying to light the fire first.

    Haleys trying to get our wet wooded team started, there is smoke, and before long, more players will “get it” there will be fire!!

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    Answer’s ?

    Maybe-some Brodie Croyle ?
    Is it possible Too much LJ drowning play’s and
    throwing away first down’s ?

  • October 30, 2009  - jimbo says:

    I see Todd Haley changing the approach to each remaining game this year. I sense that the play calling will be a little more liberal & a little less safe. As many of us have felt so far, this is a year of tryouts & player evaluation. This is the first year of building a foundation for the future Pioli & Haley era.
    Bob is “right on” the talent element & in many positions the lack of talent. The Chiefs at some point this year willturn the tide & give us some satisfaction of what is to come.
    Go Chiefs

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    Just wondering, gorillafan, if I buy into what you say in 7 whole games, what is better than before the 7 games. At some point in time Haley has to move in a positive manner. Where is the smoke? I do not see anything that has not been pounded to death. No positive movement, yet. The only thing positive is “wait for the future” and did we not have enough of that pie-in-the-sky with carl for the last 10 years.

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    el cid,
    I agree that I had higher hopes before the season than I do now for the rest of the season, but imo we cant judge against them right now. Now if it was 2-3rd years, yeah I would have a completely different outlook, but tryin to overhaul the entire chiefs organization is not going to happen over night.
    All im saying is herm had his 3 years, we need to do the same for them. I think they WILL build the ground for us took be good. I think heart and determination that haley and scott are pushing for will go along way.

    the smoke id say is,
    1. franchise qb in place
    2. most coaches in place
    3. players starting to “get it”
    4. players playing hard
    5 near wins
    6 first win
    7 ect

    now i know that isnt alot, but we will get there, no flame but getting close. Atleast we can maybe go up and not like the titans this year after last year they had, ouch..

    least haley doesnt use excuses like “were a young team” ya know. I guess im bias, I hated the hire of herm the worm, I didnt think he was the answer, atleast I have belief that haley can be

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    Herm should never have been hired in the first place and dropped after his second year as he had no history that would suggest he was qualified to rebuild a team (I see some similarities with Haley, even if a hot HC candidate why would anyone think he could handle a rebuild).

    For you list:
    1. maybe, maybe not. jury still out, he maybe so damaged after this year, that he never reaches the “franchise” tag.
    2, Gosh, I hope not.
    3. Who? Dorsey and Hali, perhaps, 2 out of 53. Should take about 15 years at that rate.
    4. I guess, still waiting to lose game.
    5. Moral wins? no stats on that.
    6. Yeah, against a real powerhouse??
    7. What?

    I buy Haley is a step above Herm but who would not have been? Not satisfying to be just a step ahead of herm. I want more, a whole lot more.

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    I feel good when watching the Chief’s on defence.
    But yo know what’s going to happen when they get the ball .

    Three and ————>

    Handing the ball to one guy on every ,—–BLANK

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    By him being gone may have just fixed a lot .

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    yeah i agree with ya on it doesnt take much to be a step better than herm. imo haley did prove himself as a coordinator atleast, so for now im okay with that

    i do wish that we had cower or even shanahan, but there are no shure things, hell id take marty. I think they will give clancy another year to prove himself withthe chiefs, if our d doesnt get better, maybe sooner. but still i cant judge the coaches right now, its too early in there era for me to critisize

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    i agree jim, i think we will come around

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    I just do not buy any more of “wait till next year” from anyone. I will, of course, live with what we have. No real choice anyway. Does anyone remember “superfan” Ed Beeler on radio? Fans would call up and say we need to “cheer” the team on to victory. It was hogwash then and I expect so see its return now, still hogwash. I expect to be entertained by pro football. I do not need the Chiefs to make my life of value. Until they change I do not expect much from them. And, frankly, I am not sure I have enough years left to wait on the Chiefs. I am pretty sure none of us have enough year left to wait for the Royals to change.

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    uh im freaking tired of “next year” too. but I have to be optimistic and hope. thats why i see myself as a dedicated fan. no saying your not, its just how i look at it for myself.

    imo opinion we were a good team not too long ago, so i still have hope. now, if herm was here again this year and was in place for a few more years to come, id be saying something totally opposite.

    To haley and scott, this is new to them, they havent suffered for years here like we have, so imo our pantic button was pressed 2 years ago, while they are dont even know where the button is located.

  • October 30, 2009  - BT says:

    Bob, I have to disagree. To say it is simply an issue of “get it” or don’t is irrelevant. This team stinks. And I can say team because they all do it together. Did you miss Vrabels bone head play on the goal line? It’s not an issue of “team”. Nor any other psycho-babble explanation. This team just plain stinks. And that includes the coaching staff. The only hopeful scenario is a Jimmy Johnson type turnaround next year. But Todd isn’t Jimmy. And this team doesn’t have one of the later stars that Dallas had. Let alone an over priced running back to trade.

    Todd said he could take 11 guys off the street and win two games. Well he better hurry or he will prove himself wrong. I endorsed him when we were searching for a coach. But I was wrong. I may be wrong now. But all I see is a long, l … o … n … g learning period.

    And it may be even longer if we endure more mediocre drafts. I see him getting the boot next year. After a 3-13 season this year and a 5-11 next year.

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    BT the next draft should spell the success or failure of this rebuild. For some reason we have chosen to ignor the last draft, carl’s people still in place, Pioli was not allowed to speak apparently. At some point in time a team has to hit on one draft, 3-4 starters at key positions. Pretty sure Jackson and Magee are misses, can play but impact, I think not.. So 2010 should show you just what the PLAN is. Add free agency and the Chiefs will set the tone for the rest of the Pioli/Haley tenure.

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    atleast we will have more draft picks next year —gonzo and thigpin trades

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    Less the pick for 2 MIA OL.

  • October 30, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    Do we consider that a bad trade since they are contributing and one started? or do we just not have good talent, thats why they have playing time, and they both are average at best and the trade a bust?

  • October 30, 2009  - el cid says:

    It was “necessary”. What the Chiefs had did not what Haley felt he needed. It was for starters and depth. Both may be gone by training camp next year but no real choice. My only fear is they will cost us one of the 2nd round picks, MIA had us over a barrel.

  • October 30, 2009  - Jim Lloyd+ says:

    Would have been very poor day to pratice .
    What I like about Todd is that when he decides to do what it takes to get the team in shape , he does it .
    Also does not pass on players that look good and does not give up on what he think’s is wright .

  • October 30, 2009  - CK- 30 yrs STH says:

    el cid-
    I do remember Super Fan Ed Beeler. My brother and I still believe he helped get rid of Steadman/Schaaf. he helped lead a boycott at Arrowhead and Lamar reacted when less than 5,000 bodies attended Gansz’ last 2 home games. It’s been so long now, but we see some of the same things from this team as we did Gansz’ teams. Just total disarray.
    I do think Pioli has the credentials to build the Chiefs. But I think his teenager behaving HC was a mistake. he is embarrassing, and I just don’t believe Lamar would put up with his act.
    There are just too many proven winning HC’s out there for 2010 to keep this “kid.”
    You all can hate Carl if you want, but I remember what it was like before he brought Marty here… was like now. Like I tell my son that has been going to games since he was 3 (20 yrs) welcome to the 80′s son.

  • October 30, 2009  - larry says:

    Great article, keep them coming!

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