Here’s our ranking of the Chiefs current 53-man roster and how they are playing after five games. See if you agree with my view on who is playing well, and who needs to play better.

1. WR Dwayne Bowe – It’s a contract year for Bowe and he’s going out every Sunday and pushing his number higher and higher. Bowe’s development as a go-to receiver has been remarkable and whatever he signs for, he should provide a healthy check to Todd Haley for getting him to focus on the correct avenues for improving his game.

2. OLB Tamba Hali – The Chiefs defensive energizer bunny, Hali seldom slows down and thus he’s constantly putting pressure on the pocket and forcing opponents to adjust their protecting schemes and passing attack. Hali is also becoming a force against the run, as he’s second on the team in tackles with 34.

3. CB Brandon Carr – Since mid-season last year, Carr has been the most consistent and productive Brandon on the corner in the Chiefs defense. Brandon Flowers got a new contract and continues to get acclaim, but Carr has really grown into his role and he’s learned to use his size and strength to work on receivers.

4. ILB Derrick Johnson – When it comes to making tackles out of the inside linebacker spot, Johnson has the speed and quickness to make them all over the field. That’s tough to do when there are so many bodies to run through and around to find the ball. The only negative with his play so far this season is the lack of big plays.

5. QB Matt Cassel – Too high? Maybe, but in the last few weeks Cassel has really stepped up his performance. He’s kept his completion percentage up, while week to week improving the average yards per attempt and dropping his interceptions. His Indy game may have been the best of his time in K.C.

6. WR Steve Breaston – In the last few weeks he’s climbed into our top 10 because he’s producing when given a chance in the passing game. He and Cassel are quickly developing a relationship that’s paying off.

7. CB Brandon Flowers – In recent Chiefs history the number of times Flowers was beaten for TD passes in a season could be counted on one hand. Already this year, a second hand is needed to keep track. That’s cost him a spot in the top five.

8. LT Branden Albert – In the past two games going head-to-head against Jared Allen and then Dwight Freeney, Albert personally gave up just one sack. His play is becoming more consistent and that will do nothing but help the Chiefs offense.

9. P Dustin Colquitt – It says a bit about the Chiefs roster that the punter should be rated this high. But it also says a bit about Colquitt who has turned into one of the league’s most consistent punters.

10. DE Glenn Dorsey – He remains out of position as a 3-4 defensive end, but Dorsey has grown into the role and he’s been productive in holding his end. His 18 tackles have come in consistent fashion.

11. ILB Jovan Belcher – Because he comes out in the sub-defense, Belcher has probably only played 55 to 60 percent of the defensive snaps. But he’s been active with 33 tackles.

12. LG Ryan Lilja – Like the rest of the offensive line, Lilja started slowly on the 2011 season. But in recent weeks, he’s played very well and probably had his best game against the Colts. LG suits him.

13. CB Javier Arenas – Although he continues to struggle in coverage, Arenas is close to making something happen in the return game, where he’s become the team’s No. 1 option.

14. K Ryan Succop – A rough start to the season had people pondering Succop’s stability as the team’s kicker. Then a 5-for-5 day against the Vikings with a couple of 50+ yarders saved the day. He’s been solid on kickoffs.

15. C Casey Wiegmann – The 37-year old veteran is a marvel; he’s playing at a consistent level and remains the O-Line leader. Through 5 games, his decision to return for another season was the correct one.

16. RB Dexter McCluster – On offense, he’s got 50 touches and produced 234 yards. Big plays have been few and far between, with no advance for more than 24 yards. Just 3.4 yards per catch is not good.

17. RB Jackie Battle – Another couple performances like the one he turned in against the Colts and Battle will go flying up my list. Already at this point is the highest he’s ever rated. Consistency is needed.

18. RG Jon Asamoah – After playing poorly in the season’s first two games, he made big strides in the last three. If he continues to develop and maintains his performance level, he’ll climb this chart very quickly.

19. RB Thomas Jones – Sadly, his long and productive career has reached its final season. There is not a lot of explosion when Jones gets the ball; he’s average 3.4 yards per carry and 3 yards per catch.

20. DE Tyson Jackson – Jackson’s play has been up and down but that’s improvement from his first seasons, when his play was not worth a darn. Jackson has improved vs. the run and holds his own on the end.

21. FS Kendrick Lewis – The second-year safety has had the biggest adjustment with the loss of his safety-mate Eric Berry. He’s been active with 24 total tackles and an interception.

22. OLB Justin Houston – The rookie OLB has shown promise in his first go through the league. He’s lost in coverage but he’s held the corner against the run.

23. NT Kelly Gregg – A disappointment in the middle of the defense; he had four tackles against the Colts, more than doubling his season total. There’s not much push coming from the middle of the defense.

24. RT Barry Richardson – He remains inconsistent in his play and there are too many holding calls. That said Richardson is still not playing that poorly. He needs to raise his level of performance; remember this is a contract year for him.

25. SS Jon McGraw – When starter Eric Berry went down, McGraw got the starting job. His play has been OK, and he’s among the team leaders in tackles with 25 in the four games he played.

26. DE Wallace Gilberry – One of the disappointments of the season’s first quarter with just one sack and 2 tackles. A sore knee has caused him problems, but he needs to be more productive.

27. LB Demorrio Williams – On defense, he’s not been much of a factor, but on special teams, Williams is tied for the team lead in coverage with 4 tackles.

28. FB Le’Ron McClain – So far, he’s the major disappointment of the free agent class. McClain has 10 touches for 34 yards, and he’s been unimpressive as a blocker.

29. LB Cory Greenwood – On special teams, he remains a big producer, tied for the team lead with four tackles. He’s not been given any opportunities on defense.

30. OLB Andy Studebaker – Pegged as the replacement for Mike Vrabel, Studebaker watched rookie Justin Houston grab the job. He got his chance vs. Indy and produced four tackles.

31. LS Thomas Gafford – He’s been solid snapping the ball, with little variation. Gafford is doing his job.

32. TE Leonard Pope – Good for at least one catch for minimal yardage and a penalty every Sunday. Pope can block, but he’s not capable of filling the receiving role in the offense.

33. CB Jalil Brown – His offside penalty in the 4th Quarter against the Colts could have been disastrous for the Chiefs if Indy had been able to convert. Brown has been active on special teams.

34. WR Keary Colbert – After two years out of the league, Colbert earned a spot because of his ability to play slot receiver. He’s caught 7 balls for 65 yards and hasn’t been much of factor in the offense.

35. SS Donald Washington – A disappointment from ’09 draft class, he got a chance to start when McGraw was injured and didn’t do a bad job. Despite athletic skills, he doesn’t produce much in the kicking game.

36. OT Jared Gaither – He’s seen limited playing time on offense, being used mostly as a third TE. Much was made of his signing, but he’s not displayed enough to unseat Richardson at RT.

37. DL Amon Gordon – A true NFL journeyman, he’s picked up 5 tackles in limited play time and has collected a few penalties. Filling the role Shaun Smith had last year, he’s not produced at nearly the same level.

38. TE Jake O’Connell – Spent two weeks off the active roster but rejoined the Chiefs for the last two games and has caught two passes for 21 yards. He can block, but his hands are inconsistent.

39. OLB Cameron Sheffield – After missing his rookie season Sheffield came back strong and earned a chance to rush the passer as part of the team’s sub-defense. But in 4 games he had no sacks or pressures.

40. WR Jeremy Horne – He was moved up to the active roster from the practice squad after two games. Horne has seen but a few snaps on offense. Most of his work has been on special teams coverage.

41. CB Travis Daniels – When another corner was needed in San Diego when Brandon Flowers was injured, Daniels was the first man off the bench and did a nice job. He has three tackles on the season.

42. S Sabby Piscitelli – Early in the season he was part of the Chiefs sub-defense at times and that allowed him a lot of playing time, where he produced 18 tackles.

43. C/G Rodney Hudson – The second-round choice hasn’t gotten much in the way of playing time other than appearances with the PAT/FG units, where he’s been solid.

44. WR Terrence Copper – The veteran receiver has caught one pass and has two tackles in the kicking game. Not much in the way of production from the position.

45. DE Allen Bailey – Playing in the sub-defense, Bailey has gotten a lot of playing time. But with those snaps, he’s produced little, picking up two assisted tackles in five games.

46. WR Jerheme Urban – He opened camp as a starter, but quickly lost that spot and he’s pretty much disappeared from the scene. He has one catch for six yards and has been a healthy inactive the last three games.

47. (tie) QB Tyler Palko, OT Steve Maneri, QB Ricky Stanzi, S Reshard Langford, NT Jerrell Powe, DE Brandon Bair, WR Jonathan Baldwin – None of these guys has played, or if they have it’s been minimal play time. We don’t get a chance to see enough practice to be able to use those as part of the evaluation process. Obviously, Baldwin has a much better chance of moving up once he gets on the field compared to the other players.

17 Responses to “Bye-Week ROSTER LOOK … WEEKEND CUP O’CHIEFS”

  • October 14, 2011  - Chuck says:

    Kinda sad when a “first round” pick ranks #20 on your list behind a 37 year old center and a RB who has seen extremely limited action (jackie battle). But yes, he seems to be improving but just never ever gets to the QB.

  • October 14, 2011  - Josh says:

    Bob, this is a “what have you done for me lately” list. Where would you have ranked Cassel after the first two games? I have a hard time believing it would have been in the top ten. Over a 2 and 3 record, with offensive production only marginally improving in the final game, and with the only wins against teams that had yet to win themselves, we have a QB rated in the top five? Time for a sanity check. I’m eager for this list to be renewed after 10 games, with our 3-7 record staring Pitt, Chicago, and Green Bay right in the teeth. Of course, by then Stanzi will be starting since we can’t convince Damon Huard to come out of retirement…

    Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see the improvement that you see in the offensive leader, but it’s called a record because each of the games count, not just this last Sunday. Only time will tell.

  • October 14, 2011  - Adam Schmidt says:

    The only thing I would argue a little here is Donald Washington, who when tasked with starting against Minnesota when McGraw was out, our pass defense looked as good as they ever have this season. He also saw a decent amount of time at SS in the Colts game, particularly in the second half, and the improvement seemed noticable to me. While he doesn’t show up on the screen, the overall improvement is, and with him switching for McGraw being the only difference, I can’t help but think he’s playing pretty well there. I’m interested to see his involvement going forward, as he is far more physically gifted then McGraw, and that translates to better coverage, which has been a definitive weakness to our team this year.

  • October 14, 2011  - Morten says:

    Bob; two things….
    Keary Colbert!! I know he hasn’t caught that many balls, but those he has caught have been pretty huge; especially converting some really big 3rd downs…
    Second… This ridiculous Todd Haley firing if not beaten indy story…? what do you make of it? Usually know smoke without fire; but c’mon; Pioli would not be that stupid setting back the Chiefs 3 years….?

  • October 14, 2011  - leonard says:

    Josh, thank you for showing us that the whiners are alive and well in KC. This evaluation is over the first qtr plus 1. That is how it works. In that time Cassel went from he sucks, to wow did you see that. That is what put him in that number. Yes , we will see who is where after 8 games, then 12, and 16. I bet there will bo some surprises, some disapointments, and some obvious we have to get rid of these guys. All teams have them. Look at Haynesworth in New England.

  • October 14, 2011  - aPauled says:

    Probably not to high for Cassel as only the top 3 guys on this list actually showed up for the first 2-1/2 games. Not much competition over 5 games, but Cassel has played well for about 6 Quarters this year.

    Thomas Jones at #19 though…you’re kidding. Jones is averaging an NFL low of 0.9 yards after contact. This guy is holding up a roster spot for someone that needs a chance to play. Maybe he threatened to punch Haley if he’s cut…but he needs to go.

  • October 14, 2011  - Blake says:

    I think Kendrick Lewis should be much higher, possibly at #10 over Dorsey. He has been solid through all the games. Jackson has actually done better than Dorsey this season. I think #10 is to high. Jones needs to be lower much lower.

  • October 14, 2011  - Tim says:

    Thomas Jones is way too high. He’s pretty much done.

  • October 14, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    As an official “Cassel Doubter,” I’m happy he is ranked so high. If there is one guy who can carry a team, it’s the QB. Going forward, if Jon Baldwin is a true 1st Round talent, we will have a top-tier receiving corp. If Cassel can find and deliver the ball with accuracy to these guys, we can move the ball and keep the D off the field. Battle combined with an above-average Cassel could make this a fun season.

  • October 14, 2011  - RW says:

    I see two, count ‘em, TWO impact players on that list, #1 & #2. Betobetobe, that’s all folks!

  • October 14, 2011  - rufus says:

    Good call on the Bowe Show coughin up the doe for Haley’s “Show” hahaha and he wont forget it. Bowe & Show will be together for some time in KC, is my guess. Pioli’s trying to lo – ball Bowe during the bye week, you can count on it hahahaha – The Don will have this sooner or later. Of course, he’d rather have it sooner than later, is my guess. Bowe is about to go off some more. Haley’s Show is getting started in KC, funny how Air – Muir is working out.

  • October 15, 2011  - rufus says:

    Oh, and I would have put Breaston in front of Matt Cassel. I think those two WR’s got themselves str8end out and they are both playing better than Cassel is. But that’s about the only thing I might change. Like your assessment on the ILB’s – nailed it with Carr, Tamba.. Good list Bob

  • October 15, 2011  - Josh says:

    Leonard, calling someone out for whining when not providing constructive or worthwhile criticism is even worse. It’s obvious Cassel isn’t a top tier quarterback to ANYONE who knows the game. Therefore, ranking him fifth in this team only proves how little talent we have overall. You’re right, evaluations will be made throughout the year, and hopefully, there will be more to cheer about than whine about, but it seems you’re only capable of the latter (and I’m betting we’ll be reading more of your posts…)

  • October 15, 2011  - david says:

    Bob, with Gregg not doing that good of a job why not give Powe some playing time. Is he that bad in practice that he cant play 10 snaps in a game for experience and to prove himself?

  • October 15, 2011  - ED J says:

    The biggest surprise is Carr ranked #3 on this list. Not only ahead of Flowers but also ahead of DJ and Albert. Shows how much this guy has improved and how underrated his is. Flowers gets all hype but I must say this season he’s been a disappointment. Cassel being #5 is promising. Can’t be starting Qb on NFL team and you’re not in top 5 of best players on the team. Hopefully he can work his way to #3.

  • October 15, 2011  - ED J says:

    Only thing i would change is I would put Tjax #15 on the list above Casey. I think he’s being undervalued this season. He’s been stellar on defensive line this season. I’m really proud he’s developing into solid player hopefully his progression continues.

  • October 16, 2011  - cychief24 says:

    Clark isn’t even trying. Why does Pioli put up with it?

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